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April 30, 2006

Dead by Dawn - Day Four - The End

Day Four marked the final day for the Dead by Dawn Horror Film Festival, and it was an early start. Having managed to fall into my bed somewhere after midnight, the alarm awoke me at 3:30am for a quick shower and a race into town to catch the first showing...

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Dead by Dawn - Day Three

I've finally caught up with all the reviews for the Dead by Dawn Horror Film Festival this year, so here's a quick run down of day three, the penultimate day of the festival. Day three luckily began at 4:30pm, so I had time to have a lie in. Wrong. I...

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Casino Royale Poster

The poster for the film Casino Royale has been found and it's looking good. Portraying a darker image of James Bond than we're used to (no I don't mean the hair), it looks more like a scene from the movie Munich than it does traditional Bond. Not sure where Solace...

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Neighborhood Watch

Film One Star
This marked the last film that I would manage to see at this years Dead by Dawn, although it was far from the last on show. The combined factors of lack of sleep, impending Monday work, and the need to write all this up were just too much to be...

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Zombie Jieitai

Film Two Stars
What a great choice for 7:30am after some bacon and egg rolls, struggling for sleep on the all nighter for Dead by Dawn...a blood filled Zombie movie. Quite frankly zombie films don't really move me that much. They tend to be over formulaic and soaked with cliches and impossibilities. Yet...

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April 29, 2006

Invincible trailer with Wahlberg and Kinnear

Invincible is the latest film for Mark Wahlberg and is a typical small guy turns hero story, but this one has a twist, it really happened. Wahlberg is playing a teacher\bartender in his thirties who is a huge sports fan and loves his local team the Philadelphia Eagles. He decides...

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Timberlake ignores Edison critics

Justin Timberlake is saying he doesn't care that critics aren't enjoying his film Edison that much, and he's concentrating on his future roles, of which there seem to be many. At Starpulse News Blog they have the story and a few quotes: The film has been described as a "a...

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Golden Gate suicide film

A film called The Bridge tells the stories of just six of the twenty four men and women who committed suicide on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco during 2004. It interviews friends, families and witnesses and tries to find out why these people jumped and what they've left...

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Historical accuracy in films

A previous discussion about the first 9/11 movie, United 93, brought up a number of quite relevant points. First we discussed if it was too early, and we turned to the example of films coming out from World War II, and that turned us to talk about modern War films...

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April 28, 2006

Cannonball Run and Gumball Rally for real

Remember that great movie The Cannonball Run? Well the real thing looks set to come to DVD pretty soon. From Luxist comes the news: ...will take place July 29 – Aug 4, 2007. Four hundred cars will start from four cities, Atlanta, Miami, New York and Washington DC, and drive...

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One Last Thing trailer

Okay everyone, I know it's cheesey and a bit twee, but the whole premise of One Last Thing... is kinda cool, it's what each of us guys would think about asking for, and you just know how it's going to end, sad and yet happy. Unless there's some miracle cure...

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Alias for teenagers from Disney

The book with the amazing title I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have to Kill You is about a teenage female spy who hides her secret life from those around her, who is trying to find out who killed her CIA Agent Father. Sound similar? As an...

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Motley Crue movie in development

unbelievably there's a Motley Crue film in the works. Taken from the book written by the band members called The Dirt: Confessions Of The World's Most Notorious Rock Band a screenplay has already been written. According to Empire Online: Paramount...is talking to former Seinfeld writer Larry Charles about directing it....

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Favreau directing Iron Man and Marvel update

The latest news for the much maligned Iron Man is that John Favreau is set to direct. With John Carter of Mars on hold to allow the Star Trek movie to progress, the film version of Iron Man opened up for him and he's agreed. From The Hollywood Reporter through...

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Oldboy director says no to Metal Gear Solid

Apparently the director of the stunning Oldboy, Chan-wook Park, was asked to direct the Metal Gear Solid movie...and he said no. Joystiq have the news and some interesting comments: Anyone familiar with Oldboy will recall the exaggerated fight scene shot entirely from the perspective of a classic side-scrolling brawler. This...

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Lohan steps up in Sci-Fi comedy

Lindsay Lohan seems to be going from strength to strength in her Hollywood career, okay there's not that much strength in the career yet but you can see it rising. The latest news has her joining Adrien Brody no less in a romantic sci-fi comedy film called Speechless. Sci Fi...

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Michael Douglas gets Wood in comedy

I'm amazed at Michael Douglas, amazed that he keeps going and he still commands a varied career. News is out that he's starring in another comedy film alonside Evan Rachel Wood called The King of California. From Filmstew comes the blurb: First-time director Michael Cahill is in the big chair...

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April 27, 2006

The Omen 666 new trailer online

The Omen 666 has just received a new trailer, and this one has some very interesting scenes that make me look at the film in a totally different light. It's hosted over at Apple Trailers [QT:S:M:L:HD:480p:720p:1080p]. What's interesting is that there are a number of scenes shown that are almost...

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The Assassination of Jesse James teaser online

The teaser for The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford is not only competing for one of the longest titles in modern filmmaking, but it's also the new film featuring Brad Pitt, and the teaser is now online. You can see it over at Yahoo Movies in...

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Spider-Man 3 set photos

I'm surprised that there is so much being allowed out from the set of Spider-Man 3, but then I guess if you're filming in public how can you stop it? Some vigilant members of the public have been taking shots galore from the set and giving us more and more...

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United 93 Premiere reaction

The premiere of the film United 93 showed yesterday and by all accounts the showing was welcomed, but emotional. The Guardian have the coverage. According to their reporter there was a group of ninety relatives who attended the screening. The relatives were given a standing ovation after Jane Rosenthal, co-founder...

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William Hurt joins Vantage Point

Vantage Point is a film I'm looking forward to and have been for some time. It's narrative is split into five different perspectives and they all tell the tale of the attempted assassination of the President of the USA. That President has been announced and it will be William Hurt....

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The Changeling

Film Five Stars
You'll already have figured out I'm not as hardcore as some of the other crazy people that attended Dead by Dawn, I went home at midnight and grabbed a few hours sleep all ready for the early 4:50 start. One good thing is that I've managed to wash and change,...

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Blood Trails

Film Three Stars
One of the first things you notice about Blood Trails are the titles. They look great, hard screaming music to very stylish titles, in a way they are quite reminiscent of those from Se7en and work well at setting the mood before even seeing a frame or hearing a word...

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The Ghost Within

Film One Star
This Chinese film, The Ghost Within, was described as J-horror when introduced at the Dead by Dawn festival, and that wasn't a good move for me as I hate that label, what exactly does it refer to and why does it describe an entire genre? However this film really struggles...

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Last Blood

Film Four Stars
Last Blood was an interesting short from Dead by Dawn that really was dying to be something much more, but it worked really well in this format. A lone archer attacks some Predator like beasts which also suggest some vampiric tendencies. He kills them all but one, and as he...

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Film Two Stars
Three is a film that stars the much gossiped about couple Billy Zane and Kelly Brook. It's a simple tale of three people marooned on an island, two of them are married and have an obvious age difference both physically and mentally, and the third member is a hot blodded...

