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The short film Butterflies slows down the pace and also the mood of the series of shorts at Dead by Dawn. Based on an Ian McEwan story it's very strong on characters and dialogue but light on the actual horror which is left to a growing fear.

The main character has witnessed the death of a young child by the canal and being somewhat of a recluse he finds it hard to talk to and deal with the attention, particularly when the mother asks to speak with him.

Butterflies.jpgThe pace is kept deliberately slow and really turns the attention to the character reactions and emotions. It's a very subtle piece which works tremendously well.

Shot in black and white with some very bold contrasting visuals it gives some beautifully composed and framed scenes.

It's also extremely well written with just the smallest of lines giving so much to the audience and so well acted from Glynn Pritchard. However the relationship with the female is never fully explained and causes a little confusion in the story.

There's a lot more thought to be had from this film, and with such ambiguity within, you'll find yourself thinking about it well after the film has ended. Disturbing, dark and superbly shot.



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