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Meet the Robinsons trailer - Disney working?

MeettheRobinsons.jpgMeet the Robinsons is the latest digitally animated movie offering from Disney, that's Disney with no Pixar, and although I'd never caught it before the word was it didn't seem to be offering much. Then came this trailer showing a crisp and quite deep style of animation with a fair amount of amusing moments and characters. Have they found that magic Pixar have dined out on for so long?

You can see the trailer over at Disney [QT:WMV:H:L] courtesy of the people of Cinemablend.

I like the villian character, and the scientist on coffee seems like she could be a lot of laughs. Still there are many similarities to kids characters seen before, as CB say...but is that a bad thing, and does this trailer make you think that maybe they're regaining their magic with or without the help of Pixar?



I know many will disagree, but I saw Chicken Little recently and I found it was quite a good movie. I won´t state "it´s better than this or that one" but I saw some brilliance there.

And this trailer surprises me. It´s the most dinamic trailer I have seen for any CGI movie to be released this year. Disney has Pixar now, but they haven´t lost the touch, or so it seems to me.


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