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Craven writing Hills Have Eyes sequel

The non-surprising news is out that Wes and Jonathon Craven are tasked by the studio to write a sequel to The Hills Have Eyes remake success, but there will be no Alexandre Aja at the helm, something which does concern me as I think his directorial style helped make that...

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Mike Myers in Robot Uprising

Mike Myers is returning to our screens and this time it won't be in disguise or under make up. This time he will be a geeky techy (read: Technical Administrator) who has to research ways of keeping the growing number of robots in the world from taking over. The outline...

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One Missed Call remake

Here we go with another Japanese horror remake, this one is One Missed Call from the original Chakushin ari. IMDB carry the blurb: People mysteriously start receiving voicemail messages from their future selves, in the form of the sound of them reacting to their own violent deaths, along with the...

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Onimusha game next for Christophe Gans?

It seems that once you do one videogame film you're pigeon holed. Christophe Gans recently announced that he was working on another videogame adaptation after the Silent Hill movie, and now initial reports are claiming this is the game Onimusha. Now, I haven't seen confirmations or sources yet, just the...

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April 26, 2006

First HD-DVD and DVD combo disc

This is great news for those worrying about the new formats. Over at Warner Brothers they have announced the first new generation disc to contain both the new format and the existing DVD format of a film on each side of the disc. That's great news for those wanting to...

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Captain America, Hulk 2 and Iron Man stall?

Avi Arad has been talking about the Marvel film production deal and what's due on the slate, and the word is that what he wanted isn't what's happening. From Business 2.0 through SuperheroHype comes the news that the priorities are changing somewhat. Arad had wanted Captain America as the first...

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Fincher talks Zodiac

This time this really is the right Zodiac film from David Fincher, the one about the serial killer from San Francisco who murdered seemingly randomly during the 1960's and 1970's and left cryptic unsolved messages. I didn't pick up on this before, but the film is going to focus on...

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Police Squad on DVD

Oh I am so excited at the news that Police Squad will be released - I am tempted to say loudly IN COLOR! - on DVD! Police Squad is the series that began the whole Naked Gun franchise, and although it had a short run it was superb and hilarious....

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April 25, 2006

Le Bourreau des innocents

Film Four Stars
This short film, Le Bourreau des Innocents was a lot of fun and had the entire Dead by Dawn audience in fits of laughter. Strange that so many of these shorts were so funny. This is the tale of a young, good looking girl out for a camping trip in...

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R.I.P. - Repose en paix

Film Five Stars
Dead by Dawn hit us with another animation short film in this second series of competition shorts. This was entitled and had the coolest looking Frankenstein type monster you can imagine. Simply put, the monster comes into a house and attempts to murder the sleeping man. Unfortunately for the creature,...

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Film One Star
One good thing about most of these shorts in the Dead by Dawn Horror festival is the comic element, most of them seem not to take themselves too seriously, and Schattenkind (Shadow Kid) is no exception....

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Film Three Stars
Continuing this series of shorts in the Dead by Dawn competition is this Asian entry shot on handheld digital. I find it really hard to describe this film, because I didn't fully understand it, but it centers around a man who is trying to bury a corpse, eats an hallucinogenic...

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Film Four Stars
The short film Butterflies slows down the pace and also the mood of the series of shorts at Dead by Dawn. Based on an Ian McEwan story it's very strong on characters and dialogue but light on the actual horror which is left to a growing fear. The main character...

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Film Four Stars
Lucky was a superb short film and hugely enjoyed by the audience. It opens in close and cramped circumstances with the bound hands of a man inside some small container, you watch his escape out of his confines and to the outside environment where his situation suddenly seems even more...

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Abrams says Star Trek will be new story

Apparently some news sources were reporting that J.J. Abrams was to revive the old script idea for the young Kirk in his days at Star Feel Academy, well Abrams has put those stories to rest, it will be an original script. Quite rightly the story Filmstalker had from Screen Rant...

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Tarantino to direct Hendrix movie?

The news that Quentin Tarantino has signed to direct a Jimi Hendrix biopic sounds like a bizarre marriage, yet the more you think about it the more interesting the idea becomes. The rumour comes from Starpulse News Blog and reports that Tarantino... ...is huge fan of the script of the...

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Pacino joins Ocean's Thirteen!

Wow, the news that Al Pacino is set to star in Ocean's Thirteen has pretty much knocked me over. I had thought this was a job for the boys until now, and despite Pacino's slightly faded gravitas, it's still a huge sign up for the film. According to Variety through...

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Joker casting rumours

The casting for the Joker in the next Batman movie is as confusing as any casting rumours we've heard of late, and actually if I'm being honest, becoming a little tiresome. Over at IGN they have some latest gossip from Batman on Film that turns the whole thing on its...

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The Chronicles of Narnia franchise

Walden Media are the company behind the Narnia film franchise, well the single film so far, and they've been speaking about their plans for their trilogy...yeah, trilogy for now. The interesting thing is the order that the series is taking. The story from Entertainment Weekly through Coming Soon is that...

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MTV Movie Awards 2006 Nominees

The nominees for the MTV Movie Awards 2006 have been announced and the full list is over the page. Have a look and see what you think, and you can even head over to MTV and vote, should you so desire. The show, according to 700WLW, will film on June...

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Depp playing Hutchence in INXS film?

The idea of Johnny Depp playing Michael Hutchence, the original lead singer of INXS isn't such a bizarre one once it's in your head. The news from The Hollywood News via Omar at JoBlo is out of the blue and sounds quite a good choice. Not only that but they're...

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Garcia's Lost City faces ban

We saw the unfinished trailer for Andy Garcia's movie The Lost City, which he wrote and directed, a little while ago, and I was fascinated, as I always am with his screen presence. Now the news is that some parts of South America are banning the film with some festival...

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Big Trouble in Little China meets South Park

I love the film Big Trouble in Little China - I was born ready - and I've visited the cool site The Wing Kong Exchange before, it's a great fan site with loads of clips, downloads, even some cool T-Shirts. Now though they've got the coolest thing, the main scenes...

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How to create your own Audio Commentary

Remember we talked about downloading fan made audio commentaries for your DVD? Well now there's a free tool that allows you to create your own commentaries. According to Pan and Scan the software is pretty good: The player is designed to let you not only play the commentary, but also...

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April 24, 2006

Angel Dust

Film Four Stars
Second in the short series for the third day of Dead by Dawn is Angel Dust by writer, editor and director Guillaume Foresti. This is the tale of...well...the strange deaths of residents of a hotel and the revelation of what is behind it all. It is indeed, very strange!...

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Los Ojos de Alicia

Film Four Stars
So to the beginning of day three (for me anyway) and another round of shorts, these represent first or second time Directors and represents one of the three sets of audience voting from Dead by Dawn. Los Ojos de Alicia opens on a bound woman secured in a locked white...

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Which Star Trek film is the best?

After a discussion about how Star Trek could ever work again I began to think about which films did work and why, and that sparked that age old debate, which Star Trek film is the best, and why? I think it's an age thing, so my Dad will tell you...

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Dead by Dawn - First two days

Dead by Dawn is in it's thirteenth year and I've only just heard about it. The guys from Twitch asked me to cover it for them and they're all the way over in Canada (well some of them are), however I was delighted to and especially as I knew they...

