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Depp playing Hutchence in INXS film?

JohnnyDepp.jpgThe idea of Johnny Depp playing Michael Hutchence, the original lead singer of INXS isn't such a bizarre one once it's in your head.

The news from The Hollywood News via Omar at JoBlo is out of the blue and sounds quite a good choice. Not only that but they're trying to line it up as a big casting film...

The film even has a provisional title, SLIDE AWAY, which nods to the song that Hutchence dueted with U2's Bono on.

The producers have been talking to the creme de la creme of Australian writers including Stephen Elliott (Pricilla Queen of the Desert) and Jacqueline Perske (Little Fish, Love My Way).

Cast talent are also being mooted, with names like Johnny Depp, Hayden Christensen and Eric Bana being bandied about. Also being contemplated are Dakota Fanning/Sienna Miller, Naomi Watts, Eva Green, Patsy Kensit, Stephen Rea, Joss Ackland, Rachel Griffiths and Julie Walters.

There's also been rumour that Hutchence's father is upset with the idea of the movie, but the actual word is that he's helping out through his sons trust. I'd love to see this, some of the INXS songs are classic under Hutchence, and I feel a real sadness that he's not at the front belting out those tunes...but a biopic with Depp at the front?



I am HUGE INXS fan though I can't STAND the new singer JD (ugh) Fortune.

I would be interested to see a bio pic on Michael Hutchence, especially since he was the first rock star I had a mad crush on as a teen girl.

My brother and I had the privledge to see INXS perform live only months before he died; what a sad and horrible day.

As for Depp protraying him, he could totally pull it off. Depp has a crowd demanding power and magnetism. The person who plays Michael is going to need that because when he was on stage you couldn't take your eyes off him. Not just because he was sexy, but because of his overwhelming stage presence. Watching INXS live or even on DVD was a unique experience. I still miss Michael, especially when I'm listening to one of their CDs.

Funny how the initial story can get garbled a bit.
Michael's father, Kelland is deceased. Kelland's Estate (second) wife Suzie is reported cooperating. As is Rhett, Michael's brother.

The casting options are reportedly Depp OR Bana OR Christensen for Michael, Watts OR Sienna, Fanning etc...draw your conclusions as to whom would be whom...Lets not forget, Depp and Hutchence were pals...

Hey Billy, thanks for the update. Can you give some sources so we can get more info and verify it?

I'm inclined to agree with the above. If anyone could pull something like this off, Depp would probably be the one. Fine actor, and still looks young enough that he'd be convincing as 20-something Hutchence (assuming the film covers that part of his life, anyway).

With Christensen, he meant Hayden Christensen right?

I'm looking forward to the Hutchence biopic - it's about time the man was remembered not just for the media hounding him and demonising him at every turn during his final years but remember his incredible talent as a vocalist and a sensational front man, a great lyricist and a man of the world, growing up in Australia, Hong Kong and the US, personifying edgy, heavy, funky, sultry strut-your-stuff rock XXX Hope his incredible, under-appreciated solo album is re-released on the strength of this. Love the Elegantly Wasted songs too - each song on that album an amazing track, recognition long overdue - there will never be another Hutchence XXXX

An Open letter Regarding 'Slide Away' The Michael Hutchence Biopic
From: The Producers

To All,

We tried to respond directly to these issues on Tina Schorr's Site (Michael's half-sister), but were blocked from garnering membership.

We thought we would respond to the concerns and misconceptions the true fans have, as well as the incorrect information that are being floated WW, and felt a direct touch to the fans instead of a formal statement issued via press would be best and more personal.

We realize at the core all of the energy, activity and emotion distills down to you all -the fans- wanting what we will deliver... a great film.

First let's deal with assertions made regarding Director, Nick Egan:

Up to this point, in varied media and such article's alleged quotes, we chalked family (read 'Tina's')negative wording up to misquotes as we have been heavily misquoted on this project and initially believed so had she. But...

1. On a public board such as this that is direct from source and that also carries disclaimers that no postings shall be of a nature that every member will (and I'm pasting her site's charter):
" not post any material which is false, defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, hateful etc..."

under such rightful edicts, I/we was/were saddened to see Nick described as folows:
"Nick Egan has in fact been very unkind in most of his interviews and in fact was not as close to him as he professes to be." -TINA HUTCHENCE

"He is not a credible director - his shtick is art direction....very different from Movie director. " -TINA HUTCHENCE

I won't comment as to why the latter is defamation as it is obvious, and Nick Egan reserves his right to comment or take any action based on such defamation.

