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March 31, 2006

Another Transformers casting rumour

Apparently there is a second name attached to the new Transformers film, and it's Nelix from Star Trek Voyager, otherwise known as Ethan Phillips. Now this is serious early rumour, so I'm not holding too much water in it, or really much interest. I'm more interested in hearing the voice...

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Goblet of Fire as online download

Recently we heard that Universal were doing offering their unusual film download service in the UK, download a film and get the DVD sent out to you. Now Warner have joined with a Dutch company to offer film downloads in Holland, and their first download title will be Harry Potter...

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Official word on Conan

The Studio have spoken on the recent Conan rumours of Arnold Schwarzenneger reprising his role, and what Warner have to say is not all that positive. From IGN comes the slightly disappointing news: A rep for Warner Bros., however, was quick to give fans a reality check, advising TheArnoldFans.com, "All...

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Dallas loses Director

More to the point, is Dallas dead? Not only has the announcement come out that the Director that was attached, Robert Luketic, has now been moved on without a word of why, but the Studio have now dropped Dallas from their release schedule. To me this spells death for the...

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Alien Autopsy Review

Unfortunately I haven't seen Alien Autopsy as yet, but there is an early review on the Internet already. I'll have to wait until Wednesday to see it and get a proper review online. In the meantime, head over to see Matt's review at Darkmatters. For a quick one line summary......

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Ford hates us Internet types

Harrison Ford doesn't like the Internet, and much less those who copy and paste his quotations all over the place. Funny, I thought he might be really happy for the publicity. No, apparently not, he has some very stern words to say. From IMDB: He says, "The worst thing about...

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March 30, 2006

The Fly remake?

Sometimes remake\revitalisation\revisit\reconception news comes that just makes me mad, and the idea that Hollywood are actively looking to remake The Fly is just horrendously dumb, but they are. From Fangoria through Cinematical comes the news that Director Todd Lincoln who was Writer and Director on The Fly remake, is no...

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Britney Spears or Pink as Janis Joplin

Even the possibility that Pink and Britney Spears are in the running for the role as Janis Joplin just staggers belief. What other pop stars could we chuck into the mix? Whitney Houston, JLo, Anastacia or Kelly Clarkson? Actually, I've just realised, Houston or Anastacia would be good suggestions, for...

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Which sequels are better than their originals?

Here's an interesting question that's always asked but I never feel really addressed. Which sequels that have been made are actually better than their originals? I'm sure you'd be happy to admit that in most cases the original is never beaten, and it's quite rare to see the sequel do...

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LeBeouf confirmed for Transformers

The news is out to confirm the casting rumour of Shia LeBouf Transformers (which Filmstalker caught way early from Allspark). From Variety through Sci Fi Wire: LaBeouf is in final negotiations to play a lead role in the DreamWorks/Paramount live-action production. Shooting starts in late May, with a July 4,...

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Joker casting rumours

The latest rumour for the Joker casting in the new Batman film, that quite frankly I've been avoiding, is that Lachy Hulme who starred in the two Matrix sequels is the front runner with Paul Bettany running close behind. From Batman on Film through JoBlo comes the huge rumour: Now,...

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Slither reviewed

Slither has been seen, and there's a review to be posted on the net very soon, but as a teaser the reviewers have posted a few words about what they saw, and it looks really positive. Over at Twitch Todd tells us that a review is coming in a couple...

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United 93 opening Tribeca Film Festival

The eagerly awaited and somewhat controversial film United 93 has been chosen to open this years Tribeca Film Festival, the Festival created to help revitalize lower Manhattan after the September 11th attacks. "The festival was basically created eight months after September 11 and it was to give our neighborhood something...

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Roger Avary talks Silent Hill

Roger Avary has been talking about his work on adapting the videogame Silent Hill to a screenplay, and not just that but a good and true screenplay. Although nothing new is said here, there is one comment I like and is something I like about Avary in general, his downright...

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Warner issue HD DVD specs

Warner Brothers have issued some specifications on their first HD-DVD releases, and quite frankly I'm very underwhelmed. Over at Pan and Scan they have the pictures of the front and back of the boxes...and there's nothing to get excited about apart from the video spec 1080p High Definition 16x9 2.4:1...

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March 29, 2006

JLo in Ocean's Thirteen?

I have been deliberately holding off on the Spiderman rumours and the horrible rumour that Jennifer Lopez may well be starring in Ocean's Thirteen, that's because I thought, and hoped, both were untrue. Well now I think that the JLo story might just be true as it starts to spread...

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Coogan to play controversial UK Ambassador

Steve Coogan is set to star in Michael Winterbottom's new film based on a book by Craig Murray, the UK Ambassador to Uzbekistan who was sacked for his outspoken honesty. The three met recently at Winterbottom's Production Company to discuss the deal, yet the UK Foreign Office are saying they...

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Equalizer film update

For all those fans of the superbly well spoken, well mannered and well hard Equalizer the news is not so good on the film front. The Equalizer film hasn't even been written yet and looks set to take a long development time. Dark Horizons carry a story from Coming Soon...

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Venom in Spiderman...so?

The rumours are seemingly confirmed by IMDB that Venom is in the new Spiderman film, and Topher Grace is the man to play him...or it. So that's Venom and Sandman up against Spidey. Now this does actually have me excited, really, but the slowly leaked and unconfirmed rumours that have...

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The Mistaken US terrorist film

Another "Bourne-like" film is in the works [bounces head off desk] called The Mistaken, but this one takes the form of an American man travelling with his family mistaken as a Terrorist suspect. Personally I would suggest this sounds much more like Road to Guantanamo to me, but without anything...

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Stephen King's The Talisman is dead

I can't believe the news that The Talisman has died a horrible death, it's one of the best works of Stephen King and it also had huge backing in the form of Steven Spielberg, Frank Marshall and Kathleen Kennedy, that huge unstoppable force of production. Well they've been stopped now....

