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Alexandre Aja on The Mirror and Black Hole

AlexandreAja.jpgAlexandre Aja has produced some superb horror work and intends to keep doing so as the latest news comes that he's working on a less than exciting sounding script called The Mirror.

From Empire comes the plot outline:

The plot revolves around a security guard at a posh department store who investigates mysterious deaths that occur in front of the shop's mirrors. The culprits...murderous reflections bent on revenge.

Interesting, it does suggest a tinge of Asian influence in the ideas, but it will all be in the interpretation and execution, and on that front...

Fight Club scribe Jim Uhls co-wrote the script with Joe Gangemi, though it has since been through a spit-and-polish job by Kieran and Michelle Mulroney.

So it sounds even more attractive now. With Aja's obvious talent and wads of writing style injected, could it turn out to be something interesting?

He's slated for The Waiting and Black Hole before then. Waiting sounds familiar as a mother is haunted by her dead son, but Black Hole sounds interesting. From Movie Web:

Roger Avery and Neil Gaiman are writing Black Hole...a 12-issue comic book painstakingly written and illustrated by Charles Burns over a 10-year period that deals with fear of adulthood, sex and ostracism...The story follows a group of high school students whose lives are altered drastically when they come in contact with a sexually transmitted disease called the "teen plague" or "the bug."

He's certainly keen to keep in the Horror genre, and why not, he's so good at it. I've immensely enjoyed his last two films Haute Tension (Switchblade Romance) and The Hills Have Eyes, they've delivered truck loads on the Horror and scare front. I really do hope that he does keep going, although it would be interesting to see his talents applied to other genres. Perhaps Black Hole is just what he needs, it's not all Horror after all.



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