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Equalizer film update

TheEqualizer.jpgFor all those fans of the superbly well spoken, well mannered and well hard Equalizer the news is not so good on the film front. The Equalizer film hasn't even been written yet and looks set to take a long development time.

Dark Horizons carry a story from Coming Soon who asked director Paul McGuigan, currently promoting Lucky Number Slevin, about the tough man TV adaptation:

Will it still be an older guy? "I loved 'The Equalizer' for that very reason, because the character seemed so exotic to me. I don't know why...I'm more wanting to maintain the wise man thing, and make it a real man that plays it, rather than a young boy."

Where is the project at right now? "[It] hasn't been written yet, so I don't really know, but the Weinsteins are doing it".

He goes on to manage to say nothing about his next projects because he's not allowed to talk about them, but he is sure that its not Equalizer next. That's a shame because I'd like to see this character brought to life on the big screen, and I for one reckon that they should stick with an older English gentleman for the role, a part that was perfect for Edward Woodward.



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