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Which Star Trek film is the best?

StarTrek.jpgAfter a discussion about how Star Trek could ever work again I began to think about which films did work and why, and that sparked that age old debate, which Star Trek film is the best, and why?

I think it's an age thing, so my Dad will tell you that his favourite is the one with the Whales, The Voyage Home whereas before Undiscovered Country I would have said Wrath of Khan. Now? Well I'll say Undiscovered Country of course.

Undiscovered Country worked for quite a few reasons. It took the whole Star Trek universe and looked at it seriously but still managed to inject humour. It really manged to achieve an epic feel throughout and made the characters feel real and heroic. It mirrored events that were happening in real life - the break up of the USSR. It feautured one of the best baddies since Khan in the guise of the awesome Christopher Plummer, and it was written and directed superbly.

It was a complete package and for me elavated the Star Trek stories from entertainment to something a bit stronger and slightly more serious. Well, it certainly did for me anyway. Yet there are so many others who prefer the funnier, lighter side of Trek, or the formula they stuck to in the older episodes.

So what's your favourite Star Trek movie and why? I'm sure it's not actually that easy and, like me, you have a couple of favourites but can easily put them in some order. Is there anyone that likes The Voyage Home best? Please say my Dad's the only one!



What a great stuff here. First of all, Undiscovered Country and Wrath of Khan are directed by Nicholas Meyer. You can see a wise hand there.

My favourite Star Trek Movie is not by any means the most popular. It´s not First Contact. It´s not Khan.

It´s Generations. Yes, most trekkies hate Generations, but I love it. And I will explain why:

The first TNG movie is a solid one with some spectacular action scenes, let´s say the battle with the Klingons. But there is some depth in this movie, which talks about life and death. Mainly, death.

It´s a Star Trek movie who seems to be written by Jim Starlin. Captain Kirk dies... twice. In the Nexus sequence, when Picard meets him, we can see his wife, a mysterious silhouette from which none is known. Picard, superbly, when he watches the lights of the Xmas tree balls, suspects the falsehood of the Nexus. The artificial happiness of a life without purpose or danger.

It´s a very sad movie. At the beginning of it, we know that Picard´s nephew and sister in law are dead. He is desolated, he has no sons, and yet, when Data is losing the control of the emotional chip, he shouts firmly:

"We have emotions, Data! But eventually, we control them, and keep going! That´s being human!"

in the amazing star cartography sequence.

Malcolm McDowell is here. What a great performance he delivers! His Dr. Soran, who is able to sacrifice an entire planet only to be happy after the demisal of his family. When he says to the now aged Picard:

"You can see the tooth of time. The Predator"

And the reaction of the captain. Add to that the destruction of the Enterprise, a fabulous score (better than some Goldsmiths) and...

Yes, Kirk´s death. I know many people hated the way he died. But I think it´s wise. At the beginning of "The Final Frontier", Kirk says:

"I know how will I die. Alone"

And alone he dies, for there is more heroism when nobody is there to applaud you, when death is the salvation of many, and yet futile. Captain Kirk saved millions of people by falling from that bridge, and he marked the difference. As always. And Picard, ultimately, admires him, so different as he is.

It was the first Star Trek movie I saw in a cinema release. I have many reasons to love it.

TNG --> "First Contact" - gotta love the Borg. Although I'd like to see one more with "Q"

Original --> I'd have to say "The Voyage Home." Khan is good too, but IV is one that everyone can enjoy. Even non Trekkies. Plus I just thought the whole thing was funny. Spock was hilarious "one damn minute Admiral." Even Kirk didn't fit in very well. He had some moments of uncomfortable hilarity where he thought he ws being smart, but just sounded dumb - "...a little too much LDS."

- Drewbacca

it is totally an age thing...i will list my favorites in ascending order and why. As I mentioned before, I have a top 5.

5: Nemesis/ this trek film was just enough of a sci fi action flick for me to get into. the idea of a clone of picard as his greatest/final villain was wonderful, and the wrapping up of Datas' ongoing story made it fit perfectly. I also think the Idea of the final shot being of Picard walking down the hall and continuing his voyages said tons about the direction of the entire next generation.

4:First Contact: Hands down, the best flat out story in all of trek film, this story was light hearted, deep rooted in treklore, explored areas of the continuity barely touched on before, and , most of all, ended the long running and awesome threat of the borg once and for all ( the way I see it, none of the borg could survive without the queen. but I could be wrong. If I am, dont' ruin and take this away from me. I like thinking this way. )

3: Wrath of Kahn/ most peoples' first fave is my third for the same reasons as everyone else says. No other starfight can ever touch the epic grandeur and execution of reliant vs enterprise ( reliant, whatever that ship was that Kahn hijacked ) . Plus, of all trek villains, no one touches Kahn.