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Spiderman 3 set shots - Sandman?

Looks like these could be shots of Sandman from the movie Spiderman 3, although very much in his sand form. There's nothing too special about these shots from the set of Spiderman 3, but they are showing us Sandman in his evil sandy form. You can see the two set...

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Uwe Boll keeps going with Far Cry

Amazingly, despite the tax break changes in Germany, Uwe Boll is continuing creating movies, either he really is turning a profit or he really does believe he's doing good work. Currently going into production is the film of the videogame Far Cry. Far Cry is the story of a mercenary...

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Pena and Wahlberg in The Shooter

Michael Pena, who we last saw in his excellent role in Crash, is set to star opposite Mark Wahlberg in a coming film called The Shooter. The film sounds like the first 24 plot, I think it was the first, but what it does boast is Antoine Fuqua as director....

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Silent Hill and United 93 reviews

No, I'm not reviewing them just yet, but the reviews of both Silent Hill and United 93 are extremely revealing to date, and they are both reaching interesting scores over at RottenTomatoes. The Silent Hill reviews are coming in with quite negative results and it's sitting at 29% overall at...

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French farce Bond - OSS 117

I never realised that in France they had a series called OSS 117 which is a Bond-esque spy drama containing a fair bit of comedy, that has run to over 90 novels, with over 75 million copies sold. OSS 117: Le Caire nid d'espions (OSS 117: Cairo - Nest of...

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Win a full sized Dalek from Dr Who!

The BBC are enlisting the help of Dr Who fans everywhere to try and find old missing episodes of the series. From the BBC's Blue Peter site comes the plea. The BBC are missing some of the older episodes of Doctor Who from way back when and in the past...

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April 23, 2006

Lake House Trailer - Reeves and Bullock

Back together again, Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock star in The Lake House which is the remake of Il Mare. Now I haven't seen the original, but I did read about it through Twitch some time ago and it sounds a moving and emotional film. However can the Speed duo...

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Worst Case Scenario

I was looking forward to the promotional piece for Worst Case Scenario, the film in development that showed us its first teaser of those Nazi Zombies walking out of the sea, they looked fantastic. Well as part of Dead by Dawn this year we were treated to the Director Richard...

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Film Three Stars
I'm a big Asian film fan, I really enjoy the subtler side of their cinema and the way they understand the art of putting the viewer at unease, something in Western cinema we seem to have lost the art of, preferring big visuals and loud bangs. So I was interested...

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Haunted Boneyard

Film Two Stars
This short film is a product of the BFI 48 Hour Short Film Competition, now that's pretty self explanatory, you have 48 hours to make a short film, that simple. Adele, the Festival Director, isn't a big fan of these and you can understand why. Under such restrictions the race...

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April 22, 2006


Film One Star
Then came the disappointment of the schedule change, Severed was moved in order to allow for enough time for the film Grim Prairie Tales to arrive from wherever it wasn't supposed to be. Not that I was disappointed about that, I believe I'll still get to see the film late...

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El Desafio a la Muerte (The Challenge to Death)

Film Four Stars
Just when I thought the shorts were completed on day two of Dead by Dawn, a short arrived before the next main feature. El Desafio a la Muerte, or The Challenge to Death, is a four minute clay\plastacine animated film which provided much hilarity in the screening. Interestingly the film...

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La Guerra

Film Five Stars
Still on the second day of Dead by Dawn but the last in the grouped shorts for the day, I had originally thought I'd be struggling with these but it had all turned out to be rather good in the end, and this last film proved to be the best...

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The Hidden Face (Het Verborgen gezicht)

Film Three Stars
Day two, third short film. I was already surprised at how much I was enjoying these shorts, so often I don't find that they have much depth to them, but these were proving me very much wrong, and going to show the great programming that had gone into the Dead...

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Film Two Stars
The second short film on day two of Dead by Dawn was Shame, a short film which tells the very simple tale of a woman who is ashamed of a part of her body, so ashamed that she hides it away...the question is why? Interestingly there's no mention of this...

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When Nobody is Looking (Cuando nadie nos mira)

Film Three Stars
On the second day of Dead by Dawn we were treated to four short films one after the other, the first was a fourteen minute short film from Spain and writer\director Pau Atienza. I'm always unsure about watching short films because I find they can be extremely hit and miss....

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John Carpenter's Cigarette Burns

Film Four Stars
I've been up since 7:30am this morning, and it's the start of a long afternoon and evening, already I'm tired and I doubt I'll see Dawn. Here we are on the start of the second day and once again the cinema is heaving (that's a technical Scottish term meaning very...

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April 21, 2006

J.J. Abrams directing Star Trek

I can hardly believe the news that J.J. Abrams has been snapped up to not only direct the next Star Trek movie, but also to write it and produce it! That means he's having one huge amount of creative control over a Star Trek film that hasn't seen this sort...

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Norton's Illusionist clips online

The latest film starring Edward Norton, The Illusionist, has just surfaced online with a few clips strung together and some stills. It's already looking quite nice and after seeing the clips I'm starting to get really interested. You can see the clip hosted over at Variety [WMV:Embed] which was found...

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Transformers Cast grows

More Transformers movie casting news with a few rumours about who is going to fill those previously touted roles in the casting call. According to the cool guys at IGN: Jon Voight is in talks...Keller as the U.S. Secretary of State... ...Michael Clarke Duncan, is closing in on the role...

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Li and Statham on Rogue

I liked the film The One with Jason Statham and Jet Li, but then I like both actors anyway, particularly Statham, and love action films. So despite its flaws it was fun. So the set visit report to the latest Li and Statham movie Rogue provides some exciting titbits for...

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Dead by Dawn 2006 opens

...and it opened with the film Hard Candy (review). Boy, that was a good opener. The lineup is over the page, and I'm trying to see a whole heap, and for that a big thanks goes out to my Boss, Adele at Dead by Dawn, and Todd over at Twitch...

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Hard Candy

Film Four Stars
This was my first attendance at Dead By Dawn, and I have to say it was a very strong opener. Film one, night one, began with a little introduction speech by the founder and Director who informed us how hard a job she had this year trying to find good...

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April 20, 2006

An American Haunting

Film One Star
The trailer for the movie An American Haunting pitched it in the Exorcist camp with an element of some brooding suspenseful horror from the likes of Omen. It was also boasting the talents of both Donald Sutherland and Sissy Spacek, so it did appear to hold a lot of promise....

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Jolie on for Tomb Raider 3?

According to the creator of Lara Croft, Angelina Jolie has agreed to reprise her role as Croft in Tomb Raider 3 once she has settled as a mother. From Teen Hollywood comes the quote from Ian Livingstone, the creator of the acrobatic goddess: "Paramount has optioned it and Angelina has...

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Dead by Dawn - Scotland's Horror Film Festival

Scotland's big Horror Film Festival has already started with the opening event having been underway for around an hour. I'm due to attend my first screening at around 23:15 this evening, and that will be Hard Candy. After that I get some sleep and start again on Friday at 13:00...

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Roger Avary to write Driver movie

Yes, Roger Avary who wrote the Silent Hill screenplay is to stick with videogames and adapt the Driver game for the movies. Please god let it be better than the game is! It's interesting news from Coming Soon, for in another Coming Soon story, Christophe Gans is interviewed regarding Silent...

