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Mission Impossible III Trailers

MiIII.jpgYes there's more trailers out there for Mission Impossible III, or M:i:III. First up we have the Japanese trailer on Apple, in a much nicer, bigger and clearer format.

Get it over at the Apple site.

The second is the newly cut trailer for the film and proved extremely elusive to see. MTV's site said "I wasn't in the right territory" to watch the trailer that the M:I:III marketing people had emailed me to go watch there. Well that's your service out the window MTV.

Next up I attempted CMT who presented me with a lovely black screen playing trailer. Goodbye to you too.

Finally I found the trailer played over at iFilm, and it looks pretty good. This one's a bit slower, a bit more character based than the action packed first one, hinting of what Abrams is going to bring to the franchise.

Frankly, I'm excited. How about you?



I am excited yes! But another girlfriend of Ethan Hunt?

Oh well...Philip Hoffman Seymour should be great! Apart from Cruise, of course.


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