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Grand opening of Filmstalker

Richard BruntonWell here we are on the grand opening of Filmstalker, thanks for coming and if you know me from my previous movie writing incarnation, then welcome back. If you don't then I hope that this is going to be an enjoyable experience for us both!

If you didn't know, this site is all about Films of any size and description. I'm not limiting the site to any particular style, industry or budget, it's going to be anything and everything. There's more to this site than simply me ranting about films, telling you the latest interesting news, or writing reviews, I have a something more in mind and that's where you come in.

You are going to be an integral part of this site. Not only are you going to comment on the stories, but you'll tell me what you want to see and help me shape it, you'll get involved in the community side of the site (when it's up and running) and you'll start to have an active part in it. Believe me when I say that there are big plans for that, and they mean that all the regular readers will have a part of Filmstalker to call their own.

Along with that I have something of a Manifesto to keep me straight with the site, it's an outline of what I want and where it will go. Although it doesn't yet include the community part of the site, it will when the developers get it finished. Have a look at the Manifesto page and see what you think.

For all of those that are rejoining me, welcome back. I do apologise that I've been away for so long and do believe me that it's not what I wanted to happen, but it did. Unfortunately the way things have happened has set me back somewhat, and caused me weeks of anguish and stress, but I'm going to work really hard to rectify that and build this site up, with your help of course.

May I just say a big thanks to Kevin for helping get the site ready, to Chris and the guys at the Cameo cinema for keeping me on their Press list, as well as Craig at the Omni Vue and the ladies from Ocean Vue who kept me on their lists too. I shan't name and shame those that have dropped me like a hot potato, but I hope to get back to some good working relationships as soon as possible.

So with that let's get on with the writing. Feel free to contact me to have a chat, give me feedback, suggest a news story, offer me a screener for review, whatever. I will try and reply to every email, just give me a few days!

Thanks for coming, grab a feed, bookmark the site, keep reading and start commenting.

Many thanks

richard at filmstalker.co.uk

If you want to keep updated with the site, check the feeds below and drop them into your Feed Reader, or you can even sign up to the email subscription services...although the Feeds are better!



YEGEY! Richard! Finally!

Congratulations on your new site. The site looks really kewl, and youve got merchandise too? The catchphrase Gimme a hotdog really caught on well eh? LOL

Cant wait to start posting!!!!

Richard - The best of luck from the Morrow household. The new site looks fantastic and it's all very exciting!

Onwards and upwards mate...

Welcome Back to the movie talk world! We've missed you.

Great new site really like the look and feel.

Ey Rich, I just linked Filmstalker to my personal blog, and now that you've "build it, they will come."

I've already spread the word out. ;-)

Great site Richard, and now I'm a father of three (how did that happen!) then I'll look forward to all the Disney reviews! Good Luck

Serious kudos Rich,

Thrilled you're back in the game!
Dying to see what you have in store for the site,
you couldn't have started of better, looks amazing!

Keepin' a close eye!


Many thanks guys, glad to have you all here. I'm really excited to be back and posting...just a quiet news day and a busy work day to contend with!

Few wrinkles still to iron out though...we'll get there!

Whoo-hoo! Shady's back...

Looking good. The site, that is, that picture reminds me of some guy I once knew who used to dance in front of tall speakers.

Great design, and great writing. Welcome to my favourites!

Oh Yeah! Its about bloody time. all the other sites told me to leave unless i had something intelligent to say......(tumbleweed).

so its great theres a NEW site that will let me post at will and its about movies so i know what i am talking about(ok, well maybe i can pretend)

btw: the site design is cracking

Ey Peter, I hope to see more of you here eh? *winks*

Hi to Pablo! ;-)

Congratulations on having the site up and running, Richard! I'm happy to be able to read your insightful postings again. You're bookmarked and I'll be returning often.

Thanks to Simone for the email directing me here!

Meli girl, you know I wouldnt keep treasures such as Richard's new site just to myself! ;-) I know I will see more of you here too!

Hey, cool! Glad to see you up and running.

I'm linking to your blog from Screen Rant, hopefully that will give a little help in getting you into the search engines. :-)

I'm quite sure that a link to your site won't be appearing at The Movie Blog, which I've stopped visiting. >:-)


Great to see it up and running Richard. I'd have posted sooner but a mental day at work yesterday and a day of babysitting today have kept me away from my Mac.

Bring on the first Audio Edition....

VICCCCCC!!! I was wondering where you've been! Nice to see you here too, I guess the gang's almost complete now eh! :-)

And like Louise said, Rich, bring on the first Scottish Audio Edition!

Louise, babysitting? I might have a job for you. All the DVDs you can watch!

Rich, I still can not get over the quotation on the main page, I just saw "I'm gonna make him an offer he cant refuse" from The Godfather. ;-)

Sounds like a good deal Lee! Throw in some beer and you've got a deal..

Thanks, Simone. John banned me from his site for making a critical comment in regards to the removal of Richard's name from the site.

Nice, eh? ;-)


Ehr, what did you say exactly Vic, I am curious now! *winks* No dont answer that, I can guess. I was just there, and posted in the topic "Richard Has Left the Building" and announced that Filmstalker is live. ;-)


Looking good buddy.....can't wait for the manifesto!

Speak soon


Glad to see you back Richard. Looking forward to your news bits and Reviews. Your voice (and volume of posts) are sorely missed at a certain Blog. I'll likely be spending a lot more time here than there.

Site has a crisp and clean design. Very, Very Nice.

Thanks Triflic, kind words indeed, I really do appreciate them. This is something I aim to make different about this site, no lip service, it really will be about engaging with the readers...plans area afoot.

Congratulations Filmstalker!

This is my first post on this site. I was told about the site by Pablo (my sisters boyfriend) and i'm really impressed. I really like the simple design, it's clear, crisp and highly effective. I've had time to read a couple of articles and they've both been really interesting.

Keep up the good work!

Good to see you Luke. Thanks for coming, and please keep coming back.

Richard, where did the years go? And you're now a movie buff? 'Twas good to come across you after so long. Send me a note. Mike (AKA Harpo Mick, ex Lonsdale Rd, etc)PS Great blog :)


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