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Roth starting Hostel 2

Eli Roth has been talking about working on Hostel 2, and although nothing major is coming out he is saying that he's about to start and given a few ideas for the plot. From MTV through Coming Soon: "I've got to write it...[this week] I am really going to unplug...

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Basinger to join 24 series?

After The Sentinel Kim Basinger is apparently considering joining the cast of the TV series 24, and Kiefer Sutherland is keen for the idea too. Considering his Production and starring role I would think his word would carry a lot of weight with that suggestion. Of course the news from...

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Cage starts filming Next

Filming has begun on the movie adaptation of the Philip K. Dick novel Golden Man entitled Next which is starring Nicolas Cage, Julianne Moore and Jessica Biel. Interesting cast list, and with Lee Tamahori directing we're definitely in for some thrills on screen. However it's the screenwriter that's a bit...

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Affleck writing and directing Gone, Baby, Gone

I totally missed the fact that Ben Affleck is adapting and directing a thriller based on a Dennis Lehane novel called Gone, Baby, Gone, and really I'm not sure what to think of this. To be honest I've never really enjoyed his onscreen performances, I can't think when I've gone...

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Lohan favourite for Dallas?

More on Lindsay Lohan with the news that she is favourite for the Lucy Ewing role in the movie version of Dallas, tipped as she was by the previous Lucy Ewing, Charlene Tilton. The news from Digital Spy isn't really that newsworthy, but it kind of tickled me that the...

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Fonda and Lohan in more Monster in Law?

Lindsay Lohan is joining the once great Jane Fonda on screen in what appears to be more of the same formula as the poor Monster-in-Law. Coming soon have the disappointing news: The story centers on a rebellious young woman (Lohan) who has a dysfunctional relationship with her mother (Huffman) and...

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April 19, 2006

Daniel Craig as the Devil in Ewan McGregor

In an interesting piece of casting, reports have it that Daniel Craig is set to play the Devil, and alongside Ewan McGregor no less! From The Hollywood News through Moviesonline.ca comes the exciting piece of casting: ...from a reliable source on the set of the new Bond movie, CASINO ROYALE...Daniel...

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Hot Fuzz casting updates

The wait for the movie Hot Fuzz is, well, getting me hot and fuzzy in anticipation, just to see what Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright have up their sleeves next. Well now we can see some of the expected cast for this film, and it's looking interesting. From Film Ick...

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Sienna Miller stands up to Extremists

Seinna Miller is apparently set to star in a remake of the Theo Van Gogh film Submission. You may remember Van Gogh was murdered after this very film sparked anger in the more extreme areas of religions groups. Now Miller herself is receiving death threats. From Entertainment Wise comes the...

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Porn takes to movie downloads

As usual we see the Porn Industry taking the lead in movie technology as Vivid Entertainment Group, one of the big Pornographic Production Studios, announced it is allowing customers to purchase movies to download and cut onto DVD. From LA Times through IMDB: "The simple fact is porn is an...

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Tristan & Isolde

Film Three Stars
I have to admit that I wasn't going to go and see the film Tristan & Isolde since it was being sold on the posters as the biggest romantic movie epic since Romeo and Juliet. However the very cool Edinburgh Ocean Terminal Vue was having a Press screening and I...

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Dead by Dawn Horror Festival extended

This year's Scottish Horror Film Festival, Dead by Dawn, has had an outstanding response. Sold out before any films were even announced, the organisers have decided to extend the festival and offer an additional day\night of screenings. There will now be a second all night screening run on Saturday 22...

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Silent Hill first ten minutes online

The first ten minutes of the movie Silent Hill is now online for you to view, if you would want to see the first ten minutes of the film before entering the cinema that is. You can see the clip over at Putfile.com where someone has kindly uploaded it from...

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The Grudge 2 gets a set visit

The Grudge 2 movie is currently filming and some journalists managed to get a nice Sony funded trip across to see the production, overall the news isn't that revealing or new, but one thing caught my eye. The Japanese crew were not as numerous as an American crew Now something...

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Mamma Mia musical on film?

The highly successful stage musical Mamma Mia has apparently been picked up by a production group including Tom Hanks with a view to a film release by late 2007. The story is from Variety through Coming Soon: The show's book writer, Catherine Johnson, is penning the screenplay, which will stick...

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Dolly Parton comeback in Nine to Five sequel?

There's some ridiculous talk of movie sequels on the go, but none moreso than a sequel of Nine to Five featuring Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda and Lilly Tomlin! The bizarre news from JoBlo makes me wonder if those guys have come home after a big night out and decided to...

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Congratulations Cruise, Holmes, Shields and Henchy

Rumour and gossip aside, as I love to do, big congratulations to all those who are celebrating a new baby, but particular Filmstalker congratulations to Brooke Shields and Chris Henchy, as well as Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Both sets of couples are now proud parents and I'm sure you'll...

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April 18, 2006

Renée Zellweger drops out of The Eye

News is out that Renée Zellweger is signed for a new horror movie called Case 39, but the real story is that she's dropped out of the remake of the Pang Brothers Asian Horror film The Eye which was being remade by Tom Cruise's production company with Hideo Nakata (Ring...

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X-Men: The Last Stand

The new X-Men: The Last Stand site is now live and it looks very cool. You can find out all about the characters, download some cool images, and watch the trailer. I'm not usually that excited by sites unless they give us some new footage, but actually the way this...

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Download new Audio Commentaries

Your DVD comes with one, or more if you're lucky, Audio Commentaries. Wouldn't it be great if you could download new Commentaries to go along with the film you bought ages ago? It could rejuvinate your favourite DVD. Well now you can download free Audio Commentaries and listen to them...

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Mark Hamill to direct Black Pearl?

The Black Pearl is a graphic novel that Mark Hamill (yes, he of the force) and his cousin Eric Johnson wrote and have been trying to bring to the movies for some time. Well now it may well be happening and Hamill will direct the film. The story, from Sienn's...

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Grand Prix SE DVD coming

I know that not many people will be interested in the Formula 1 film Grand Prix starring James Garner, but I really wanted to highlight this new DVD release due out in July because I like F1, so there. Formula 1 hasn't spawned much in the way of movies, surprising...

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Woody Allen cancels Paris film

The bad news is that Woody Allen's latest film project in Paris looks like it's cancelled and by his own choice. The good news is that Woody Allen's latest film project will be in London again. From Variety and through Dark Horizons tells us that the budget in Paris was...

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Pink leaves Joplin casting

We already talked about the varied casting for the Janis Joplin film, well now it looks like one of the good choices has backed out. Pink has dropped out of the casting and called it a circus. Digital Spy have the quote: Pink says she has now "dropped out of...

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Kung Fu Hustle sequel postponed

Stephen Chow's planned sequel to Kung Fu Hustle is now delayed. According to reports he's turning his hand to a sci-fi film first, but with Chow it won't just be any sci-fi film. From Moviesonline comes the news that the sequel is being delayed, even though Chow has openly said...

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April 17, 2006

How have websites affected TV viewing?

Here's an interesting question I received from a reader who is currently writing a paper for their course about how Internet sites that talk about TV shows and upcoming episodes affect peoples viewing choices. It's an interesting question, and if you think back to before you read film and TV...

