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Boyle's Sunshine delayed

Sunshine.jpgDanny Boyle's much anticipated next movie Sunshine is in development right now, and I keep seeing the gorgeous Michelle Yeoh over at the F1 races each weekend wondering why she's not filming more! Perhaps the reason is that the release date has been pushed out according to the official blog.

the release date for ‘Sunshine’ was changed from October 13 to ‘To Be Decided’ the other day…Yesterday, at just after 7pm my time here in the UK, it was made official. March 16, 2007…

So the film is pushed back until October, but it seems that behind the scenes they are quite happy about this. Sometimes on a movie this is a good sign, giving creatives the breathing space to get the job done they way they want to.

I have to say I am really intrigued by this movie, originally I thought there couldn't be that much to it, and we might see an old space story filled with new effects, but with Alex Garland and Boyle I think we might see a few surprises.




What do you think it is that Michelle Yeoh sees in multi-millionaire Jean Todt? ;-)

Oh I'm glad you've brought that up...I have no idea! She said that he's just as stern and serious all the time, but lovely with the kids. Is that enough?

She's gorgeous and he's...well....Todt! Mind you who am I to speak!

Right, so he's short, fat and ancient, but good with the kids. Oh, and he looks stunning in a scarlet jumper/ slacks combo! That's fine then. Love is blind after all! Pfft.

She maybe likes Ferrari as much as you!


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