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Dallas loses Director

JREwing.jpgMore to the point, is Dallas dead? Not only has the announcement come out that the Director that was attached, Robert Luketic, has now been moved on without a word of why, but the Studio have now dropped Dallas from their release schedule.

To me this spells death for the film. Empire carry the story which has no word if the cast are to move on or not.

I think this is a real shame, they had a few different directions with this film. They could have gone comedy, serious, or just left it as it was, and with those big names attached it was set to be a whole load of fun. Now it looks like the project is dead and quite possibly buried.



I dont even remember ever watching this soap.

Does anyone care about yet another entry in this pointless trend of converting old TV series' to crap Movies?

Are there any talks of a "Dynasty" and "Knots Landing" adaptation? What about "Baywatch"? Or "Melrose Place", or "Beverly Hills 90210"?

Bring them all on!

Baywatch is in the works for sure.

Richard! Whilst I was just daydreaming about other series being given the film treatment, well you were right all along about Baywatch! There's a news from The Sun that Jessica Simpson is playing Pamela Anderson's character. WTH?

For crying out loud, when will this madness ever end???!!!


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