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Dead by Dawn - Day Three

DeadbyDawn_2006.jpgI've finally caught up with all the reviews for the Dead by Dawn Horror Film Festival this year, so here's a quick run down of day three, the penultimate day of the festival.

Day three luckily began at 4:30pm, so I had time to have a lie in. Wrong. I was up early to get the site updated with some stories before heading out to watch more films without writing up the previous few days...sometimes it's a tiring job, but still loads of fun.

Day three opened with quite a run of shorts which were all very varied, but covering similar ground. I wouldn't say any were out and out horror, they tended to focus more on psychological fear. However what was true about them was that they were damn good. Once again I was surprised how much I took to the short films and how well they worked on their own. I would never have thought a four minute film could capture me and involve me so deeply. Indeed many of these shorts outperformed their movie counterparts at the festival.

Here's the run down of those two hours. Los Ojos de Alicia; Angel Dust; Lucky; Butterflies; Cultivation; Schattenkind; R.I.P. - Repose en paix; Le Bourreau des innocents, and finally Last Blood, for which some of the cast and crew were on stage to discuss afterwards. I'd recommend trying to grab some of these films and see them.

If you are looking for more on those shorts, first try IMDB and any official site they have listed for the film, then try a web search. Failing those, just head over to the Dead by Dawn official site and send a request through to Adele who will check with the filmmakers for you.

Thankfully we had a break in the middle of the shorts, although I just used that time to quickly write more notes. Another break after that allowed me to grab some tea in the form of a lovely Sub, then it was a return for two more films.

First up was The Ghost Within which wasn't that good all in all. Still, the following film Blood Trails, which took us to midnight was much better. Blood Trails could be the first Mountain Biking horror ever, and it's not bad actually.

Tired and sore-bummed, it was home to upload my notes and then conk out for a very early start, a 3:30am start no less.



I know now when is the best time to Scotland again! ;-)


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