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New Cars trailer

Cars.jpgI must admit that when I saw the first teasers and trailers for Pixars Cars what seems like an age ago, I wasn't impressed. The characterisation of the cars didn't look that strong, the plot seemed weak, and it just seemed to lack something, the recent trailer addressed some of that, but this new trailer for Cars over at Apple has changed my mind.

Available in every format imaginable, you can see that this is now much more of a story trailer than one that just shows off the animation, and it looks like a good fun film too. It really does remind me of Doc Hollywood.

The characters look fun and strong, and during some of the racing moments the animation looks astounding. Then you take a look at that strong casting list and you're even more attracted.



Holy Porsche!

Cute, very cute!

this will be superb visually.. as for storyline, i hope its half as good.

might be difficult to relate to cars for an entire film and could end up being quite drawn out.


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