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Wonder Woman casting rumours

NadiaBjorlin.jpgYes, more casting rumours for the Joss Whedon film Wonder Woman. This time it's another semi-unknown to add to the list of Charisma Carpenter, Morena Baccarin, Jessica Biel, etc, etc...now it's a soap actress from Days of Our Lives...

From Moviehole through Cinematical comes the name...Nadia Bjorlin.

Yeah, that's what I thought to until I started checking out some pictures. Yup, she's a good call for an Amazonian. Very good looking, well built, tall, curvy, sexy...hey, what do you mean stop it? The only thing is the rumour comes from the PR firm that works for her saying that she is being considered, it could be true, or it could be one of these ploys to get us to talk about her and therefor she will be considered...

Have a look for yourself and see what you think, she's a close call for Carmen Electra. Out of all these names though, who do you think should win? I'd plump for Bjorlin or Baccarin.



After watching the Firefly series, I thought Morena Baccarin had a very obvious Adam's apple, so no she is not very womanly.

Wow!... another "tough" choice to be made by the casting director.

Simone, my friend Pete and I watched Serenity recently after you told me your "Adams Apple" theory. Believe me she looked all woman to us two!

We think you neen an opticion appointment! :-)

I already wear contact lenses remember? Maybe you should change the prescription on your glasses pal! Did you boys not notice the Adam's apple?

Apple or not...she is stunningly gorgeous.

LOL @ Rich

She is actually.

I know it was an April Fool's joke, but I still say it should be Kate Beckinsdale. There is no one hotter and she would fit the role perfectly. I also think Rachel McAdams could play her too.


- Drewbacca

She is a great choice for Wonder Woman, good gracious.

She'd be awful for WW Drewbacca (I think we know where your site is by now Drew!). She's short and skinny, nothing like the Amazonian woman you would expect.

Nadia has been my only choice from the begining.From the first time that I saw her on Days of our Lives she was the one.I said," Hey, she be a great Wonder Woman".And I know I am not the only one who feels that way. With all the names that have been mentioned,why Nadia has not been cast,is beyond me.She is the little known actress that they should look at. She has said that she wants the role very much.Go to the Ultimatewonder Site.com, and her Web Site Nadia Bjorlin.com. If she is not Wonder Woman ,then I dont know who is. If Joel Silver is reading this, She is your Wonder Woman.You wont regret it.

All is quiet of late on the Wonder Woman casting rumors .I really hope that they pick Nadia. This would be a no brainer. She would give the movie exactly what it needs. She is truly the right choice. Nadia[Wonder Woman]Bjorlin. It has a nice sound too it.If Whedon or Silver know what they are doing,they will cast Nadia.

I have a feeling we'll still have quite a wait to hear anything on this casting. I'm with you though, I really do like her for the role.

This post is in reference to the resent casting of Jessica Biel in the JLA movie. Are they kidding or what. Biel not only look's nothing like Wonder Woman,and why did they pass over Nadia Bjorlin who looks the part more then Biel could ever look. I am hoping that this is nothing more then a rumor. Nadia is and always been the best choice. It makes more scence then Jessica Biel. Biel will be a forgetable Wonder Woman. She will make Lynda Carter's legend loom larger then ever.

This is my last post. I am very disapointed that Nadia never auditioned for the part of Wonder Woman in the JLA movie. Let me say that I really don't know why..They never gave her a shot.Nadia put her name out there 3 years ago, that she wanted the part.And all indications lead you too believe that they were interested. All of you who backed Nadia, should hold your head up high. You all knew that she would be a special Wonder Woman. It's ashame that they didn't see the same way. Thanks

Simone, a woman's adam's apple has nothing to do with her femininity.


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