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March 28, 2006

More Poseidon trailers

I had Poseidon flagged as a cheese laden film, but you know after seeing the new trailer and, well, other new extended trailer I'm actually starting to think this is going to turn out like the original and produce some exciting and entertaining television. The footage in both trailers is...

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Greengrass talks United 93

Do you have some doubts if United 93, or any film on the events of September 11th, should be made and if it's the right time? I didn't have any doubts on this film at least, and if I did I'm sure they would be gone after seeing this footage...

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Alien Autopsy site and trailer

Something inside me just wants Alien Autopsy to be good. Perhaps it's my very British love of the two TV presenters Ant and Dec, otherwise known as Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly. Perhaps it's performances from Bill Pullman and Harry Dean Stanton. Frankly I don't know and I don't really...

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Elton's Gnomeo and Juliet dropped

Yes, that's exactly what I thought when I read this story, what the hell? Apparently Elton John was scheduled to produce and write the music for this upcoming classic cartoon for Disney, but Disney have reassigned the people slated to work on it. From Yahoo: "Gnomeo & Juliet," an animated...

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Kidman in female Bourne Identity

Simon Kinberg has produced a script that has been gobbled up by Regency and Fox, the companies behind another Kinberg script Mr & Mrs Smith, this one is worringly described as a female Bourne Identity and is set to star Nicole Kidman. The story was caught through Yahoo: Kidman originally...

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Lost star moves to big screen

Ahead of any possible Lost film, Matthew Fox has signed up for Vantage Point, a thriller which will have him starring as a Secret Service agent alongside Randy Quaid. The plot sounds quite intriguing. From Empire comes the story: ...is described as a Rashomon-style thriller that shows an attempted presidential...

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Jamie Bell films in Edinburgh

I really liked Jamie Bell in The Chumbscrubber, and so I'm even more excited that he's in Edinburgh right now filming his latest role, and it sounds just as off beat. Hallam Foe is, according to IMDB... Hallam, a confused and sweetly old-fashioned teenager, has chosen an unusual way of...

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Walken's Gangster Ping Pong

Yes you thought Snakes on a Plane was weird, well the blurb for Christopher Walken's new film Balls of Fury is about a gangland boss in a Ping Pong championship against an undercover CIA player. Eh? Yes, it is true. The story is from Empire and the IMDB blurb says...

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Things that happen only in films

I came across a nice little list of Film Clichés, i.e. things that only ever happen in films and not in real life. It's an odd list because there's a lot of them that just aren't true or not funny, but there are a couple of gems in there. For...

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Adult Industry pushing High-Definition

It has been the case since the dawn of the Adult Industry that they have driven forward technology and pulled along the mainstream Film Industries with them. They exploited video first, then the Internet, then DVD, and now they're doing the same thing with High-Definition. While the marketplace squabbles and...

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Soderbergh recuts someone elses film

I always do harp on about studios hiring people to recut someone elses work and the preservation of an original creative teams vision, but the news that Steven Soderbergh has recut Lodge H. Kerrigan's film Keane for the DVD release. At least he's not outside the team, he was the...

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Ocean's Thirteen gains a lady

Yesterday we were talking about the new Ocean's Thirteen film and the announcement of the return of the male cast, yet we were missing a female lead. Not now it appears. According to Killer Movies from Variety, Ellen Barkin is signed up to be the new lead. I'm not fussed...

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March 27, 2006

The Movie Timeline

Every film has its own history, but imagine if you took all the significant dates and events from all the films and added them together in one big film timeline? Well someone has started just that, listing all those dates from all those films together, chronologically, and it makes for...

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Brando screen test for Rebel Without a Cause

A rare screen test of Marlon Brando has been unearthed and is about to be released on DVD, it features a young Brando auditioning for Rebel Without a Cause, apparently in a previous attempt to make the film. The BBC carry the story: Brando did a screen test for the...

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DVD Three Stars
Constantine was quite a surprise for me, the excellent Rachel Weisz paired with the usually monotonous Keanu Reeves in a comic book adaptation, what does that spell to you? Not much to me with Weisz being the only enticing aspect for me, I'd never even read about the character before...

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Ocean's Thirteen signs cast

The third in the Ocean's series has been announced for sometime, imaginatively entitled, Ocean's Thirteen, and there's news about the hefty cast signings. Clooney, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, Don Cheadle and Bernie Mac will all be returning after mountains were moved to free up schedules. Producer Jerry Weintraub said: "The...

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UK Public Information Films online

Remember those Public Information Films such as Protect and Survive, Charley says..., and the hugely impacting Aids advert? Well now you can see them all again from 1945 through to present day, and remember the nostalgia. Through Digg comes the link to the UK Government National Archives where you can...

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Shooting Dogs premieres in Rwanda tonight

The film Shooting Dogs which features a horrific moment in the Rwandan genocide receives its premiere tonight in the Rwandan capital Kigali. From the Guardian: Shooting Dogs, financed by the BBC and featuring John Hurt and Hugh Dancy, will be shown on a giant inflatable screen to 5,000 people in...

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Blu-Ray HD-DVD update

There's some more new news out about Blu-Ray and HD-DVD, and to be honest all this is frustrating me like nothing else. We have some news on the copy protection and DRM used by the new formats and why it might just be good for us consumers, and news that...

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New Filmstalker Feeds

Hey everyone, just a quick update for you. I'm moving the site feeds from the standard Atom and RSS local feeds to Feedburner, a service which provides a number of benefits for both publishers (that's Filmstalker) and readers (that's you). You can find the new feed all over the site,...

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Stone may do more Basic Instinct

Sharon Stone is saying that she's toying with the idea that maybe she's not finished with the Basic Instinct films. I know we had the report saying that she'd had enough, but asked recently again and Stone is saying perhaps. From Coming Soon where they carry an interview with her....

