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Kate Moss to play Yates in Hutchence film

JohnnyDepp.jpgThe horrendous news is that Kate Moss is to turn to acting and play Paula Yates the lover of Michael Hutchence in the film of his life. This comes after the rumour that Johnny Depp is set to play Hutchence himself.

The news comes from Digital Spy through Filmfodder:

The film plans to tell the tale of Yates' romance with Michael Hutchence, which culminates in her dying of an overdose...

..."It could work beautifully or be a disaster, but producers want a powerful leading couple," an insider told the Daily Star. "Paula and Michael were both big drug users and lived a tortured existence. Turning their ill-fated romance into a film will not make for comfortable viewing."

I'd whole heartedly agree with that last part. I would have thought that the film might just look at Hutchence's talent and life concentrating on the better moments, especially since the Hutchence Trust has given access to make the film. However if they concentrate on the darker aspect I suspect this access might be pulled, and why cast Moss in the role, surely that's pampering to the publicity of her own drug habit? I think this stinks a bit of taking advantage and doesn't reflect too well on the films future.



Ahhh Kate Moss and Johnny Depp reunited, they were ex-lovers too werent they? But can she act at all?

kates a prima-donna... thats acting for rich girls who get hissy fits.

Talk about true-to-life! No offense!

You have to be kidding??? Are the producers off their rockers?

I'm okay with Depp potentially playing Michael; however Kate Moss as Yates?? No. She's a model, not an actress, so just because she knows how to use drugs gets her the part?

Hey Simone - yes, Depp and Moss were an item like ten years ago.


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