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Crouching Tiger series delayed

CrouchingTigerHiddenDragon_Poster.jpgThere are lawsuits galore at the moment as the right to make the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon series turns to court. Columbia is claiming that they had the rights to the series before the Weinstein brothers bought them.

Cinematical have the unclear reasoning...

According to Columbia representatives, the studio acquired the rights to four books in the Penalogy...last year though an oral agreement with one Dr. Hong Wang, who, at least sometimes, is "authorized to represent [Lee's heirs] in such deals." The Weinsteins, meanwhile, claim that they, too, got the rights through Dr. Wang, but in December of last year, via a written agreement...Columbia believes that, since their agreement was reached first, it invalidates the subsequent contract signed by Wang and Weinstein reps. The plot thickens, however, because (according to lawyers for the Weinsteins) Lee's heirs deny any knowledge of the Columbia agreement. And even if it DOES exists, say those lawyers, it "would be unenforceable under the U.S. Copyright Act"

Okay...so basically they are both saying they own them and each of them is saying the other doesn't have the rights...okay, off to court then and hold the series. Good news for lawyers, bad news for everyone else. We're not going to get to see these anytime soon, but you know, at least people are getting rich of these things.



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