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March 26, 2006

Transformers casting rumours

There's a very interesting rumour that's just appeared on the casting of the new Transformers movie from Michael Bay, there's one named actor and the human character list. From The Allspark through Digg: Sam - teenage male, somewhat nerdy, but ultimately heroic. Miguela Barns - teenage female, Sam's love interest....

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Da Vinci inspirers appear in film

Currently the courts in the UK are still hearing the case of the authors The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail versus Dan Brown and his book The Da Vinci Code, yet in the meatime some other authors have reaped the massive rewards of being used as inspiration for Brown's...

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Malkovich signs The Mutant Chronicles

John Malkovich looks set to become the next actor with serious gravitas to head towards a mutant based film, and the announcement that he has joined The Mutant Chronicles also tells us that Mutants aren't having their last stand in Hollywood after all. From The Hollywood Reporter through Killer Movies...

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March 25, 2006

The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada

Film Three Stars
The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada is not actually Tommy Lee Jones directorial debut, as he's already directed a TV movie The Good Old Boys. Although I haven't seen it I can summise that from this performance it might not be that bad....

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American Gun trailer

It seems an absolute age that I first wrote about American Gun and how interested in it I was, now we have a trailer to look over. IMDB describe it as "...a powerful series of interwoven storylines that bring to light how the proliferation of guns in America dramatically influence...

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The Promise US trailer

The Promise (Wu Ji) had, if you'll excuse me, much promise, and nowhere is this more visible than in the new US trailer. Yes, the US trailer, it's now managed to break through its recent difficulties of gaining a US release. However most people who've seen this aren't as excited...

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Night Watch DVD specs

Most of the world haven't even seen Night Watch (Nochnoi Dozor) and the DVD specs are upon us already. However one thing is clear, these guys aren't going to do this half heartedly, so you fans of DVD and this film are in for a treat...I think that means me!...

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Watchmen to gain new Director?

The Watchmen is going through development hell, passing from studio to studio and Director to Director, and no one has the balls to actually get it made. The latest news is that Warner Brothers (who now own the rights) are in talks with a new Director. From AICN through Superhero...

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Aniston says no to Derailed

I have no idea what Jennifer Aniston is thinking, but quotes of late have her suggesting Derailed wasn't that great and that she'll not do thrillers again. Excuse me? Do you watch films at all? I watched Derailed and gave it a healthy three stars, I did like it despite...

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March 24, 2006

Arnie's Crusade returning?

I think the weight for the argument of the return of Arnie is building, for now a project that has long been in limbo and has always had his name against is returning, that of Crusade written by acclaimed William Goldman (Princess Bride, Marathon Man, Bridge Too Far, All the...

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Gibson produces Push

Never ceasing to amaze in his film choices, Mel Gibson's company is set to work on a project called Push which is a mixture of Sci-Fi, Superhero and thriller, sounding a bit like that British comic series called The New Statesmen. From Sci Fi Wire: Based on David Bourla's script,...

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Paul Schrader's Walker gets cast

Ever since I heard Paul Schrader talk at the Edinburgh Film Festival I've liked the man. He had a healthy amount of anger and bitterness about Dominion: A Prequel to Exorcist, and yet he was quite pragmatic, and what's more I liked the film. So it's interesting news to hear...

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Spoilers in trailers

There's a reason that I haven't posted the new trailer for Demi Moore's latest film Half Light, and that's because it's potentially full of spoilers, and it's a growing trend. You can see how difficult it can be. A trailer has to capture the audience above any others being shown...

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United 93 trailer online

Formerly Flight 93, now titled United 93, this is the Paul Greengrass directed film about Flight 93 on September 11th. The trailer is now online along with a new site. The films website is beautifully done and has some incredibly engaging and stirring music, the timeline of events is especially...

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Sheen talks 9/11 conspiracy

Much as I don't really want to talk Hollywood gossip, after all this is a film site not an "actors life outside the films" site, I will here because it links with a short film on the very same subject. Charlie Sheen has been talking about his beliefs that there...

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Indian Superhero to rival American?

India, it seems, is growing nervous of the growing influence of Western cinema on its younger population, so much so that an Indian investor has decided to ship across U.S. Director Vincent Edwards to make a film of an Indian superhero. From Hindustan Times through AWN: U.S. director Vincent Edwards...

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Stasi film for German Film Prize?

A new German film, Das Leben der Anderen, about the East German Stasi secret Police force (well not so secret!) is looking like it might pick up the German Film Prize as it runs with eleven out of fifteen nominations. It's an interesting time for film, with so many stories...

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March 23, 2006

Neil Marshall talks Doomsday

Neil Marshall has brought us Dog Soldiers and The Descent, huge horror films with superb style, dialogue and outright scares. Now he's talking his move from horror to sci-fi and a mention of the touted Dog Soldiers 2! From Empire: There’s no fixed cast yet although Neil has “fingers crossed”...

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Andy Garcia's The Lost City trailer

I really like Andy Garcia, great actor, huge presence. Yet I never knew he Directed, and now he's even taken to writing. Not just that, but he's attracted quite a cast to his latest film, The Lost City. Here's the IMDB blurb: Set in Havana, Cuba, during the 50's, a...

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Download films legally in the UK

If you're in the UK you're about to get a great deal, downloading films, and not just the homemade ones, I mean big films like King Kong! From Yahoo News: Universal Pictures has launched a new service in Britain that will sell digital downloads of movies such as "King Kong"...

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Loken defends Bloodrayne and Boll

Kristanna Loken has decided to match Uwe Boll and speak out about her slight umbrage on the mishandled release of Bloodrayne. After all, that is what really caused the films problems. From SciFi Wire through Eurogamer: "That was really sad, because you put over a year of your life into...

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Flags of our Fathers script reviews

The Clint Eastwood World War II movie Flags of our Fathers has had its Paul Haggis written script reviewed, and it sounds bizarre but very interesting. The reviewer also has some very interesting things to say about it, for example discussing why he thinkgs it's a top Oscar contender...already! Through...

