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Haunted Boneyard

Film Two Stars

This short film is a product of the BFI 48 Hour Short Film Competition, now that's pretty self explanatory, you have 48 hours to make a short film, that simple. Adele, the Festival Director, isn't a big fan of these and you can understand why. Under such restrictions the race is to do the best you can within the restrictions, not work to produce the best piece you can. Oh I understand, every film is under restrictions, but not so set in stone and not a mere 48 hours, this is indeed a harsh environment to foster creativity.

However, within those confines the crew behind Haunted Boneyard have done really well and indeed won the 2005 competition. So it was with interest we watched the three minute film.

The film works well and produces a strong feeling of claustrophobia and panic. Despite being short on time, money, and assets, they still manage to produce a convincing feeling of struggling to survive with a satisfying, if somewhat stumbling conclusion.

Just watch out for those polystyrene bricks.

Dead by Dawn



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