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Film Three Stars

Continuing this series of shorts in the Dead by Dawn competition is this Asian entry shot on handheld digital.

I find it really hard to describe this film, because I didn't fully understand it, but it centers around a man who is trying to bury a corpse, eats an hallucinogenic mushroom, and then is pestered by a very odd stranger...very difficult to understand!

It's both funny and bizarre, featuring some of the oddest turns in a story I've seen in sometime, and yet strangely it's still quite engaging.

The direction is good as are the off beat performances, but the story is almost too bizarre and lends itself to be more amusing than engrossing.

The ending also leaves a lot to be desired as it is so quick that you really aren't sure what's happening or why. This definitely required more of a revelation or twist at the ending to be effective.



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