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Ghost Rider delayed?

Bad news for all you Ghost Rider fans out there, apparently Sony are delaying the release of Ghost Rider because of their poor release run of late and the performance of comic adaptations in general. From Cinematical: Sam Elliott, who co-stars with Cage in the Marvel action flick, has stated...

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Arnie is back for Terminator 4

I can hardly believe this is coming true, but reports are that Arnold Schwarzenneger is returning for Terminator 4, and that's according to the Producer, Mario Kassar! From Moviehole comes the astounding news: "T4 does have a script and all we need is Arnie to finish his term and step...

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Snakes on a Plane logo

The film based on hype and silliness alone, Snakes on a Plane, has just received a logo...wooo...and I have no idea why in the hell I'm writing about it! Cinema Blend has the full size image, and it's, well, a plane with some snakes coiled around it... ...that's not all...

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Argento Suspiria remake failing

I'm not a big Argento fan, I know someone who is and he'll drop in some comments soon, but apparently they're working on a remake of his film Suspiria, and have been for some time. IMDB have the date as 2005. However, they've hit some problems, and it's in the...

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March 22, 2006

Blade TV series trailer

The trailer for the television series Blade. It looks cheesesque and some of it looks pretty low budget, plus some acting seems a little dubious to me. Still, that said, it seems like a decent Blade actor, and the effects and action shots look good. See what you think. The...

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Will Smith in It Takes a Thief

The all round superstar Will Smith, who has already announced he's giving up Hollywood, has signed up to star in a new film, It Takes a Thief. The film, according to Empire, is based on an old television show of the same name... It would take a stretch of the...

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Owen almost turned down Inside Man

Clive Owen is saying that he almost turned down his role in Inside Man because of the requirements to act in a mask and shades through most of the film. Frankly I would have thought it would have made things easier for him, just that pesky American accent to deal...

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The Hills Have Eyes

Film Five Stars
I have to admit I've never seen the original The Hills Have Eyes, although I've seen many similar films of that era which have scared me to death at the time and totally spooked me out for nights on end. With the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre I was so scared...

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Gary Oldman in Order of the Pheonix

After some time of not knowing if Gary Oldman would reprise his role in the new Harry Potter film, Order of the Pheonix, it appears he's just been confirmed for the role. Quite frankly there's no real surprise, how could they have replaced the actor, and if they weren't going...

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March 21, 2006

Saving Private Ryan in Iraq

The powerhouse of Ron Howard and Brian Grazer has set its sights on a new project which to all intensive purposes is Saving Private Ryan in Iraq. According to Cinematical: The movie takes place way back in the days before we launched a full-scale war against the Iraqi government, and...

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Pink Panther storms UK Box Office!

What the hell is wrong with the UK film audience? They've gone and made the horrendous Pink Panther remake top spot beating V for Vendetta and The Hills Have Eyes (review following soon)! According to the BBC Panther took nearly £2m in its opening three days with Vendetta on just...

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Bruce Campbell talks Evil Dead remake

Bruce Campbell has given out the first snippet of information on the Evil Dead remake, and depending on how you look at it, it might just mean good news. From Penny Blood through Film Rotation: But I think we're gonna do a remake. It'll be a whole new story, though....

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Stone says no more Basic Instinct

Thank the lord that Sharon Stone has announced that she's not going to star in another Basic Instinct film...thank you. However, there is a negative side. She's said that she hopes her co-stars will continue on and make another! From Digital Spy: The actress has just launched Basic Instinct 2:...

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Time to accept Craig as Bond

The news is out today that the sequel for Casino Royale is underway. Barbara Broccoli is hard at work on an original script and Daniel Craig is already signed up and locked into his second Bond role. Meanwhile hardcore Bond fans are finding it incredibly hard to accept that Craig...

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Buy the Gone in Sixty Seconds Mustang

Yes car fans, Eleanor the undisputed star of the film Gone in Sixty Seconds is up for sale. Yes, it's barely film related but that's one amazing car, it was in a film and you can own it! According to Autoblog: Actually a replica of its '67 Shelby GT500 namesake,...

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Pacino plays Herod

In what seems like inspired casting, Al Pacino is set to star as Herod in an LA production of Oscar Wilde's Salome. From the BBC: The film star will play the King who falls for his wife's daughter Salome, performed by Jessica Chastain, at the Wadsworth theatre from 14 April...Kevin...

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Conan by the Wachowski Brothers

I am a huge Arnie fan, no apologies, I love the action genre and there are a few names that really stand out for me, but Arnie was the King. I still love watching Predator. However I never really got into the Conan films as much as some, so the...

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Simon Pegg talks Hot Fuzz

Working Title have just posted a short video of Simon Pegg discussing preparation for his next film Hot Fuzz, and you can download it and see his insanity too! These guys have some superb comic talent inside them, just look at Shaun of the Dead. Saying that I remember watching...

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Romance and Cigarettes Trailer online

I recently caught a clip of Romance and Cigarettes on television and was astounded, what the hell was James Gandolfini doing singing in a musical? Yes it looked bizarre, but there was a certain allure to the clip, and the more he sang the more I wanted to see the...

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New Da Vinci Code Trailer

There's a new Da Vinci Code trailer just been released, and it's got a bit more than the previous. I have to admit that the book was like being led by the hand, it wasn't exciting or engaging at all, and the characters were paper thin...here's hoping the film can...

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March 20, 2006

Asian Horror Black Night Trailer

I really don't mind saying that those Twitch guys freak me out. They've done it again with a trailer for a Pan-Asian horror anthology from Japan, Hong Kong and Thailand called Black Night. Yes, the countries involved...have all produced solid horror films in recent years and the directors involved are...