I will however respond regarding the inaccuracy of such publicly posted comments.

Nick came up through Propaganda/Satelitte the premier Director's collective that hatchedSpike Jonez, DaVid Fincher, Michael Bay, Antoine Fuqua and such. Nick has directed over 50 commercials and videosand 'Slide Away' will be his third feature film of a budget over $15MM. Nick is part and parcel of Thirty Frames Per Second
a Documentary of the world most influential Directors with an intro by Michael Stipe, and including Directors (in addition to Nick) such as Jonas Akerlund, Anton Corbijin, Glazer, Godley & Creme and Herb Ritts.

Now, if you want to get down and into it. I think we all agree portrait artist, Herb Ritts is one of the greats.

Ritts also did some cool videos. NEVER Directed a feature. Does that mean he couldn't have or wouldn't have been brilliant?

Unfortunately we'll never know.

Egan, who re-broke Duran the second time around DIRECTING and conceptualizing 'Ordinary World' (and is very good pals with JT and Nick Rhodes-and when I say 'good pals' John was at Nick's wedding), and whom did fantastic videos with Oasis, Broke Alannis, is great pals with Sex Pistols members, Pysch furs members grew up with the gals from Bananarama and on is so obviously not an Art Director these days it is laughable. Was he ever an AD? Yeah. For legends Vivienne Westwood and Malcom Mclaren.Not your average mentors.

Is he still sought after for album covers? Sure
as they are usually kick ass but that's not his bag anymore. The brilliant Robin Nixon was Art Director on most of Nick's videos and commercials. Robin is also a Director now.

People progress.

It is wise to have Nick Egan do your album Design work (if he likes you or digs your work) as well as videos so the 'message' matches. Bet your ass he'll be doing the Marquee poster designs for Slide Away. We'd be stupid not to do that.

But let's chat films. Before 'Seven' Fincher was not on the radar. Does that mean Fincher didn't have the skills?

Egan has Directed an 8MM sterling film that starred Kietel, Madsen, Cillian Murphy, Tricky...etc...The film will not be released due to legal issues pertaining to the financiers of that project. Many films for a gazillion reasons never see the light of day- that is the nature of our business.
Same in music.

Fiona Apple's brilliant recently released album sat and collected dust for a few years until record execs got their collective heads out of their asses. Max Q and Michael's solo album did not get the proper marketing pushes each deserved. All varied content certainly, but all very good content.

If one is not acquainted with film, here's a nugget regarding such: a Director has to initially pick and choose the right vehicle(s) to begin his 'Brand' as a Director.

I think what you'll see in 'Slide Away' will please most. We can't please everyone but then on any high profile film you just can't appease everyone. Love it or hate it you'll have a reaction. Two agencies in town who know Egan's brilliance are falling over themselves to supply talent.

Addresing Nick being 'unkind' to Michael's memory in an interview. If you met the man you'd know how sensitive and kind Nick is. He's also truthful to a fault. Has Egan been misquoted? and have inteviews been edited to spin negative? YEP.

The media are great at this. The Hutchence family know this well as all have been manipulated and misquoted. Says so in 'Just A Man ' quite a bit.
I was present for Nick's recent interviews. He spoke wonderfully about Michael for about 45 mins. The real barbed questions were unveiled and only those -out of context and misquoted- were used-which of course was that newsman's agenda. If asked if Michael did drugs or somesuch, Nick answered truthfully and in alignment with what already is public knowledge. He was not seeking to be sensationalist or salacious in any manner.

We have an apology from The Times Reporter, via e-mail we'd be most happy to post verifying Nick was fucked in the interview.

Everybody takes a misstep.

On (Tina's) web site, if you continue to read through its posting policies, states: "...This is not only humorous, but legal actions can be taken against you."

I am sure no one managing or owning (Tina's) site thinks defamation is humorous.(Nick Egan certainly does not) But thats how it presently reads (and has read for months) uncorrected.

The assertion Nick Egan was less of a friend than has been stated? Well, 'Best pal' is the usual tag and has been used since 2000. Was Nick Michael's best friend? Probably No. Only Michael can say. Nick was however a very good and close friend who
worked closely with Michael all through Kick and X, the release of single, Suicide Blonde and thru Max Q on both varied vidoes and album design.

Nick took private trips with Michael and Helena alone, lived with Michele Bennet and traveled with Michael a lot documenting and playing. Nick's phone messages he saved, written correpondences and personal vidoes conclusively show the two
had great talks and that Michael shared his private world with Nick. I don't know a lot of Directors that become personally friendly with their clients. Nick has that attraction and does so with most. As listed above, it is certainly likely if all these other talents are personal as well as professional friends of Nick's, that it is viable he made such a bond with Michael.

