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How to create your own Audio Commentary

Microphone.jpgRemember we talked about downloading fan made audio commentaries for your DVD? Well now there's a free tool that allows you to create your own commentaries.

According to Pan and Scan the software is pretty good:

The player is designed to let you not only play the commentary, but also fast-forward, rewind and pause the film with the audio always staying in sync. It has a relatively intuitive interface and makes creating and sharing your own commentaries with friends a whole lot easier.

The software is called Sharecrow, and is something that really does appeal to me. I'm actually thinking of getting a few friends together, a few beers, and recording a few of these for my favourite DVD's.

Would you do this for your favourite DVD, and would you want to put it online? Would it be something you would think about only for DVD's that don't already have a commentary?



Bring it on...

It could be hilarious/embrassing* listening back at this in the cold light of hangover.

* delete as necessary. Or leave both.

Okay Lee, how do you fancy doing one?

Stella or Tennents?

That's a "we need to be slaughtered" BTW.


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