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Wolverine is a prequel

It's definitely Wolverine news day today, with the update coming through that the film will most definitely be a prequel. Originally rumoured by Mr Jackman, and now confirmed by the Fox President. The news from IESB video interview through Superherohype: ...Fox Film Group President Tom Rothman, who said it is...

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Shooting Dogs controversy

The filming of Shooting Dogs, the latest film that highlights the generally ignored Genocide in Rwanda, is bringing some negative pressure against BBC Films, one of the funding companies for the film. According to Guardian Unlimited Film, there are multiple reasons. The film, which stars Hugh Dancy and John Hurt,...

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Film Two Stars
Syriana has been hyped to the umpteenth level, it's a political film which really does focus on the American Government (mainly the CIA) and Oil corporations, and yet it doesn't really have anything to say. Indeed there is a strong cast, and they do give some very good performances, but...

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Ratner talks X-Men 3

While we're on the subject of Brett Ratner, he's just done an interview where he discusses whether this is the last X-Men film, the length, and also Rush Hour 3. In this world, once you see the movie you will be like where else are they going to go? They...

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Ratner directing Wolverine?

Yes, that's right, the news is coming out that Brett Ratner has done such a good job on X-Men: The Last Stand that he's been asked to direct the Wolverine spin-off film. From Moviehole through Cinematical: Talking to MTV, Jones said "[Brett] was saying that they'll probably use a lot...

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Superman Returns and X-Men 3 footage

Right now there's some footage from the Showest convention in Las Vegas where the theatre owners get wooed and presented with their show list for the year. Amongst that two of the major Studios showed off footage from Superman Returns and X-Men 3, and some kindly Internet people are letting...

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March 19, 2006

New Nacho Libre Trailer

There's a new trailer for Nacho Libre, that first one we all watched was the Internet Exclusive one, now we're treated to the official Theatrical Trailer, and frankly it's not much better. I didn't laugh through a single moment of the first trailer and its no different here, I just...

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March 18, 2006

Inside Man

Film Three Stars
Unlike Lucky Number Slevin, I knew a lot about Inside Man and was really keen to go and see it. After all we're talking Jodie Foster, Willem Dafoe, Clive Owen (dodgy accent or not), Christopher Plummer and Denzel Washington. What a cast, and with direction from Spike Lee it had...

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Bringing back the Saturday Serial

I was talking to one of the marketing people over at Ocean Vue Cinemas a while ago about the profits of running a Cinema, and I was genuinely surprised at how little is made in profit by the Cinema on your ticket. We're talking shockingly small amounts, and much as...

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Lucky Number Slevin

Film Four Stars
Lucky Number Slevin didn't really hold much attraction for me apart from a couple of names, Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman and Lucy Liu, and the promise of some slick style. However that was also a big concern of mine, the trailer was playing it like a Snatch type film, and...

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New Cars trailer

I must admit that when I saw the first teasers and trailers for Pixars Cars what seems like an age ago, I wasn't impressed. The characterisation of the cars didn't look that strong, the plot seemed weak, and it just seemed to lack something, the recent trailer addressed some of...

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Snakes on a Plane Trailer

The Snakes on a Plane trailer has been out there since yesterday, but I just couldn't pass up on pointing you to it and banging my head off the desk. You can see the trailer over at TagWorld which I caught through Twitch. Note that it plays instantly at the...

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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang DVD disappoints

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was a great movie, and I think those who put it down haven't really given it a chance. Talking of which the upcoming specifications for the DVD release are doing just that. 2.40:1 Anamorphic Widescreen English and French Dolby Digital 5.1 Spanish Dolby Surround English, French...

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V for Vendetta update

Last night I saw V for Vendetta, and hopefully I'll have the review for you in a few hours, however in the meantime to keep you going there's an interview with Director James McTeigue and a huge update to the official site. Thanks to Superherohype for the heads up on...

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Mission Impossible III Trailers

Yes there's more trailers out there for Mission Impossible III, or M:i:III. First up we have the Japanese trailer on Apple, in a much nicer, bigger and clearer format. Get it over at the Apple site. The second is the newly cut trailer for the film and proved extremely elusive...

Read the full story "Mission Impossible III Trailers" »

V for Vendetta

Film Five Stars
It was interesting coming out of the cinema after watching V for Vendetta as neither of us were sure that we had really enjoyed it or not. Our thoughts were mixing the film with current events and making connections to what is happening in the world around us right now,...

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March 17, 2006


Film Four Stars
I knew nothing about Transamerica other than what the title suggested to me, it was a movie about a man wanting to become a lady, that was it. I almost feel embarrassed to say how little I knew about the film since it has been receiving a lot of acclaim....

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Jaws Romantic Comedy trailer

Some Friday fun in the form of the continuing trend of trailer mashups. This one sounds bizarre, Jaws as a romantic comedy?! Thanks to Dave for the tip, you can see the trailer over at You Tube. He describes it... Well, it's Jaws. Done as a buddy-buddy light comedy about...

Read the full story "Jaws Romantic Comedy trailer" »

Saw Directors new film Wichita

After directing Saw 2, it seems Darren Lynn Bousman is setting his sites on something radically different (that's sarcasm for you all out there) in his next feature, Wichita. From Empire comes the news: It’s a thriller that tracks an unspeakable crime which impacts upon the lives of eight characters....

Read the full story "Saw Directors new film Wichita" »

Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift trailer online

There's nothing I can think up front to say about this other than the trailer for Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift is now online, and I can't say I'm that excited. Sure the first Fast and the Furious was fun, the second one I missed on purpose, and the...

Read the full story "Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift trailer online" »

Poseidon trailer online

I'm actually looking forward to this remake of Poseidon, it was a cheesy and exciting movie first time around with a whole host of stars, and it seems to look like they're being exceedingly faithful to the original. Now a new trailer is on the rounds. Again, I'm at work...

Read the full story "Poseidon trailer online" »

Snakes on a Plane gets R rating

Okay, it's time to calm down now people. Snakes on a Plane was funny for a while, we got the feeling that executives behind it were having a laugh and a good time, and perhaps making a film for some laughs and see what they could do. Now I'm beginning...

