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Roger Avary to write Driver movie

Driver_Game.jpgYes, Roger Avary who wrote the Silent Hill screenplay is to stick with videogames and adapt the Driver game for the movies. Please god let it be better than the game is!

It's interesting news from Coming Soon, for in another Coming Soon story, Christophe Gans is interviewed regarding Silent Hill and apart from letting slip that he may well be working on a Silent Hill sequel, he talks of his next project being another videogame adaptation. So when he talks about his connection with Avary it's not too much of a leap to think that perhaps he's on for Driver.

The film centers on a getaway driver for hire, the best in the heist biz, who is put to the test on a job...Rogue acquired the film from "Resident Evil" franchise creator Constantin Film and its Impact Pictures subsidiary. Impact's Jeremy Bolt and Paul W.S. Anderson are producing, with Constantin's Bernd Eichinger and Robert Kulzer.

Oh no, that last bit is seriously worrying, PWSA with his hands on a videogame adaptation is usually a bad sign, but since it's just producing with Avary writing and perhaps Gans directing, we could be in for another treat as I'm sure Silent Hill is going to turn out to be.

The interview with Gans is worth a read as it does give a lot of insight into the care and understanding of the Silent Hill film and how a good adaptation should be made. It fills me with more hope for both films.



I agree the driv3r was a rubbish game, but the original idea of driver and the storylines of each game have been very good.

Anybody who has tried parrallel lines will be pleasantly suprised on how good the story is and how good the cut scenes are.

Take 70's style cars with big v8 engines, lots of driving scenes with shooting and crazy stunts... just need a half decent script and we're good to go.


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