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Worst Case Scenario

WorstCaseScenario_Poster.jpgI was looking forward to the promotional piece for Worst Case Scenario, the film in development that showed us its first teaser of those Nazi Zombies walking out of the sea, they looked fantastic.

Well as part of Dead by Dawn this year we were treated to the Director Richard Raaphorst and Producer Bart Oosterhoorn on stage to discuss the film and the haul through pre-production. Not only that but we were treated to both promotional teasers on a nice big cinema screen.

It's a bit of a shame that we didn't get to see the making of short as well, or some material that's not yet been released on the Internet. However seeing these teasers full screen was exciting enough.

The new teaser shows us that the Nazi Zombies aren't just walking out of the water in a reversed D-Day scenario, oh no, these Zombies are intelligent and make up for their slow walking ability. This time they fly, hanging from balloons no less.

The visuals in these promos look superb, with production quality higher than many zombie films you're likely to see and some of the most unique looking creatures. Something of a mix of monsters between Silent Hill and Terry Gilliam. Despite all this horror it's filled with humour, both clips are, with the comic opening of the first and the flying Zombies waving at children as they pass overhead dribbling maggots.

Throughout the promos the camera is always moving, and moving through some wonderfully framed shots. It has to be said if they can keep the stylised creatures, maintain these wonderful visuals, I think there could be a seriously good film coming our way. This film could rip the head off these other Zombie movies and drop kick it across Normandy.

The Q&A didn't reveal too much more, other than they have secured around two thirds of the budget, and have just monumentously scored a new Producer. Nothing exciting about that except that he's German. That went down well with the audience, in fact the whole promo did with the teasers getting some huge applause and plentiful laughter.

We also learnt that the first promo cost thousands of euros and the second a mere six hundred, and when you look at them you'll see why, the second is mainly all CGI and the first is all about some stunning costume work with the team from Lord of the Rings, Unreal.

What's more you can scoot over to the official site and sign up to take part in the film as a Zombie extra, or even better offer your services to help in the entire Production, so get yourselves over to the official site to sign up.

You can see the original promo teaser [QT:Embed] and the latest teaser [QT:Embed], or you can see the HD version, over at the Worst Case Scenario official site.

I say bring on these Nazi Zombies, and I'm not even a big Zombie fan. Come on you independent film backers, get behind this project and get it made, I guarantee there's an audience hungry to devour it...or be devoured by it.



Not the original idea some might think, Nazi Zombies that rise out of the water was the premise of Shock Waves (1977) and Zombie Lake (1981). How ever while the nationalist style comedy in the trailer did nothing for me, Germans and world cups being the kind of stuff you have heard infinite times if you live in England, the look of the preview trailers posted is great and it does look potentially very cool.

Interesting Bullet. I never knew that. I think the style and the humourous angle will perhaps distance this from the others...


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