Read the full story "Snakes on a Plane gets R rating" »

Zodiac trailer online

The trailer for Zodiac is now online. This is the new David Fincher film that covers the killings in San Francisco during the 60's and 70's carried out by Robert Graysmith, with Jake Gyllenhaal. So I can't view it from work, I'll have to wait until later, but if you...

Read the full story "Zodiac trailer online" »

Demi Moore with Costner and Hurt

Demi Moore is apparently in final talks to appear with Kevin Costner and William Hurt in the psychological drama Mr. Brooks. According to Reuters: The story follows a man (Costner) with a murderous alter ego (Hurt). Moore will play a tough detective whose devotion to her craft catches the attention...

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March 16, 2006

Alan Moore talks V for Vendetta

The news that Alan Moore wasn't happy with V for Vendetta wasn't astounding, he hasn't really been happy with any of the film versions of his work or indeed DC, the company who own some of his material. However it's never really been made clear why, to the average film...

Read the full story "Alan Moore talks V for Vendetta" »

The Mummy 3

Talk of The Mummy 3 has been around for some time, way back in December I wrote about a story suggesting the new plot concerning 1940's China...and not very many Mummies from Egypt. However word is out that the film is a go. According to Moviehole through the ever cool...

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Harrison Ford ready for Indiana Jones

So the news is out that the next Indiana Jones installment is going forward, the script is looking good and people are getting ready. Particularly the aged Harrison Ford. From Digital Spy: Speaking to German magazine Fit for Fun, Ford said: "Steven Spielberg and I now have a script in...

Read the full story "Harrison Ford ready for Indiana Jones" »

Vin Diesel in Guys and Dolls remake

I love the musical Guys and Dolls, there's something special about films and stars of that era that you just have to adore. Well looks like Vin Diesel wants to play the Marlon Brando part in a remake of Guys and Dolls. According to Moviehole: According to Sky.com, the hairless...

Read the full story "Vin Diesel in Guys and Dolls remake" »

Star Wars live action series

Star Wars Producer Rick McCallum has been speaking about the planned Star Wars live-action series, and the saddest thing is that it won't go into production until 2008! That's a real shame, but perhaps a good amount of time to let the disappointment of some fans die down from the...

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Firefly returning?

Looks like Firefly really does have a chance of returning to our screens thanks to the new network CW (apparently WB and UPN are teaming up with them). According to sources they are interested in signing up the entire team for more of the series. The story is over at...

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March 15, 2006

Spielberg talks the future of Cinema

Steven Spielberg is amazing, I would think if you were to ask fellow Directors who the best Director of all time was, he'd be in the top five, if not in first place...and that's a topic for another feature! Recently he was intereviewed on what he thought about the digital...

Read the full story "Spielberg talks the future of Cinema" »

V for Vendetta reviews

There has been a lot of concern from both fans of the comic book and film fans in general about the film version of V for Vendetta, could the Wachowski brothers recover from the poor reception (but good performance) of the Matrix series? From all accounts the reviews are showing...

Read the full story "V for Vendetta reviews" »

The Departed set photos

Combining the Japanese remake theme with the not really news theme and we get the latest news from the big named but ill fated remake of Infernal Affairs, The Departed, we get two set photos which do nothing but make us think of the original but with less cinematography. You...

Read the full story "The Departed set photos" »

Infection - another Asian remake

Another Asian movie has been picked up for a Hollywood makeover, and it's not exactly one I'm all that familiar with. Called Infection (Kansen), it's plot is described as... INFECTION takes place in a dark, isolated hospital, where one nurse's mistake has led to dire consequences for a patient. Then...

Read the full story "Infection - another Asian remake" »

Kanye West makes films

The next in line for rappers to take to the big screen is Kanye West. According to Reuters: ...will executive produce and appear in an innovative feature film inspired by his music. The untitled New Line Cinema project will boast a multiperspective portrait of the United States as seen through...

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Worlds Greatest Actor

There was a superb programme on Channel 4 the other night called, and this was a small boast, The Worlds Greatest Actor. It was one of the series of Top Lists that they often produce, and they're usually really good at it, however this one had a twist. Instead of...

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Del Toro as Wolfman

Benicio Del Toro is a fine actor and has bags of style and charisma, but without being prompted I would never have bagged him for the role of The Wolfman. One thing at least, in the remake world Hollywood are turning their eyes to projects which might actually benefit from...

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Abrams speaks Mission Impossible III

I'm a huge fan of J.J. Abrams from seeing the first episodes of Alias and being hooked from there on in, and the news that he was to write and direct Mission Impossible: III made me realise that this would be something good and it would reinvent the franchise. Looks...

Read the full story "Abrams speaks Mission Impossible III" »

Pulse remake poster

I'm not going to make a big thing out of posters appearing for films unless they are good, and this one for the US remake of the Asian horror Kairo (Pulse) is. Not only that, it sounds like it's set to be a good remake. Thanks to the people at...

Read the full story "Pulse remake poster" »

Mostow leaves Tonight He Comes

Interesting news today that Jonathon Mostow has stepped aside from Directorial duties and is now an Executive Producer for the film Tonight, He Comes. Apparently creative differences are being cited between he and Will Smith. If it's true, frankly I wouldn't blame Smith for getting Mostow away from that helm,...

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March 14, 2006

iTunes sells first film

Apple's iTunes Music store has put up it's first movie for sale and download. Is this the first sign of a fully fledged film download offering from Apple? Perhaps so according to BetaNews on Tuesday, with a Disney Channel original movie discovered for sale through the service. For $1.99 --...

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DVD New Format update

Oh lord, where to start? The ongoing feud between HD-DVD and Blu-Ray just shows how much they care about money over consumers. In a repetition of the VHS vs Betamax war we're pitched in the middle wondering what we should buy, when and ultimately, why. While I've not been writing...

