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Buffy, Spike, Faith and Willow dead

JossWhedon.jpgYes, the sad news for you Joss Whedon fans who have been waiting for the Buffy spin-off movies to arrive is that you'll be waiting a very long time, and perhaps you'll never see them. Amy Acker has talked about them at a fan convention and revealed that Fox has let them die.

From Bits of News come the quotes:

"...There was supposed to be three of them –- one for Spike, a Faith one and also one for Willow. I think it's safe to say that now because its not going to happen."...Acker said, the projects never took off because "Fox couldn’t get it together the way Joss wanted to do them."...

..."I think J (who plays Charles Gunn) was to be evil in it." she said. "He was to become a vampire really early on in this really big battle."

Actor J August Richards, who was also at the event, quickly confirmed that was the direction he always pictured character going.

"I’d probably have him come back as a vampire and then kill himself." Added Richards. "That’s always how I wanted it to end for my character."

So the very fact they're talking about how Richards would have liked his character to die in the show is perhaps a strong indication that it's not going to happen, and with both actors being pretty negative about it, it's probably been staked.

I wouldn't have gone for three big movies, especially on Willow or Spike, but a movie on Faith would have been interesting and much darker. I hope Whedon's now off working on another Firefly series.



Bring on the new Firefly!!!

What Simone Said.

I third that motion

There may not be any new Buffy, spike, Willow, etc. movies in the near future, but that by no means is any indication that the characters are either dead or forgotten. They live and thrive in the literaly hundreds of thousands of web sites as well as the hearts of theie devoted fans. We may never get a definite answer to the questions of whether Buffy really loves Spike or Angel, whether Willow and Kennedy are in it for the long haul, or whether Xander will ever join Weight Watchers, but the world of Slayers and demons is far from gone. Even if it takes as many years to bring that world back, either on the big screen or the small, doesn't matter. Buffy' fans are at least as devoted as any Trekkers, and look what THEY managed to accomplish. There may be no new Spike or Buffy, but the Slayers and all their buddies and baddies are a long way away from being dead.


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