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Greengrass talks United 93

United93_Poster.jpgDo you have some doubts if United 93, or any film on the events of September 11th, should be made and if it's the right time? I didn't have any doubts on this film at least, and if I did I'm sure they would be gone after seeing this footage from the official site.

Apple trailers is hosting a short video where Director Paul Greengrass talks about the film and if it is the right time. Even this short in itself is very powerful and gets the message home with strength and clarity.

I'm sure, are you? What do you think of the trailer, marketing ploy or heartfelt message?



I'm pretty excited for this. Greengrass is a reliable director and will hopefully get the ball rolling in a stylish and respectful manner, hopefully paving the way for some great films dealing with 9/11, including Stone's film. Although the actual events that took place on the flight are unknown, i think this theory is just as deserving a tale as any conspiracy theory.

Jay C.

Well you say unknown but when you put all the pieces together...the Commission report talks of the snippets of audio heard from the cockpit combined with the telephone conversations of crew and passengers, this tells a bick part of the story.


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