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Cannonball Run and Gumball Rally for real

CannonballRun.jpgRemember that great movie The Cannonball Run? Well the real thing looks set to come to DVD pretty soon.

From Luxist comes the news:

...will take place July 29 – Aug 4, 2007. Four hundred cars will start from four cities, Atlanta, Miami, New York and Washington DC, and drive 3000 miles across the country...The event ends up in a two-day celebration in Los Angeles...costs $10,000 which covers all parties, accommodations and meals. No need to worry about taking your own pictures, 40 film crews will capture the entire event for a full-length DVD. 100 cars have already signed up.

Forty film crews? Wow...surely they will be able to capture some serious road action there? I wonder if there'll be a Captain Chaos in one of the cars?

In other news from mti, the real Gumball Rally is set to play host to some real celebrities this year, leaving from London on April 30th and arriving in Budapest at 11am local time.

Hungarian spectators may have the opportunity to welcome Hollywood movie actress Daryl Hanna and Oscar winning Adrien Brody, as well as Pamela Anderson and Playboy magazine founder Hugh Heffner.

The idea was spawned from the Cannonball Run race mentioned above. I'd really be keen to see a film of the actual Cannonball Run. I believe that Jackass did the Gumball one year and even managed to make a programme out of it, which I've yet to see.

Anyone fancy entering their car in this? Or seeing the real film? For me, nothing can top Reynolds and Deluise. Not even the real thing.



Oh wait till my dad hears about this!

Eh? Cheeky. I love the Cannonball Run movies too...I'm not that old you know!

OY!!! I am even older than you! What I meant was, my dad really loved this film, and we saw it as a family! Now I couldnt stop laughing, you!!!


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