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Grudge 2 plot details

Grudge.jpgI've been eagerly awaiting some news of the Grudge 2 Hollywood remake because, and I hate to admit this, the first was a damn good recreation of the original, and in a way it was better because it made more sense than the first. Now we have some in the form of a plot outline for the story.

From Moviesonline.ca comes the info:

The sequel, will have Gellar back, but will focus on Gellar's younger sister, who is played by Amber Tamblyn. The story is about Tamblyn and a host of new characters that return long enough to pass on the supernatural curse. The characters find themselves connected by the same terrifying curse that has plagued and taken the lives on other innocent people. The plot is rumoured to mainly be based around the Tokyo house, as a film crew do an investigation on the 'haunted' house for a TV special. And well, one by one, they all fall prey to the mysterious force. Horror director, Takashi Shimizu returns to direct the sequel.

It's great news that the original Director returns for the sequel, and I hope if they go for the third that they keep that same forumla with him helming, filming on location and with the original crew too. It made for such an authentic remake first time around. Interestingly the third Grudge is currently being made, that is the Japanese version Ju-on: The Grudge 3 which is due for release this year.

The plot is light, but interesting none the less, does this mean much less of Gellar, and perhaps no place for her in a third US remake? Who knows, but I'm still excited for this film.



I didnt see the American version, just the Japanese one, I was already freaked out by the original and thought I just wouldnt bother.


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