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Film Four Stars

Lucky was a superb short film and hugely enjoyed by the audience. It opens in close and cramped circumstances with the bound hands of a man inside some small container, you watch his escape out of his confines and to the outside environment where his situation suddenly seems even more perilous.

It is superbly shot and the actions and stunts are comparable with a full cost feature. The interiors are all closely shot with a tight focus giving you that cramped feeling, and as soon as they escape the camera opens up to a much wider frame. This change in style really does help the audience feel part of the escape.

I find it hard to believe how they managed to do some of the stunt work, but they've pulled it off very well. Although a couple of moments may seem slightly unbelievable, just seeing them onscreen is exciting and quite surprising.

The final scenes are amazingly done, and although you may just catch the payoff before it happens, it's still a glorious moment. This shows great potential and some superb timing and visualisation. Great fun and the audience at Dead by Dawn really appreciated it.

Nash Edgerton does a great job as Director, Writer,Editor and as the lead actor\stuntman!



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