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Eve of Understanding gains recognition

EveofUnderstanding.jpgEve of Understanding has been gathering selections, nominations and praise from the many festivals it has been attending, and it has just been nominated for Best Feature and Best of the Show at the Female Eye Film Festival in Toronto, and it's featuring as the opening night movie.

I've been following this film on their blog, as they openly discussed the production, filming and day to day marketing of the movie. Unlike most movie marketing blogs they've told it as it is and provided a raft of information for other upcoming filmmakers at the same time. You can catch their blog through the Filmstalker Filmmakers feed page under the name Open Plan Films Blog.

In June it's going to be showing in Michigan and Toronto in both the Waterfront and Female Eye Film Festivals.

The screeings are as follows:

Waterfront: June 9th at 11:30am, Sunday June 11th at 2:00pm, Saugatuck High School, 401 Elizabeth St. Saugatuck, Michigan, USA - Tickets online

Female Eye: Thursday, June 15th at 6pm National Film Board Cinema 150 John St.
Toronto, ON, Canada - Tickets at the door.

The reason I like giving this movie so much space without actually having seen it is not just the strength of the videos on the site, but the fact that they've spent time and blogged the whole experience to everyone. They've taken a huge step from the typical marketing movie blogs we see, and I think that's very brave indeed.



I think youre doing a real good job about this Rich, some of the films you mention in Filmstalker or from the old days I wouldnt have known if not for your enthusiasm.

What a lovely bit about the upcoming screenings. Your support of independent filmmaking is such a wonderful service to the community. It means more to us than you probably know!


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