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United 93 trailer online

United93_Poster.jpgFormerly Flight 93, now titled United 93, this is the Paul Greengrass directed film about Flight 93 on September 11th. The trailer is now online along with a new site.

The films website is beautifully done and has some incredibly engaging and stirring music, the timeline of events is especially strong.

Watching the trailer itself is over at Apple [QT:S:M:L:iPOD:HD] and is equally as stirring.

I've been looking forward to this film for some time, and both the trailer and the site just remind me why and how much. What do you think?



I saw the trailer when I watched "Capote" 2 weeks ago now, I am definitely going to see this!

The wifey is adamant that she's not going to see this. I'm adamant that I am. Both because it's going to be *the* most emotionally charged film of our lifetime.

I must admit I was really taken with the original Flight 93 trailer where you just caught a "secret filming" type 1 second shot of the cabin.

As Rich said, the website is superb. The timeline of images and events is captivating.

Ooh, just got this on the Pentagon's website:

"The groundbreaking ceremony took place on September 11, 1941."

After the shocking events of 9/11, I have always thought that maybe the terrorists (conspiracy or not) chose 9/11 more as a parody of the USA's distress call number 911, when no help came.

Simone, you know I had exactly the same feeling. My wife think's I'm just crazy.

But Lee, it makes perfect sense doesnt it? It just seems too coincidental. And also makes a mockery of their emergency service. I am sure there are many people apart from you and me who had these thoughts too. I am not sure if it's ever explored. Man, that could make a good movie! Can you do the screenplay? LOL

I hope this site is not bugged or anything like that, are we really safe here Rich? ;-) Or else if I find my flat in disarray when I get back, I know theyre watching! *winks*

Pls. say hi to the wife for me.

After reading the Commission report a lot of it is down to chance. There were a couple of dates before then that the attack may have happened, and this wasn't the date that was requested from above. The final date seems to have been chosen by those in the US, and finally those on the planes, so perhaps there is some connection.

For me there's something about knowning. Having as much of the information as possible is something I always want to do, hence reading the report.

Seeing the trailer again and checking the website sent shivers down my spine.

This movie is one of my most eagerly anticipated...

I've been waiting for a bit more in a trailer than the last one they released for flight 93... and this fits the bill.

I always thought there was a bit of a chance the plane was shot down by our warplanes to avoid a third incident. I wonder if they'll flirt with this more than the trailer suggests....

after 9/11 this story was the one that made me feel more like an american than ever before.

Interesting thought Mogulus. Actually I thought that a conspiracy threory film would do really well once the real life ones are shown.

I do think that this one will be loyal to the evidence, after all Greengrass has already shown that with Bloody Sunday.


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