I'll remind all that even in 'Just a Man' Nick is well described, and as a good friend to boot.He is also one of the close knit crew who held a memorial for Michael in LA (as is also mentioned in Tina's book).

Turning the issue around of how well Nick knew Michael. Michael was on the road for nearly 20 years straight seeing family infrequently (Rhett being the exception) as was the same with all members of the band or any band for that matter.

Those in it for the long haul on tours or working with Michael and other band members and subsequently becoming friends would have the best insights into that time period. In 'Just A Man' such infrequent interaction with family is obvious if you peel apart the dates. In addition, until we share the story direction and script
no one should be making sweeping assumptions about what we're doing right (or wrong). JFK, Elephant, Walk The Line, Good Night & Good Luck 13 Days (not a biopic) ALI and many more usually focus on the adult life of the subject.

Further, we certainly have been in touch with ALL integral family members. Most support us. Most. Including Rhett whom Nick speaks with near daily (and if you also read Rhett's book you'll note Nick's name comes up a few times there as well). Including Michaels reps, including Kelland's wide, Suzie. We were also discussing working with Tina's involvement as well (and were told Tina spoke for Patricia), via telephone I spoke with Tina, we communicated via Tina's representative and via her lawyersand publishers. But Tina broke off those discussions for reason's I'll withold comment on. So all family members being in an 'uproar' about this was just spin to sell papers.

Is the Project tossing talent names around with abandon as has been alleged? No. We have a good idea who we can and will tag.

Nick also said 'Talent x' OR 'talent Y', OR 'Talent Z' and of course the press combined the whole thing into an Uber cast that made little sense.

The media question for EVERY FILM is who:
a) Directs
b) stars
c) distributes

usually a film isn't seen as newsworthy enough to include such responses until its in theatres and the earlier interview material is dredged up later in successive articles or trivia.

Nick was asked, off the cuff, in his mind who he thought might be good. Having said that, do we care what the majority reaction is? Sure. If one of the ideas for a part is " Talent Z," and Talent Z is universally savaged then that test balloon saved the production a lot of money.

The Geena Davis 'Commander in Chief' TV show? That's a test balloon if ever there was one. Doesn't matter which party she represents and doesn't matter that the Bloodworth -T's didn't produce it. Its still has an impact on the american psyche when they considervoting for a female President next election.

Is it a good idea for a family to produce their own Biopic? Contribute yes. Produce? Well, think about this. All family views in this situation (and usually any family) are wildly divergent. Who is correct? All? None? Some? Its like a Kurosawa...
all witnesses to the same event but massively different views. Being somewhat removed from the process is probably best.

Name a great bipic that the family are more than consultants.Zero. Name biopics where not all family bless the project but they are still good.Many.

"He says he is looking for people to play Paula, Bob and Michael...that was only the last 2 years of his life. Also mentions 'hedonistic' I can see where this is going..."-Tina Hutchence

NOT including Paula and Bob in some fashion would be a little strange. The press invented the Kate Moss story 100%.

Aside from the varied articles being misrepresentative, and had Nick been quoted in them in full it would have read fine. But One can chop up small excerpts from anything-'Just A Man'- for example, and make its author look like they aren't Michael supporters.

Would it be fair if out of all the great stuff Tina wrote that it got distilled down to the negatives in press quotes (or as Tina mentions happened in her Media interview?):
"(michael) seemd to have an angry aura-a darkness" (p.108.)
I had heard that Michael had said some unflattering things about the family( 135)
"Who is going to play me?" Recent press 'interview.'
"at a time when the popularity of the band was on a decline" (156)
"as much as he loved his jetsetting lifestyle"(157)
Taken out of context these don't play brilliantly either.

Look at any biopic, take 'Walk The Line.' Just how much does Walk The Line focus on Johnny as a child? And perhaps not being familiar with film, a picture focusing largely on Michael's childhood is 100% not interesting to financiers or Distribs.

Nick was there personally with Michael at a time we DO want to focus on so he got it horses mouth or documented on film.

There is a lot of source material(letters, VM's
and on camera silliness about what Michael feels about life, loves, friends and family so we've got a pretty good handle on things. And even that isn't perfect. Supported by other family and co-workers recollections we have a good basis.

Everyone inserts their own bias and ego and perspective into any situation. Its human nature. A good writer distills all such into a solid story.

What Else is not correct as has been asserted?