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His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass open auditions

Open auditions are being held for the Philip Pullman film His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass in England in the first two weeks of April. The casting team are looking for a girl aged between nine and thirteen. Do you think you'd like to star as a lead in a...

Read the full story "His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass open auditions" »

Movie Mashups competition

Remember those trailer mashups from a while ago, the ones that made The Shining look like a romantic comedy, or Toy Story mixed with the Requiem for a Dream trailer? I loved them, some of them were so amazing I couldn't believe how clever they were. Well now you can...

Read the full story "Movie Mashups competition" »

Carpenter wants Wonder Woman role

This means nothing, but Charisma Carpenter has been speaking about how she would love the Wonder Woman role, although to put this in context it was the interviewer that raised the question! From TV Guide through Superherohype, comes the all important snippet: ...Hey, are you going to star in Wonder...

Read the full story "Carpenter wants Wonder Woman role" »

Dallas casting - Lopez and Travolta

There's part of me that thinks that a big budget film version of Dallas is a joke, and yet there's another part of me that thinks it might just work, especially if today's rumoured castings come through. We've known John Travolta has had the offer of J.R. for sometime, but...

Read the full story "Dallas casting - Lopez and Travolta" »

Order of the Pheonix update

The filming for the new Harry Potter film, Order of the Pheonix, is only five weeks in and there is positive news coming out already. Interestingly I never really took to the series until the last film which was much better, but still didn't hit it for me. From some...

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Greengrass go for Bourne Ultimatum

Paul Greengrass has confirmed that he's doing The Bourne Ultimatum, and he's raving enthusiastically about it. Over at EmpireEmpire he speaks out about it with some strength: "We've got a script and we're underway. It’s a new story, completely different from the novel. It was written by Tony Gilroy and...

Read the full story "Greengrass go for Bourne Ultimatum" »

Superhero reality show live

Ages ago, on a site far, far away, I wrote about a new reality show planned by Stan Lee and the SCI FI Channel that would allow people to become Superheroes...seriously, no kidding. It works something like this. Get an original idea for a Superhero, create an outfit, and arrive...

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March 13, 2006

Pixars Cars website online

The official Disney...no Pixar...no Disney...the official website for the film Cars is online. There's not much at the moment but there promises to be weekly updates that will let you get to know the cars intimately. Apart from the usual wallpapers, buddy icons, etc. there's going to be models of...

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Eve of Understanding Trailer

For a while now I've been following the development of a film called Eve of Understanding on their film blog which also has the latest stories syndicated on the Filmstalker Insiders Feed Page. It's been a long journey and an incredibly interesting one, there's loads of information here for those...

Read the full story "Eve of Understanding Trailer" »

The Moguls Porn Trailer

Who'd have thought you would catch Jeff Bridges, Joe Pantoliano and Ted Danson in a film about Porn? Well they are, and what's more it looks like a damn funny comedy too. Called The Moguls, there's none of your teen sniggers here, it looks genuinely funny in an adult way....

Read the full story "The Moguls Porn Trailer" »

Mission Impossible III Japan Trailers

Bit late with this, but here none the less. The Japanese trailers are online and viewable for Mission Impossible III...or M:i:III as it's also being known! Here are your options: Large - Windows Media Player Large - Quicktime PSP iPod It's not as exciting as the previous ones, but there's...

Read the full story "Mission Impossible III Japan Trailers" »

Ridley Scott to direct CIA film

Continuing in the spate of movies about the CIA, US Intelligence and foreign assignments comes the talent of Ridley Scott in a film entitled Penetration. From Empire comes the announcement: Following a CIA operative sent to Jordan to shadow a known terrorist, the tale explores the uneasy alliance set up...

Read the full story "Ridley Scott to direct CIA film" »

Angelina Jolie confirmed for Sin City 2

There were some rumours recently that Angelina Jolie was set to star in Sin City 2, and now Rosario Dawson has just confirmed those rumours in a recent interview. According to SciFi Wire through MoviesOnline the whole production is on hold for her while she's pregnant: "The film's been kind...

Read the full story "Angelina Jolie confirmed for Sin City 2" »

HD vs DVD - A comparison

There's big changes coming on the home front in the form of HD TV as well as Blu-Ray and HD-DVD formats not only invading the DVD side but also on your home computer and games consoles, but what does it all mean? I caught a visual frame to frame comparison...

Read the full story "HD vs DVD - A comparison" »

Blanchett back for Elizabeth sequel

Elizabeth was never meant to be a single film it seems, the original Director Shekhar KapurShekhar Kapur has taken the realm of the second film and has always planned there to be a trilogy. Filming begins on the second part next month. The Guardian has the full story: Picking up...

Read the full story "Blanchett back for Elizabeth sequel" »

Dirty Dozen remake

Remakes are aplenty in Hollywood just now and the next has been announced...it's The Dirty Dozen! According to Empire: The script is being written Scott Rosenberg (Con Air) and Alias scripters Andre Nemec and Josh Appelbaum and will be co-financed by Warner Bros and Village Roadshow Pictures. The original was...

Read the full story "Dirty Dozen remake" »

Haggis on Al-Qaidi project

I'm a big fan of Paul Haggis, and Crash was just testiment to his superb writing skills. Now it looks like he's set to tackle more meaty projects, this time in the guise of the US Government, the Director of the CIA and the efforts to destroy Al-Qaidi both before...

Read the full story "Haggis on Al-Qaidi project" »

Sexiest moment in film?

The sexiest moments in film have been voted on by a 120,000 strong survey of film fans, and the results are somewhat interesting with spanking proving very popular. Here's the rundown of the top ten: 1. 'Secretary' - Spanking scene 2. 'Brokeback Mountain' - Gyllenhaal and Ledger kiss 3. 'Out...

