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Angel Dust

Film Four Stars

Second in the short series for the third day of Dead by Dawn is Angel Dust by writer, editor and director Guillaume Foresti.

This is the tale of...well...the strange deaths of residents of a hotel and the revelation of what is behind it all. It is indeed, very strange!

This is quite an odd short with a strange and off kilter plot which seems darkly comic throughout. Indeed the audience had a little laughter at various points, but there was a hint of confusion and apprehension in it.

The style is very clean and sharp throughout with minimalist hotel rooms and bold colours. It's well framed and shot and the effects are really well done, at times you'll think it's stop motion, but you can't be totally sure.

The connecting of the scenes is beautifully visualised and grows to the final, almost double pay off with a very rich and engaging final scene. Excellent ideas, and yet I just can't quite figure out why it was only some objects in the hotel that were affected. You see, it still has me thinking about it.



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