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El Desafio a la Muerte (The Challenge to Death)

Film Four Stars

Just when I thought the shorts were completed on day two of Dead by Dawn, a short arrived before the next main feature. El Desafio a la Muerte, or The Challenge to Death, is a four minute clay\plastacine animated film which provided much hilarity in the screening.

Interestingly the film is currently available on You Tube, should you wish to see it along with the review and you can understand Spanish. Otherwise I really urge you to wait for a version with English subtitles, it is very funny and the voiceover makes it.

ElDesafioalamuerte.jpgThis is a lot of fun, despite the horrific idea of the challenge to Death, you'll find you won't even worry about that because of the tongue in cheek voiceover and the feel of the animation.

The writing behind this is sharp, witty and extremely imaginative, and I really can't tell you much more than that without destroying the moment. It's funny right up until the closing credits, but again I urge you not to watch it without a voiceover you can understand.

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El Desafio a la Muerte (The Challenge to Death) on You Tube in Spanish
Dead by Dawn



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