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Near Dark remake?

NearDark_Poster.jpgNear Dark was a great vampire film, and it did something that some really successful horrors do, it takes a quite wild idea and grounds it in real life. In Near Dark it took all the common ideas of vampires and put them in real life. It's almost as if the scriptwriters sat down and thought, okay, where would they go, what would they do, and how would they live. Then suddenly that mythical creature is a lot closer to home.

So the news from Cinematical that they're remaking it has made them concerned, as it does me. However the news from the writers attached does make things sound a little easier.

The good news is that Matt Venne, the guy who just turned in his screenplay for White Noise 2, seems to have his head screwed on where Near Dark Redux is concerned. As quoted at Fango, Venne says "there are images in the original film and in Eric Red and Kathryn Bigelow’s screenplay that are absolutely beautiful. Completely dreamy and captivating. Pure poetry. It’s an incredible project, and I’m honored to be writing it."

There's a superb cast in that film too, with Lance Henriksen and Bill Paxton turning in particularly cool performances. Honestly, it's a very cool film and worth having a look at, especially before they remake it. Personally I'm not so sure the writer of White Noise 2 is going to do such a good job...then again, I could wait until we see the result.



If they [mess - Richard] this up i'll be pissed. I don't find it neccessary to remake Near Dark. This better be good.


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