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Natalie Portman rapping and swearing

NataliePortman.jpgI'd caught this story about the gorgeous Natalie Portman doing a spoof rap video on Saturday Night Live when it was first posted but I only got round to watching it now, it's pretty cool. Portman swearing, smashing a bottle over her head and saying some rather naughty things!

Originally the video was being punted around the Internet but now NBC has got wise and hosted it themselves. Boing Boing first caught the video and their avid readers have been pursuing it around the Internet. You can see the video over at the NBC site [Flash].

It's quite funny, but to be quite honest I'm finding Portman's style to be rather attractive! You'll notice a nice Star Wars reference, and if you're eagle eyed enough you might catch the reference to her latest film, albeit very briefly!



I really must get out more, still haven't seen anything of hers since Leon. She's still that 12 year old girl to me.

Hey Lee, start with the Star Wars prequels! ;-)


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