Read the full story "Sexiest moment in film?" »

V for Vendetta interviews

V for Vendetta is fast approaching release, and I'm really excited about it. The graphic novel is really great and by all accounts (bar one very important original author) it's extremely faithful to the story. So now comes all the marketing, and with it here are some interviews from the...

Read the full story "V for Vendetta interviews" »

March 12, 2006


Film Two Stars
Sometimes I wonder if I should rate out of ten or out of five, because in that middle ground between two and three there seems a gulf. That being the halfway mark, and the distance either side of that seems really harsh. Yet I know that ten stars is just...

Read the full story "Intentions" »

The Road to Guantanamo

Film Four Stars
This year, and I don't just mean with the Oscars, the film industry has felt a little weight of human consciousness and turned its production gaze towards films about human injustice and suffering. That, my friends, is a very good thing, because it helps raise our awareness (as well as...

Read the full story "The Road to Guantanamo" »

March 11, 2006

Natalie Portman rapping and swearing

I'd caught this story about the gorgeous Natalie Portman doing a spoof rap video on Saturday Night Live when it was first posted but I only got round to watching it now, it's pretty cool. Portman swearing, smashing a bottle over her head and saying some rather naughty things! Originally...

Read the full story "Natalie Portman rapping and swearing" »

Basic Instinct 2 deleted scenes

Deleted scenes from the film Basic Instinct 2 already, and before it's even been released? "Shocking" I hear you cry, "marketing ploy" I say! The idea of releasing deleted scenes from a film before it is even released kind of follows the idea of releasing a film on multiple formats...

Read the full story "Basic Instinct 2 deleted scenes" »

IRA film from the US

A predominantly US based crew making a film about one mans struggle in the IRA written and directed by Mexican born Damian Chapa, and starring a host of not-so-well-known US actors. Now I'm not going to bash this movie right off the bat, but it's hard not to wonder how...

Read the full story "IRA film from the US" »

Horror Reverb starts London shooting

There's a new UK film shooting in London right now that on the face of the short blurb sounds quite interesting, it's called Reverb, and it's following in the recent UK production of some cracking horror movies. Leo Gregory, Eva Birthistle and Margo Stilley will star in Brit horror pic...

Read the full story "Horror Reverb starts London shooting" »

March 10, 2006

Sandra Bullock goes serious

Sandra Bullock has just agreed to play the part of Grace Metalious, author of Peyton Place, a tale that promises scandal and a strong emotional performance from the actress. The news from seattlepi.com has me interested. ...the author Grace Metalious, whose million-selling novel scandalized the nation 50 years ago and...

Read the full story "Sandra Bullock goes serious" »

Crouching Tiger prequels

Those Weinstein Brothers are in overdrive and have just bought the rights to the series of books by the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon author in order to bring them to the screen...and stage! According to Coming Soon: Bob and Harvey Weinstein are planning to bring a legit version of martial...

Read the full story "Crouching Tiger prequels" »

First Bond Footage

I wasn't going to get drawn into the Bond hype, but I can't help it! The first footage of Casino Royale showing Daniel Craig as the new Bond has been released online and it's available for viewing. Through Time Out Film comes the link for the footage at the BBC....

Read the full story "First Bond Footage" »

Channel 4 buys Fox films

The UK company Channel 4 has purchased a whole heap of Twentieth Century Fox's back catalogue in order to populate their film channel Film Four. Currently the channel is on subscription only service, but it's soon set to go free and that means it needs way more content than it...

Read the full story "Channel 4 buys Fox films" »

Craig didn't want Bond

Daniel Craig has apparently stated that he never wanted to play Bond...wait a minute, if that's true, why did he accept the role? It gets even odder with his statements that appear to prepare for a way out for him should Casino Royale fail, from Digital Spy: "I never really...

Read the full story "Craig didn't want Bond" »

Grand opening of Filmstalker

Well here we are on the grand opening of Filmstalker, thanks for coming and if you know me from my previous movie writing incarnation, then welcome back. If you don't then I hope that this is going to be an enjoyable experience for us both! If you didn't know, this...

Read the full story "Grand opening of Filmstalker" »

March 9, 2006

Balboa teaser shows new Rocky

There's a teaser out for the new Rocky movie, Rocky Balboa, and it was quite surprising content wise. My apologies, I've lost the reference of where I found the clip, still catch it direct from Stallone's site [QT:33.3Mb]. It's simply a slow motion shot of Rocky's beaten eyes as camera...

Read the full story "Balboa teaser shows new Rocky" »

Pink Panther remake sequel

When I first heard that the classic Peter Sellers movie The Pink Panther was being remade I was astounded, how could they, and how could Steve Martin possibly think this was a good move? Well it was made, and some big stars joined. Since then I've seen trailers and teasers,...

Read the full story "Pink Panther remake sequel" »

V for Vendetta reviews

I don't tend to take much notice of general critics out there, what I do is I find reviewers I agree with, not just on their film choices but on their day to day beliefs and likes. One such reviewer has just posted his first thoughts on the much anticipated...

Read the full story "V for Vendetta reviews" »

Eli Roth directing Kings Cell

Stephen King's Cell marks the un-retirement of King, previously quoted as having written his last and moved on, and it may just be set to be the book that breaks the bad run of luck on the film adaptations of the famous horror writer. Why? Well, because of Eli Roth...

Read the full story "Eli Roth directing Kings Cell" »

Find Me Guilty trailer

I always thought that there was much more to Vin Diesel than met the eye. His action films have always been enjoyable, but no one would really rate his acting that much. Yet I thought he always did well, and hearing of his involvement behind the scenes always made me...

Read the full story "Find Me Guilty trailer" »

March 8, 2006


Film Five Stars
I remember Tsotsi being shown at the Edinburgh Film Festival (EIFF) last year and hearing great things, but I never got time to see it and that became a regret of mine as soon as it won the audience award at the Festival. The recent news of the Oscar win...

Read the full story "Tsotsi" »


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