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Waking Dreams a uniquely funded film

Waking Dreams is an independent horror film currently in production within the UK. Filming is set for London and Wales, and is the debut of AD Lane the Director. What is interesting about this horror film though is the way it is being funded, entirely independently with some unusual fund...

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Tripods film news

I remember the BBC TV series The Tripods and how much I enjoyed the story, it was really a story of what would have happened had the War of the Worlds invaders not caught colds, or brought red creepy stuff with them. So news that the movie version was in...

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Rocky Balboa script reviewed

The script for the new Rocky movie Rocky Balboa has been reviewed online, and although it contains a spoiler or two, it's very positive. The review is over at Dark Horizons, but be careful it contains spoilers. Seriously, I mean a HUGE spoiler. My eye caught it by accident as...

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Rodriguez's Grind House movie fails

News is that production on Robert Rodriguez's half of the Rodriguez-Tarantino film duo Grind House, has shut down, and more than that it's been shut down by Rodriguez himself. Bloody Disgusting has the story through Cinematical. There seems to be no word on why or if there is going to...

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CHiPs actor talks movie adaptation

One of the stars of the upcoming film adaptation of the TV series CHiPs (California Highway Patrol), Wilmer Valderrama who will play Ponch, has talked about the spirit of the movie version. From Dark Horizons: "What we're doing is, we're having fun with it, but we're not making fun of...

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Gibson's Apocalypto delayed

Mel Gibson's upcoming film Apocalypto has hit delays and looks set to be moved from August 4th to December 8th. According to The Age it's because of nothing more serious that bad weather. A spokesman for Disney, which is releasing Apocalypto, said Sunday the production had fallen behind because of...

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Crouching Tiger series delayed

There are lawsuits galore at the moment as the right to make the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon series turns to court. Columbia is claiming that they had the rights to the series before the Weinstein brothers bought them. Cinematical have the unclear reasoning... According to Columbia representatives, the studio acquired...

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Oceans Thirteen turns to Ali G and showtunes

I can't believe the news that Ali G aka Sacha Baron Cohen, Barry Manilow and Céline Dion are all in talks for roles in the new Oceans movie Oceans Thirteen?! Now the last two seem the most ridiculous but actually there's some sense in there, could they be raiding somewhere...

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Resident Evil 3 shooting in May

The film franchise Resident Evil gets its third movie with shooting starting in May over in Mexico. Reports are that Resident Evil: Extinction will gain the great Paul W.S. Anderson as writer and Milla Jovovich as lead. According to Variety through Sci Fi Wire she isn't the only confirmation: Oded...

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April 16, 2006

Gods and Gays: Bridging the Gap

Film Three Stars
Gods and Gays: Bridging the Gap is a title that tells you straight away what the film is about - a documentary about people who are both Gay and Christian and how they and those around them deal with the obvious dichotomy between those two labels. I have to say...

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Layer Cake

DVD Four Stars
I approached Layer Cake with a limited knowledge of Matthew Vaughn, I knew he was the cohort of Guy Ritchie for Lock Stock and Snatch, two films which viewing nowadays really seem dated and look much thinner than on the original viewing. There's also the connection with X-Men, which came...

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Meet the Robinsons trailer - Disney working?

Meet the Robinsons is the latest digitally animated movie offering from Disney, that's Disney with no Pixar, and although I'd never caught it before the word was it didn't seem to be offering much. Then came this trailer showing a crisp and quite deep style of animation with a fair...

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April 15, 2006

September 12th

Film Two Stars
There are a number of mainstream films in production about the events around September 11th 2001 that are making the headlines right now with controversy and questions of whether it is too soon or not. Yet many of these people fail to realise that films have already been made on...

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HD-DVD has arrived

It seems the first HD-DVD players are out, and excited home cinema fans are sitting at home with their hands on HD-DVD movies too. The verdict so far is positive. Over at AVS Forum through HD Beat, you can see the first arrivals, discussion of what is included, pictures of...

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All The Kings Men trailer

All The Kings Men is a film promising a rather impressive cast, and with one of my personal favourite actors Sean Penn, however the trailer does ladel cheese over the movie quite liberally, and for me the promising part is the middle section which shows some darker and broodier aspects...

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The Fountain trailer

For some time now excitement around Darren Aronofsky's film The Fountain has been high but news very light. I remember a while ago seeing the first teaser for it in a crappy little format, but I don't remember ever getting the chance to see it in good quality from Apple....

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April 14, 2006

Hallam Foe Film Blog

The movie Hallam Foe is currently filming in Edinburgh as we speak and the blog has arrived. Yes, it's another film with an official blogger on the crew, but actually this one has something those other mainstream movie marketing blogs don't tend to have, that's interesting content and crew involvement....

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Wonder Woman casting rumours

Yes, more casting rumours for the Joss Whedon film Wonder Woman. This time it's another semi-unknown to add to the list of Charisma Carpenter, Morena Baccarin, Jessica Biel, etc, etc...now it's a soap actress from Days of Our Lives... From Moviehole through Cinematical comes the name...Nadia Bjorlin. Yeah, that's what...

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30 Days of Night faithful to graphic novel

The graphic novel 30 Days of Night by Steve Niles is being turned into a film by Sam Raimi's Ghost House Pictures, and the latest news is this vampire horror movie is going to remain very faithful to the novel, as well as bring us a truly scary vampire. The...

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X-Men: The Last Stand more footage

I think we're pretty decided on the X-Men: The Last Stand film by now, we're going to see it, why wouldn't you? Yet the inside footage keeps rolling out to try and reel us in some more. Now we have a behind the scenes shoot with interviews from one of...

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Alicia Keys pushing into film

Alicia Keys first real film experience Smokin' Aces is due out soon, and in the meantime she's signed up for another film called The Nanny Diaries alongside Scarlett Johansson, Paul Giamatti and Laura Linney. Not only that she's started her own production company along with her manager called Big Pita,...

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April 13, 2006

Star Trek XI dead...again

The script for Star Trek XI is officially dead, and that's from the screenwriter Erik Jendresen. He's written a script for the new Star Trek movie that would be a beginning tale (another beginning) and no one's interested. According to SyFy Portal through Dark Horizons: ...since the executive shakeup at...

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Favourite Easter film?

It's that time of year where some of us get a long weekend off work, some sit back and eat ourselves full of chocolate, and some will be rolling eggs down hills, for others it will be a period of worship, but for all hopefully family fun. What better way...

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Omen 666 Teaser online

The Omen remake, Omen 666, now has a teaser online and it's not that annoying one of the boy swinging away without a can of WD40 nearby, no, this one has some quick images flashing by that promise much but tell little. The teaser is over at Time Out, and...

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Narnia sequel Prince Caspian confirmed

The next in the Chronicles of Narnia to make it to the big screen is Prince Caspian, which is the second written, but fourth chronologically in the series...okay...written in light pencil is the 2007 date, although I think it will be a push to make that and I can really...

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Norton's Illusionist gets release date

Edward Norton is awesome, and the news that his latest movie The Illusionist has a release date is nothing but good news. From Sci Fi Wire: Bob Yari's Yari Film Group has announced an Aug. 18 release date for its Edward Norton supernatural movie The Illusionist, Variety reported. Following its...