"As we all know Kell is no longer with us and his 'estate' is Susie and she has not even spoken with these people."-Tina H

Actually she has. And Tina knew this as she called Susie.

We were "tossing out names to raise $."
Look at my bio http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1002192/. We have equity investors that we regularly deal with. My company was initially upstarted by Deutsche Bank private equity investors. The last $20 MM film I just developed and sold holds
top hollywood writers and actors that obviously require big paydays. Keep an eye on the media as we're also buying rights to a top US bestseller. These things don't just happen by accident.There are vetting processes. My Producing partner has 20 years in the business. He's worked on Alfie, Cold Mountain Stars Wars, Shaun of the Dead and on...
Tossing out the names of talent we like doesn't mean money for the project. That's just silly. It doesn't work like that.

A great concept, script, holding proper rights for particular content and a great production team
is what locks production financing.

And what else is inaccurate?
I am supposedly pals with "Omar Aviles of The Hollywood news" and Omar did a crap job of reporting accurately.

No. This is where the fan repeating a garbled story' got it nearly as wrong as the media. Omar did a crap job of reporting? True. Very crap.

Read this carefully: "Source: The Hollywood News by: Omar Aviles on joblo.com" or any other site means that site (joblo or moviefan or yahoo.com) has sourced the original story from "The HollywoodNews."

That does not mean that the site who has picked up the article they have understood or tranposed the original story with any accuracy.

Omar Aviles has nothing to do with The Hollywood News. Never heard of him. And his article was not the original. The folks at the Hollywood News-the originators are indeed friends.

I trust them as they have never screwed me on story.
The Hollywood news not doing the story would have simply meant our PR person would have rung a few days later with The Times interview, The Mail interview, The EW etc... and on and on...The Hollywood news do a good job and don't screw people. That doesn't mean they aren't objective.
The original article...that was erroneously sourced is found this hyperlink:http://www.thehollywoodnews.com/article/23040601.php
please take looks at it and tell us what is inaccurate. Next time, please be sure about the accuracy of what has incited you to write.

It is beyond our control when the press goof or decide to invent fiction. But as we've seen throughout this missive, we ALL are not perfect.

And the big message here should be: Don't believe everything you read. There is a reason Michael established a trust when he was alive.

There are reasons for a lot of this convoluted story. Just wait until you see the film. What you believe now may not be what you believe after.
We're very glad to see that there is such a volume of caring, love and emotion for Michael and his memory.

We too are also very positive about the project, we are striving for accuracy. Everyone involved has a love for the man, the music and for film. And it would be nice if everyone were behind the effort, but that's not how the world works.

Thanks For Reading
Clark Westerman
Slide Away-The Michael Hutchence Biopic

Heath Ledger should play Hutch!! please ask him!!!

Nick Egan please may I make a strong request regarding the biopic about the amazing and unique Michael Hutchence. Please don't focus totally on his excesses and the darkness that surrounded him in his final months alive. I know that these issue have to be addressed, but could you give us some sunshine and joy about Michael tthat we know was also part of this great man. Please don't let this movie become one more negative item with which EVERYONE (fans and family, yes, TIGER) have to endure yet again. There was so much beauty about the MAN that was an equal if not dominating part of his short life.
Thank you
Daniel Wright

Please consider Heath Ledger in the starring role.
He is an amazing actor and could get inside the persona who was and is Michael Hutchence.

I agree with Daniel & other supports of Michael above, fed up of media-sensation seeking negativity. For those who question the contribution INXS made to music - let's not forget they were early instigators of rock fused with funk channelled through the very lithesome, enigmatic smooth vocals of Michael Hutchence - no one else has fused such elements together since. Hutchence was an extremely charismatic front man, fantastic vocalists & lyricist and the music was fun, sexy, groovesome rock maturing into thoughtful, but still fun, sexy groovesome rock in later years. So would love to have seen them perform live !!!

A musical about the witches from The Wizard of Oz breaks West End box office records, its producers say...

hayden christensen would be perfect as michael he just as talented as johnny and he looks like michael to

So, what's happening here, guys? Where is this movie, when will casting choices be announced? I love the idea of Jonothan Rhys Meyers playing Michael, has the intensity, charisma, presence and is a brilliant actor ....

Well as with all films getting the production off the ground can take a long time. Perhaps we can get some comment from the Producer - let me investigate.

Just wanted to update you all on "Slide Away" It's still a go and will be made. If you want to keep up to date on everything about the biopic, stop by hutchinfo.net. We're working directly with Mr. Nick Egan and are given first hand information from him. We should be hearing some great news very soon.

We also have a Myspace page set up for anyone interested in the film.


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