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Vin Diesel in Guys and Dolls remake

VinDiesel-Kilt.jpgI love the musical Guys and Dolls, there's something special about films and stars of that era that you just have to adore. Well looks like Vin Diesel wants to play the Marlon Brando part in a remake of Guys and Dolls.

According to Moviehole:

According to Sky.com, the hairless hero is still pretty keen to do the film, and now that it’s gearing up – as a vehicle for Catherine Zeta Jones, no less – he’s out to let the decision-makers know that he's their man. "This is the role of a lifetime", says Diesel, currently appearing with wig in "Find Me Guilty". "I know I can pull it off". Apparently he has already taped himself in character as the film's Sky Masterson, sort of an impromptu audition reel, in the hopes that producers will see that he has what it takes.

Now I know those guys are against the idea and don't think that Diesel can pull it off, but I on the other hand think he can. Can he do it to the same degree as Brando, no I don't think he can, but he'll give a damn fine performance at it, and he deserves huge respect for trying to get projects he wants to do off the ground. No settling back in his action persona.



"Suddenly I know, when my love comes along, I'll know then and there...yes I'll know when my love comes along..."

Sure Vin, go for it, I actually have no problem with that. ;-)

I would like to watch is performance in "Find Me Guilty" before I give my final opinion. As of right now, I think "What? No way."

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy Vin, but so far his acting ability is nil. He's a good action star with a sexy voice and great body. ;)


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