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Pink leaves Joplin casting

Pink.jpgWe already talked about the varied casting for the Janis Joplin film, well now it looks like one of the good choices has backed out. Pink has dropped out of the casting and called it a circus.

Digital Spy have the quote:

Pink says she has now "dropped out of it." She explained: "They're trying to turn it into some circus pop contest - who's the 'it' girl who wants to play Janis? Janis was so much deeper than that."

I have to say I really do think that she was a great choice for the role, and that you really do have to admire her honesty and determination to be a positive and strong role model. She certainly sticks by her guns. Now if I was in charge of that casting I would turn around right now and publicly announce that no one else is in the running and go after Pink with everything I had. Choosing anyone else confirms what she's saying.



Hey Rich.

Off Topic: The site is looking AWESOME!

On Topic: You REALLY think that the best person to play an iconic character like Janis Joplin is a woman whose biggest movie accomplishment to date is "Rock Singer Girl #2" in Rollerball? REALLY????

Good to see you here John and thanks for the praise. Still a lot to be done, but it's getting there.

We can look at it different ways. I think the best option out of the casting list presented is the one with acting experience, the ability to sing in a similar style and the right attitude and persona for Joplin. That's Pink...not Britney, Lohan, etc, etc.

Sure there are much better actresses and choices for the role, but not in the ones presented by the Director so far.

If biopic movies like "Ray" or "Walk the Line" have shown us anything is that good actors or actresses with even the least bit of singing talent can be taught to sing the songs needed in movies very well. As well actors are better able to emote the sytle and presence of the person they are playing alot better than any singer who has to emote for maybe 30 seconds during a video shoot.

Can the same be said for any singers that have recently tried acting?

My point is that good actors can be taught to sing what is needed more easily than singers be taught to act.


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