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Captain Marvel gains Director

Captain Marvel is the next movie superhero? Oh lord, give me a break. You know I don't even know who Captain Marvel is. I'm Scottish, I've heard of the character sure, but just in a typical cheesy way as this image suggests. Why are the filmmakers going after the small...

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The Hills Have Eyes DVD Specs

The Hills Have Eyes DVD specifications are out, and this time updated, and they include a feature that makes me cringe...an unrated version which includes three minutes of never before seen footage rated too violent for cinemas! Wooo! Actually, sarcasm aside, considering how creeped out I was watching this (I...

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Night Watch R1 DVD Specs

The specifications for the region 1 Night Watch movie DVD release are out and we're in for a bit of a bonus. It's set to include an extended ending and two audio commentaries. Moviesonline.ca have the specs, and the two audio commentaries feature the Author and the Director, both subtitled...

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April 12, 2006

Church says Venom in Spiderman interview

Well that's it, the news we really knew all along has just been confirmed albeit accidentally by Thomas Haden Church. He let slip in an interview about the new film Spiderman 3 that Venom will be starring in the movie. Either that or it's a big and very clever redirection...

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Bana and Barrymore in Poker film

Yeah, so what, Color of Money with cards instead of balls? Perhaps not as the new Poker film Lucky You starring Eric Bana, Drew Barrymore and Robert Duvall is packed with top professional Poker players as both players in the film, consultants on the movie and as trainers for the...

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Sharon Stone's Basic Instinct 2 Contract

Now I'm not keen on celebrity gossip at all, and I deliberately avoid stories about celebrities in their personal life, but when I saw the alleged contract that Sharon Stone signed for the film Basic Instinct 2, I was in two minds about a story. On one hand we have...

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April 11, 2006

Spy Hunter script and clips online

The script for Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run has been read and reviewed, and not only that but now online are clips showing the conceptual art for how Spyhunters vehicles will operate. Over at Latino Review they've reviewed the script (with spoilers although they say they'll keep them light), the...

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More X-Men spin off movies

Not content with two spin off movies from the X-Men franchise, it seems the Execs want more, and why not? Not content with the Wolverine and Magneto films it seems that there are more scheduled, and rumour is placing it a next generation of mutants to take up the franchise...although...

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Marines documentary bought for distribution

The hard hitting documentary The Ground Truth: After The Killing Ends which was nominated for the Sundance Grand Jury Prize this year, has just been bought by Focus Features. Hopefully this means the film will get a larger release. The documentary looks at what happens to US soldiers during their...

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Jessica Simpson for Dallas

Jessica Simpson has just confirmed that she has been in talks regarding a role in the new Dallas movie. She's saying that she's already been talking to Producers of the film for the role of Lucy Ewing (the Poison Dwarf as she was affectionately known in the UK). MTV through...

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Complete Superman 14 disc DVD set

All the Superman movies, and by all I mean including the latest Superman Returns from Bryan Singer and the Richard Donner version of Superman II, are all going to be on this amazing DVD boxset, making it the definitive Superman film collection. I remember writing about this a while ago...

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No Arnie in Terminator 4?

It looks likely now that the most we'll see of Arnie in Terminator 4 is in a cameo role, which for me is a huge shame. According to The Guardian, the more the Producers speak the more they're backing down from previously saying he could be returning and they're just...

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New Pixars Cars images online

Cars has been a film that has fallen fowl of the Disney - Pixar relationship, the poor movie has been idling along with what seems like a huge wait since the first glimpse of it was seen. Now though, Disney are doing a Microsoft with the advertising. Over at Cinema...

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April 10, 2006

Sentinel clips online

I was interested, but not excited about Keifer Sutherland and Michael Douglas in The Sentinel, the film about a plot to assassinate the President from within the Secret Service, I thought it might be samey and formulaic. Except seeing seven of these eight clips just made available, I'm kind of...

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Widows angry over Stone's World Trade Center

Obviously there's going to be focus and anger over any films or stories regarding the events of September the 11th, but it seems that Oliver Stone's World Trade Center film is attracting the most so far. According to reports the widows of two of the Port Authority Police officers killed...

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Silent Hill behind the scenes

There's a Silent Hill behind the scenes video out and about entitled The Making of Silent Hill, and it's high quality, long, detailed and as a result quite revealing. We're warned it's actually quite spoiler rich, but I'm not so sure if it has plot spoilers or just showing us...

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24 signs Sutherland for three more years

Reports are saying that Keifer Sutherland has signed a deal with 20th Century Fox Television for three more years of the series 24. Now earlier you'll have seen we talked about the 24 film and its scheduled release for 2008, that means that we're likely now to see Jack back...

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Saw 3 casting revealed

Looks like there are a number of returns in the third instalment of the Saw series. Not only will we see Tobin Bell but also Donnie Wahlberg. The story comes from Your Movies, which reveals two huge spoilers for Saw 2 which are really annoying had you not seen the...

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Eve of Understanding at MethodFest

The Eve of Understanding team were well excited to hear the news that their lead actress Rebecca Lowman was nominated for the award of Best Actress at MethodFest this year. Okay she didn't win, but the next best thing was the nomination and her photo on the award! I had...

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April 9, 2006

Paul Giamatti in Bubba Ho-tep sequel

Just the other day I posted the news that Bubba Ho-tep 2 looks like it's heading along nicely, but the question was who could replace Ossie Davis? Well it looks like it could be none other than Paul Giamatti. I have to say I just watched Sideways and thought it...

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Films from Books, are they doomed from the beginning?

I don't recall ever having said, you have to see the film before you read the book, it would always be a recommendation to read the book before the film, but is that right? Should a film stand on its own and be watched without instant comparison to the book...

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April 8, 2006

Latest Stormbreaker trailer online

While watching the trailers for Alien Autopsy I caught site of a new trailer for Stormbreaker which is also available on the official site. You can watch the trailer over at the Stormbreaker official site [Flash], which also has a host of images, wallpapers, and by selecting the news link...

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Alien Autopsy

Film Three Stars
Let's face it Alien Autopsy is really a vehicle to push Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly, otherwise known as Ant & Dec on British television, into the light of Hollywood. The question there is have they managed to pull it off? Then, more importantly to us right now, is their...

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Sean Connery for Gulf War movie?

Despite rumours Sean Connery looks set to keep going by working behind the scenes and bringing a Gulf War story to the big screen. According to The Scotsman just posted moments ago, Connery has been talking with author Ken McClure to try and adapt his book The Gulf Conspiracy to...

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Spiderman 3 site online

The site for Spiderman 3 is now live and online featuring that image of Spiderman in a black looking suit sitting in the rain...these guys are just teasing us now! There's nothing really on the new teaser site, found through Superhero Hype, apart from a desktop wallpaper which is the...

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300 Video Diaries online

There's more and more being revealed about the inside work on the Frank Miller adapted graphic novel 300, and the more you see about it the more you understand about the overall filmmaking process, how hard it is to be an actor on a film that contains action sequences, and...

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Transformers Casting Call

More human casting calls have gone out for the new Transformers film, and still no word on those all important voices. Superhero Hype carry the list of actors that they're after for, hopefully, some of the last remaining human roles...dammit I want to find out who's doing the voices! In...

