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Clash of the Titans remake

ClashoftheTitans.jpgYes, I can hardly believe they are remaking the classic movie Clash of the Titans, but they are. Warner Brothers already had a crack back in 2002, but now they've assigned a new scriptwriter to develop another version.

From Variety through Coming Soon:

Warner Bros. Pictures has hired screenwriter Travis Beacham to pen a remake of the 1981 cult classic Clash of the Titans, says Variety. Basil Iwanyk's Thunder Road is producing...

...The storyline will still revolve around Perseus' journey to save the Princess Andromeda, during which he must complete various tasks set out by Zeus, including capturing Pegasus and slaying Medusa.

I'm not excited about this at all, how can you touch on a film that is made classic because of its excellent, groundbreaking effects and its roughness? Answer me this, how do you make this tale more realistic, and why would you want to? Set it in modern day New York perhaps?



OHHHHHHHHH!!!! Leave this film alone please!!! Instead of rehashing films that are already good for heaven's sake why dont you please come up with your own unique creative ideas?

They did a King Kong... so why not a Harryhausen?

Mode /sarcasm/ on

ditto ditto simone....

the original is still so stirring and works so well...

it would be liek re-making the ten commandments ( which they just did for TV with Naveen Andrews. )

it would look SWEET and ANTIBIOTIC... with no jagged edges and no soul.

Leave classics ALONE...

Why fix it if it aint broke?

I'd really like to do a Medusa now!

Ugh, horrible idea! The madness never ends.

I adore the original and have no desire to see what Hollywood would do to it.


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