2: Generations/ the offbeat humor, the spectacle, the emotion chip of Data, the Crash scene ( god damn? ) Malcomn McDowel, Whoopie Goldberg, Kirk's death, which was, actually worth the price of admission ( very well done ) ...it all came together so nicely I couldnt believe that It wasnt' an old generation movie. I had doubts when star trek 6 ended that I'd ever like the next gen, but this movie broke me in and I've never looked back.

1: Undiscovered country/ You and I agree. this film was sooooo awesome. The story was second only to First contact, ALL of the old gen had their spotlight time and had hands saving the day, and , honestly enough, General Chang and the mystery of who was trying to kill the chancelor was well played. And when Kirk gave the final order of "first star to the right and straight on till morning", I was close to crying in respect. With all the crap I used to give trek films, this one had me respecting them like no ones' business.

my list shows that, as I believe, the next gen's movies were fantastic. Except Insurrection. That should be buried in a pile of vommit and forgotten about.

my two cents.

Tossup between the second and third for me. Mind you, the two are strongly connected so I find it hard to consider one separate from the other, really.

That said, I was never a Trekkie and have never seen any of the series after the fifth one. I probably should watch some of the others, I suppose.

Without a doubt, Star Trek 6: The Undiscovered Country is the best Star Trek film in my eyes, and also happens to sit pretty high on my list of favourite films in general.

My favourite aspect of the film, outside of everything Richard had mentioned above, is the mystery element. Nicholas Meyer not only a filmmaker, but a novelist. More importantly, he has published stories involving Sherlock Holmes. Star Trek 6 is basically a Sherlock Holmes mystery, with Spock taking the role of the detective, even right down to directly quoting him.

The best thing Meyers brought to the Star Trek universe was acknowledgement of their past/our present...Kirk reading books, Klingons quoting Shakespeare, Spock's "Only Nixon could go to China", and Chekov's "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner". These are all things that help those who are lost by the geekspeak and techtalk connect with the characters on a more basic level.

I am sure of that.


Undiscovered Country is hands down my favorite of the bunch. Spock using logic to solve a case like sherlock was magic. I agree with what everyone else above has said, me and Jay will continue to talk of the majesty of this movie till we are dead.

Film Ranking

1) ST 2 Wrath of Khan
2) ST 8 First Contact
3) ST 10 Nemesis
4) ST 6 Undiscovered Country
5) ST 7 Generations
6) ST 3 Search for Spock
7) ST 4 Voyage Home
8) ST 5 Final Frontier
9) ST 9 Insurrection
10) ST 1 Motion Picture

Wow, good list. I would put the first up a bit more, purely because it was the first...and I can't believe you've put Voyage Home so high on that list!

I'm glad to see that there's so much popularity for both Wrath of Khan and Undiscovered Country though, those are two of my favourites.

I have mixed feelings about the movies since some are good while some just seem like they've don't have the plot to support the longer format. Sometimes they just fall back on special effects, one grand idea that has been done to death or sustained suspense.

But anyway, my rankings would be something like these, but I'm not really totally sure about some of the order of some of the stuff in the middle of the list.

1) ST 6 Undiscovered Country
2) ST 2 Wrath of Khan
3) ST 8 First Contact
4) ST 3 Search for Spock
5) ST 7 Generations
6) ST 4 Voyage Home
7) ST 9 Insurrection
8) ST 5 Final Frontier
9) ST 10 Nemesis
10) ST 1 Motion Picture

I don't really find Insurrection or Final Frontier all that memorable or interesting so they moved towards the bottom of the list.

I thought both ST Nemesis(10) and The Motion Picture (1) blew for different reasons.

The Motion Picture essentially had one idea, not that thrilling of an idea, and wasn't so interesting

Nemesis tried to be so epic and suspenseful that it really didn't work for me. Plus, anything with Lore in it is predictably lazy and annoying like a bad imitation of a James Bond villain, only about 10 times more 1-dimensional than that villain that at least has cool props, a really cool lair and perhaps some kind of interesting motivation. I mean how many "evil twin" episodes can they make? Lore should've been melted down for scrap metal by the script writers after his second appearance in the series.

The writers needed some new ideas. Lore is a boring one-note character that has been done too much. The Borg and Q were also nifty for a while, but by the Time Voyager came along they should've been retired rather than being trotted out for an unoriginal attempt at a ratings grab for every 5th episode.

Voyage home wasn't a great episode, but it was entertaining in the "lighter episode" Star Trek way. Plus at least I remember what happened in it which is more than I can say for some of the other movies which I haven't seen in a while.

Hey Scott, really like your comment, and the order there, although I do like Motion Picture more than you did, but I think that's a lot to do with nostalgia.

It looks like you, me, Chris and Doug are all pretty much on the same wavelength for that top spot.


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