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Internet Movie Cars Database

Bizarrely there is such a thing as the Internet Movie Cars Database, and it lists the use of cars in film, just as IMDB does for stars. The IMCDB List of all makes comprises a mammoth 672 entries, and you can find some of your favourite movie cars in here....

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Battlestar Galactica original series continued?

The remade Battlestar Galactica series is stunning, there is no doubt, but there's always the charm and rememberance that goes with the original series, so it's with excitement that I found out a trailer was made for a continuation of the original series by none other than the original Apollo...

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April 7, 2006

Bubba Ho-tep 2 news

I thought Bubba Ho-tep was superb, and I've been salivating at the thought of a sequel for positively ages now. I heard some news before about the possibilities, but now there's some more gossip to make me think it might be close to becoming a reality. From Bits of Newscomes...

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Near Dark remake?

Near Dark was a great vampire film, and it did something that some really successful horrors do, it takes a quite wild idea and grounds it in real life. In Near Dark it took all the common ideas of vampires and put them in real life. It's almost as if...

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Edinburgh's Cameo Cinema faces closure

Once again the historic cinema in Edinburgh The Cameo faces a bleak future. After being saved from sale to a non-film company once by public organised pressure, it seems it could be facing the same fate again as talks by the Edinburgh International Film Festival (EIFF) organisers and Edinburgh Council...

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DVD Four Stars
Closer had some positives and negatives for me, and at the top of the negatives was Clive Owen who I've struggled to enjoy in many films. Still the positives of reviews, other cast members, and an excellent director were outweighing that prospect, so I rented it and began watching. Something...

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Alexandre Aja on The Mirror and Black Hole

Alexandre Aja has produced some superb horror work and intends to keep doing so as the latest news comes that he's working on a less than exciting sounding script called The Mirror. From Empire comes the plot outline: The plot revolves around a security guard at a posh department store...

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24 movie due 2008

Joel Surnow, the creator of 24, has talked about the movie plans for the show and how they are breaking slightly from the traditional format. He also let leak when the filming would take place and the movie would be out. Speaking on a TV show and caught through Moviehole.net,...

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Gospel of Judas discovery to become film?

Another religious film connection today as news comes out that National Geographic have just purchased documents which are apparently the Gospel of Judas with plans to turn the effort to find them into a book and film, something akin to Da Vinci Code again I suspect. From Duluth News Tribune:...

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April 6, 2006

The Celestine Prophecy trailers

The Celestine Prophecy is a book I read a long time ago and was surprised to learn that it was being made into a film, well The Celestine Prophecy movie has arrived. You can see the trailer, teaser television teaser and behind the scenes footage, all in various formats over...

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Film One Star
I expected little from Firewall as the trailers showed us another formulaic Harrison Ford normal guy fighting back against the evil forces and no doubt saving the day. We'd seen it so many times before and frankly I was bored of it. Still, sometimes you have to watch films whether...

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Dallas looking for new Director

After seeing the departing of Robert Luketic the news is that Gurinder Chadha is in talks to fill the role. Chadha previously directed Bend It Like Beckham, Bride & Prejudice and is currently pre-producing I Dream of Jeannie. Digital Spy are still reporting that the stars are attached, rather than...

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Stephen King's son secures film deal

Stephen King's song is set to publish his first novel and has already secured a film deal for it as well, how sly is that? Joe Hill is his name, and the novel is called Heart Shaped Box. Empire carries the story: Hill, however, has pulled off the impressive task...

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Sharky's Machine remake

The Burt Reynolds starrer Sharky's Machine, way back when he was hot property, is being remade by Phil Joanou who just worked on The Gridiron Gang. The film saw Reynolds star as the Vice Cop Tom Sharky who, as Empire say, hunts down a vicious group of criminals alongside his...

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Stone to direct Basic Instinct 3

Sharon Stone may now be considering directing Basic Instinct 3, a film for which a script already exists. Sharon Stone will direct Basic Instinct 3 in Britain, the actress has revealed. The blonde star is keen to continue the franchise - following her return as Catherine Tramell in the recently...

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Vin Diesel's Hannibal is being made

I seriously can't believe that the Vin Diesel project Hannibal is getting made, but it sounds like it is and has just been assigned a location in the Dominican Republic. I always say that there's a lot more talent to Diesel than we've seen, and not just in front of...

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Hayden Christensen in Crash Bandits

Yes, when I first read that at a glance I thought Crash Bandicoot, but no, ex-Vader is to star in Crash Bandits, an altogether different film. A treasure hunter specializing in downed aircrafts finds himself chasing his arch nemesis, who is holding his fiesty ex-wife hostage, towards a critically missing...

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Skinwalkers images and site online

The first few images for Skinwalkers are online and although they aren't showing any creature effects as yet, they are giving away some of the feel of the film. The plot for Skinwalkers sounds a little like a mix mash of a few other films of late, but it still...

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X-Men: The Last Stand TV Spots online

Just the other evening three new TV spots (or adverts for us non-US folks) aired on US TV for X-Men: The Last StandX-Men: The Last Stand, and now they are online and ready for downloading. The TV teasers can be found over at Latino Review, through Superhero Hype. Being at...

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April 5, 2006

Cage and 50 Cent as boxers

Imagine the casting, Nicolas Cage and 50 Cent together in a boxing film called The Dance. Yes, it is true. One has to ask as Cent risen so highly in the acting game, or has...well...from Empire comes the bizarre casting news. The Dance is... ...based on the life of prison...

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The Messenger - another Iraq film

Looks like Iraq is still being tested by Hollywood as a source of stories for films with the latest The Messenger, which tells the tale of an Army Officer who has the job of notifying relatives that their family member has been killed. The story from Empire got that far...

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United 93 donates some profits

I already wrote about the controversy over the United 93 film trailer, and the news has been all over the place about how the cinema has now pulled the trailer and are no longer showing it. What I didn't know is that there are profits being made to a non...

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Connery cameo in Casino Royale

Sean Connery looks set to return to the Bond franchise with a cameo in the new Bond film Casino Royale. According to The Irish Examiner through Filmstew and found through Digg, he's not playing a typical Connery character though: ...as a coward? According to a report in The Irish Examiner,...

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Grudge 2 set report

The Grudge 2 has some surprises for us and according to an on set report there will be some very nicely created visuals done practically and not all CGI. Interestingly this won't be a remake of the second in the Japanese trilogy, but will take a different direction, however it...

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Syriana gets sued

Looks like another writer has stepped up to claim that his work was plagarised by Hollywood, this time its Stephanie Vergniault who is claiming that major parts of her screenplay she wrote several years ago has been used to make SyrianaSyriana. From Reuters: "I saw the film entirely by accident,...

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Southland Tales images online

There are some Southland Tales images online just now showing the Rock face up against Sarah Michelle Gellar in some new wrestling move. I'm looking forward to this film, I was surprised by Rock in Walking Tall, Gellar has talent in there that's been beaten back by Buffy, and the...

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X-Men premiere at Cannes

It looks like Cannes is set to be the premiere of X-Men: The Last Stand as well as the much anticipated The Fountain, attendees also going to be treated to a twenty minute preview of World Trade Centre. I'm sure there's much more in the bag, and we'll hear about...

