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J.J. Abrams directing Star Trek

StarTrek.jpgI can hardly believe the news that J.J. Abrams has been snapped up to not only direct the next Star Trek movie, but also to write it and produce it! That means he's having one huge amount of creative control over a Star Trek film that hasn't seen this sort of outside influence in a long, long time.

Over at the very cool Screen Rant Vic drops the bombshell from Variety and almost collapses himself, he's excited!

Writing duties will be assisted by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, who have collaborated on the acclaimed TV series Alias, the Hopkins/Banderas take on The Legend of Zorro, and are currently penning the script for the upcoming Transformers movie. Along with Abrams, they wrote the screenplay for the upcoming Mission Impossible: III

Looks currently set for a 2008 release, which is some way away but surely this is stunning news for all Trek fans out there. The control of the franchise has been wrestled free and this could mark the return to some strong Star Trek movies.

However, let's be cautious. This is one movie, it may spawn a series which may not be with Abrams, and regardless of who is helming I still believe that this is a retry at the Enterprise idea, a series which I felt was damn good anyway. Still, for the immediate future of the next film, things are looking massively up, don't you agree?



man.... news doesnt get any better.
Star Trek has always needed someone at the "helm" who understood the need for both mythos-building exposition and pure unadulterated action.

If I hadnt' just broken my neck and become parapalegic attempting it, I would be typing that I just attempted a backflip. sigh.

I take it you're excited about that then! I think you're trying to beat Vic on the happy stakes.

Starfleet Academy... at last!!!!

Yes... YES!!!!

Geek alert, geek alert!!!

Wow, I'm feeling an excitement about Start Trek that I haven't felt for years!

Meli! You're a Trekkie too? I am quite impressed! You have to indoctrinate me one of these days. ;-)

JJ who? (Quick check of the link)

Oh the Lost guy.

Well I couldn't care less if they got J Jonah Jameson as long as someone breaths new life and fresh ideas into Trek!

The thought the last Trek movie Nemesis was awful.

absolutely, rich! this can only be good news.
now, i have to say somehting quite unpopular.
of my favorite 5 trek films, 3 of them are next gen. most people try saying the NG ones are crap. I just dont' see it that way.

now If ONLY picard were captain. I really loved him.

I still want to see a DS9 movie. Getting Sisko and the gang back together. That would be awesome:) Yeah, ds9 is my all time favourite star trek series. Nemesis wasnt that bad, it's problem was it felt like a series two parter instead of a feature film. I hope they wont go with Academy years story. They should go to the future.Or at least war with the Romulans, but not the academy years. Nobody can replace the original cast.

Simone - I wouldn't call myself a Trekkie, but I did grow up watching the original series with my dad and from there my appreciation of the series continued. I stopped watching religiously after DS9 went off air. However, I know a bit about the characters and such, so I might be able to answer some questions. ;)

igl - I'm with you and a DS9 crew movie, it was a smart show with a lot of heart. I'm not necessarily looking for a movie based on that series, but I would love to see all the actors back on the screen with the others from TNG.

I'm not opposed to this prequel Star Fleet Academy, but as I give it thought I wonder would Kirk and the gang have been at the academy at the same time?? I think the ages differences make it a bit tricky and honestly, I don't know my Trek lore well enough to know if any of them met in the academy.

When it comes down to it all I simply would like see another well done Trek movie.

Abrams is great, but this concept spits in the face of about 40 years of established continuity... since Kirk and Spock didn't know each other until he took command of the Enterprise.

Thanks Paramount... for coming up with yet another way to spit in the face of Trek fans.

Woah there. The script hasn't been written yet. Sure the idea is there, and a previous script written, but the team is set to write a new one so it may not have Spock meeting Kirk...we may find they are true to the original.

Meli- I have not seen a single episode, I am kinda looking forward to my first! ;-) Whatever that is!


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