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August 29, 2005


DVD Five Stars
I'm a big fan of Asian cinema and have been for a long time. They do love working with film and can produce some really intelligent and passionate talent who can flourish without the Studio influence and control we see in Hollywood. I'd heard much about Oldboy as being one...

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August 27, 2005

a film about Jimi Hendrix: Delux Edition

DVD Three Stars
First off, a huge apology to Christy for taking so long to do this review, and so many other people who are also waiting for my reviews to go online, life has been particularly busy since the Edinburgh Film Festival began, and so all my reviews have fallen by the...

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Antikörper (Antibodies)

Film Five Stars
This marks the last movie in my very first Press visit to the Edinburgh Film Festival 2005, and what a movie to see as the final movie. More on my torn farewell to the festival on my own site later, but for now let's get to the review that Todd...

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Dominion: A Prequel to The Exorcist (Paul Schrader version)

Film Four Stars
Having seen the second made but first to release Exorcist - The Beginning, the Renny Harlin version of the movie, I was very keen to see the original movie which the Studio saw and then scrapped, the Paul Schrader version. This I managed to do during the Edinburgh Film Festival...

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August 26, 2005

Wong gok hak yau (One Night in Mongkok)

Film Four Stars
Pitched as comparable to the excellent Wu jian dao (Infernal Affairs) in the Edinburgh Film Festival 2005 guide, it immediately caught my eye and I had to see it....

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Film No Stars
The title of this movie gives the impression of something dark, tight, psychological and on the very edge of acceptable cinema. I'd say the last statement is most definitely true, it is on the edge of acceptable cinema, because it contains mediocre acting, a confused and torn script, and no...

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The Dark

Film Three Stars
Sean Bean is such a lost talent, he's a great actor and never seems to be given a decent or lead role. Even in Lord of the Rings he was cast as the turncoat. So I was excited to hear that he was the lead man in this movie, although...

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August 25, 2005


Film Two Stars
There is no doubt that this movie is unlike any other around just now. The effects and unusual story line take control of the movie and it's these things that keep you watching, along with the able performance of the lead girl. Unfortunately I found that there was too much...

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August 24, 2005

Green Street

Film Three Stars
Another highlight of the Edinburgh Film Festival for me, and one that I actually paid to see! Starring Elijah Wood, Green Street (or Hooligans for those folks who don't know what Green Street is, including me!) is a film about English Football Hooliganism, mainly between the West Ham and the...

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August 21, 2005


Film Four Stars
For me the biggest movie to go and see at the Edinburgh International Film Festival was Serenity. Not just because of two of the most gorgeous looking women on the screen just now, Gina Torres or Morena Baccarin, but because of the excellent writing I had heard while watching the...

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August 20, 2005


Film One Star
The blurb in the EIFF brochure read very well for this movie. A small, cheaply made, new breed of sci-fi movie carrying on from where Primer started. A slight clue of "a series of sunning visual images" should have been enough to alert me, unfortunately it wasn't....

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Film Four Stars
I wasn't keen to go and see Thumbsucker, partly because I thought it was too close to a Hollywood movie for me, partly because I'd seen the trailer and not really fancied it, but mainly because I knew everyone was raving about it as being a great small movie and...

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Gunner Palace

Film Two Stars
I'd watched Voices of Iraq earlier in the day and been tremendously impressed, in fact it's been my favourite movie that I've seen during the Edinburgh Film Festival. More than any other to date this movie did to me exactly what I keep talking about when I discuss what makes...

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August 19, 2005

Voices of Iraq

Film Five Stars
When I really got into reading blogs I had a hunger for news from Iraq, and I joined sites aplenty from Soldiers and other Western personnel to Iraqi citizens themselves, it seemed that everyone had an angle, their own agenda and frame of reference for what they saw and what...

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Battle in Heaven (Batalla en el Cielo)

Film No Stars
There are some elements that are without a doubt needed for a movie, let my try and tick them off, please stop me if I go too deep or too fast. The first, is a picture. Without this it's what could be called audio, often heard on radio, CD, MP3,...

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Film Three Stars
The last showing of the day during my second day at the Edinburgh Film Festival 2005, and not only that but also my first ever chat with a Director\Producer\Writer\Actor...and whatever else you can list. Meeting Paul Spurrier, the man responsible in all the aforementioned ways for the film P, was...

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August 18, 2005

The Magician

Film Three Stars
This is one of the films I went to see during the 2005 Edinburgh Film Festival on a whim, seeing an empty space one day I decided to select a movie that was playing to fill it. I could have gone and selected some of the movies I haven't seen...

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36 Quai des Orfèvres

Film Four Stars
The second film of my EIFF experience, and here's where I have to be upfront, I am slightly peeved at the fact that this movie held me up and I missed the following A Bittersweet Life (Dal Kom Han In Saeng), but I will try my hardest to see that...

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August 17, 2005


Film Four Stars
This marks the first movie viewing for me at the Edinburgh Film Festival for 2005, and what a way to start it off. For most of the movies I'm going to see I've followed a simple rule, read the blurb on the website and choose from there, if I want...

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August 7, 2005

The Descent

Film Four Stars
Taglines like "the master of horror" have been banded around time and time again about many a Director or Writer, and they are sometimes right considering the genre and audience of the person the comment refers to. After all, there can be many masters depending on so many factors, particularly...

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August 4, 2005

War of the Worlds

Film Four Stars
I must admit that I came to this movie with some preconceptions, my image of what this would be was clouded by two names. Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise. Spielbergs tendency to be very off form of late and his desire to slap happiness all over his movies, which by...

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