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Mark Hamill to direct Black Pearl?

MarkHamill.jpgThe Black Pearl is a graphic novel that Mark Hamill (yes, he of the force) and his cousin Eric Johnson wrote and have been trying to bring to the movies for some time. Well now it may well be happening and Hamill will direct the film.

The story, from Sienn's Mark Hamill Page, goes something like this...

Luther Drake, a man obsessed by his beautiful neighbour Tina. One evening he follows her, like he did so many times, and witnesses how she is kidnapped by two psychoptahic criminals the police has been trying to catch for months.

Luther kills one of the shock jocks, more by accident than by anything else, and flees in a panic. What he didn't count on was the sensationalism of the media. They make him a hero, a hero that tried to save Tina, and Luther, introvert and troubled as he is, decides to try and BE the hero everyone thinks he is...Things keep building and by the time Luther realises he must somehow quit the game before it leads to complete catastrophe it might already be too late...

Sounds interesting, Hamill himself describes the story as...

"explores the moral uncertainty of our current times, with several new substantial characters and a new surprise ending sure to shock audiences -- it's like 'Fargo' meets 'Batman.'"

Even moreso now! From Army Archerd through The Geek Zine, comes the news. He was visiting George Lucas to discuss CGI for another of his projects and opened up about this long awaited movie. Has anyone read the Black Pearl, is it worth a film outing?



What happened to this guy. Where did his career go? The only thing I remember him in other than star wars was some movie about a corvette. You would think he would have made a good Hollywood actor. Also what happen to Chewbacca? It seems like he could have done some other stuff too. I know his range is not as broad but he would have made a great character actor if he lost his accent.

Hamill appeared in The Big Red One, and also in The Village of the Damned (John Carpenter version).

I don´t need IMDB to know that.

Same thing happened to Carrie Fisher's movie career after the original Star Wars films, but hey, they played very memorable roles in SW.

Carrie Fisher - Postcards from the Edge...I really enjoyed that.

Written by her too!

What the Chewbacca thing wasn't funny? I can'twin with you Richard :v)

You know what Russell, I actually thought of the actor inside the suit, I didn't think of the character...sometimes I'm dumb!

I hope Russell was joking. Mark Hamill is a huge voice actor now. He has been playing the voice of the Joker in various cartoon batman series forever. He is still big. Just not in the same circles as movie goers.


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