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Find Me Guilty trailer

FindMeGuilty_Poster.jpgI always thought that there was much more to Vin Diesel than met the eye. His action films have always been enjoyable, but no one would really rate his acting that much. Yet I thought he always did well, and hearing of his involvement behind the scenes always made me believe there was more than studio comedies and genre packaged action movies.

Then came Sidney Lumet claiming that he had a great movie and a superb lead in Diesel with the film Find Me Guilty, and certain areas of the press giggled at his comments.

I think now, looking at the trailer on Apple [QT] the might stop their sniggers and think that maybe Lumet was right.

It looks fun, serious, and there's a promise of a weighty and hairy performance from Diesel. There's also a strong cast backing him up and a surprising R rating. Could we be seeing a different, actor friendly side of Diesel?



Oh my goodness! This is going to be great!

I also like Vin Diesel since I saw him in Saving Private Ryan, I have watched a few of his action films and quite enjoyed them, but this one, is so just different and like you said, looks so much fun! I've always loved mob films. Thanks for breaking this news!

I love Vin - love looking at him!;)
Though I've watched most of his movies I've never thought of him as an actor, in fact he often times gave horrible performances (XXX), but that gravely voice made up for it.
I saw this trailer on TV just a couple of nights ago and nearly feel out of my chair....Vin in a real movie? (and has hair, lol) He actually looks like he might give a fair performance - I'm completely interested in seeing this.

It does look quite funny.


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