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Jessica Simpson leads Baywatch

The role occupied by Pamela Anderson in the TV series of Baywatch is to be taken by none other than Jessica Simpson in the film version. Not a huge surprise there, and is it really that interesting? Is anyone looking forward to this film? From ninemsn comes the far from...

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April 4, 2006

Snakes on a Plane...a remake

Yes, I'm afraid so Snakes on a Plane fans, it seems that it's already been done, but on a submarine. According to a secret source over at film ick this idea isn't new, just have a look at this IMDB entry for a film called Fer-de-Lance made in 1974, also...

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Simpsons film casting

Still seems way early to hear anything about the coming Simpsons film, but we are, and in the form of some of the cast and crew announcements. I wonder if this will keep up for the next year? From The Age through CanMagcomes the announcement: ...the writing crew for The...

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Luhrmann's Australian epic stalls again

Unbelievably the Baz Luhrmann epic Australian film which is set to star both Russell Crowe and Nicole Kidman seems to have stalled again. From Reuters comes the sad news that both actors are onto other projects and the crew that had been hired to begin work on the project are...

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Film portrays first Black Jesus

A new film showing the last forty eight hours of the life of Jesus Christ has been made, and looks set to cause more controversy that any before it. Why? Well because it features a Black Actor as the character of Jesus. The film Color of the Cross (obviously American)...

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Sharon Stone the singer?

Hard to believe, but after her superb turn in Basic Instinct 2 it's being reported that Sharon Stone wants to turn to a new career...as a singer. Yes, please now lift your head off of the table. According to Virgin.net she's "intent" on a career in music: The sultry star...

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Jumper gains cast

The announcement of Jumper sounded quite interesting, a troubled kid who finds he has the ability to teleport himself, taken from a series of novels by Steven Gould. Doug Liman is on board to direct from a David Goyer screenplay now rewritten by Simon Kinberg, and now we have a...

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Samuel Jackson joins Stephen King

Here's some news I didn't catch until now, the first really good Stephen King film since...well...in a long time, and Samuel L. Jackson has just joined the cast. With John Cusack already signed up and Mikael Hafstrom set to direct, 1408 could turn into a cracking good film. Here's the...

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Princess Bride gains new DVD release

I love The Princess Bride, really, it's so much fun, it's one of my most quoted films next to Predator and Airplane, go figure that one out if you will. So the news today has just made me extra happy as we discover that it's set for a new DVD...

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Atonement gains McAvoy

I've not heard of the film Atonement before now, but the news that it is set to race ahead now that James McAvoy is signed up and the schedule of Keira Knightley is cleared is good news, particularly considering the plot outline. The Hollywood Reporter brings us the news that...

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April 3, 2006

DVD extras - What features do you want?

The story about the lack of extras on the new Munich DVD showed that there are huge differences of opinion about what should be amongst DVD Extras, and what you actually want to watch. DVD's come with all sorts of additional extras, from the lowest animated menus, all the way...

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Legal movie downloads on release day

Two more companies have moved to offering legal downloads of films and it's not porn! Movielink and CinemaNow are going to be offering legal downloads of films as soon as they are released on DVD for as little as $10. The news, from Yahoo News through Wide Screen Glory is...

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United 93 trailer promotes strong response

There's been some tough reaction to the release of the United 93 trailer in the US, and although there's not been any action yet, you can just gather the wiff of some cinemas refusing to show it. From Newsweek Entertainment comes the story about the United 93 trailer reactions: When...

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Grudge 2 plot details

I've been eagerly awaiting some news of the Grudge 2 Hollywood remake because, and I hate to admit this, the first was a damn good recreation of the original, and in a way it was better because it made more sense than the first. Now we have some in the...

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Clerks 2 trailer online

Apparently, and I say that because I can't even get to the site, there is an Internet only Clerks 2 trailer online. Perhaps everyone's got the same idea and is trying to get to it. If you find an alternate site, let us know. You can get to the trailer...

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Simpsons teaser trailer online

The Simpson's teaser trailer is online, and it's all over the place right now. There's nothing exciting, and the previous post carries the exact transcript of the teaser, and the content is merely just to tell us that there will be a long, long wait. Still, if you want to...

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April 2, 2006

Simpsons trailer online tonight

It's pretty much guaranteed that the trailer for the Simpson's film, despite being a year away, will be online by tonight in the US. Why so certain? Well tonight the trailer is playing on Fox Television during the Simpson's itself. According to Hollywood Reporter through dtheatre the trailer consists of...

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Film Five Stars
I have to admit that I struggled with this a little, a four or a five, but when I thought about how it made me feel and how I've felt since seeing it over three hours ago, I couldn't fail to give it a five. This film is like watching...

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Thor gets cast with a Travolta!

The role of the comic book character Thor has been cast and it's Rikki Lee Travolta, yes you'll find that name recognisable because it's the nephew of the slightly more famous John Travolta. It's quite an interesting piece of casting news through Hollywood.com through Cinematical, apparently young Travolta is a...

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Shrek 4 and Puss movie

I wrote about the Puss in Boots film way back on the 25th of February 2005, and now the news is across the Net again. However it comes now with an IMDB listing showing a 2008 release, and there's news of Shrek 4! From Cinematical comes word from Antonio Banderas...

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Robert Downey Jr to direct sci fi?

While we're speculating and talking rumour, Robert Downey Jr is reportedly considering directing, and not just that but science fiction story of his own design. Frankly it, like the previous story, is severly speculative and looks like it might be out of context, but at least this comes with a...

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Kidman for Simpsons film?

So everyone's talking about the Simpsons trailer that's airing in the cinema's and will soon, no doubt, be available for download from the Internet, even though it's not due out until 2007. However there's also some seriously tenuous rumour that Nicole Kidman could play a part in the film. From...

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April 1, 2006

Spielberg disappoints with Munich DVD

Once again Steven Spielberg has disappointed me with his announced DVD releases for Munich. Yes, releases because there will be two DVD sets released, sounds good doesn't it? It does until you see the specifications, especially up against another DVD release due soon, Mr & Mrs Smith. Think on the...

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28 Days Later sequel

The only surprise to the story that 28 Days Later is receiving a sequel is that it has taken so long to happen, and also that the title is being touted as 28 Weeks Later. Yes, it sounds like an April Fools, but it was first announced way back in...

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Sunshine film blog updated

Danny Boyle's Sunshine is filming as we speak, well maybe not on a Saturday, but it is in general, and at the same time there's a little blog on the go. Originaly I was a little critical of it as it appeared just like every other mlog or flog (movie...

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H.I.V.E. is evil Harry Potter

Paramount have just bought rights to the a book called H.I.V.E. by Mark Walden that Amazon describes as: H.I.V.E. (Higher Institute of Villainous Education) is a top secret school of applied villainy where children with a precocious talent for wrongdoing are sent to develop their talents into criminal mastermind. After...

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Tokyo Drift Trailer

Sure we've already seen the trailer for Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift, but not in the big format clarity of Apple, and you know what, I'm about to upset some people. I'm going to see this film. Regardless of what's being said, the uninspiring looking plot and acting, there's...

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