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Hugh Jackman in Guys and Dolls movie

HughJackman.jpgNews out just the other day is suggesting that Hugh Jackman is to star in the remake of the film and stage musical Guys and Dolls. It shouldn't be too much of a surprise that Jackman would be coming to a movie musical, after all his roots are in stage musicals, but the surprise is who could be his co star...Vin Diesel?

Guys and Dolls came to our screens with the unlikely musical pairing of Marlon Brando and Frank Sinatra, and it worked big time, it's a great movie to watch. Now we could be seeing it remade with Hugh Jackman in the Sinatra role and Diesel in the Brando role?

Why am I talking about Diesel do you ask, especially when Contact Music through Broadway World have only mentioned Jackman? Well a few months back we found the story that Diesel was pushing hard for the role of Sky Masterton, previously Brando's part.

I really don't think we'll see Diesel coming to this remake, but the news that Jackman has signed up is good. If you haven't seen him on stage, he can sing pretty well. Could this duo pull off the old Brando, Sinatra magic?



No mention of Ewan McGregor who brought it to the stage?

I will not go nor would I even consider it with out Diesel. He has proven time and again that this is HIS role. It would be nice if just once, he was recognized for his true variety.

"Suddenly I know, when my love comes along, I'd know then and there, yes I know, when my love comes along..."

Vin Diesel can sing that?

I did a search when I read about Vin Diesel, and found that the producers of the movie have said he was never contacted about it, so maybe it's just wishful thinking on his part. However, Hugh does have a three-picture movie musical deal with Disney (which was made after producers saw him in The Boy from Oz on Broadway). An original movie musical called "If You Could See Me Now" based on the book by Cecelia Ahern is already in the works, so Guys & Dolls may be the second deal he's made since Disney owns the rights. And Hugh would play Sky Masterson, the Brandon role - he would definitely be the lead.


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