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Knightley to play Dylan Thomas' wife

KeiraKnightley.jpgKeira Knightley looks set to play the wife of Dylan Thomas in a movie of bizarre but true events where the Thomas home was fired upon by a machine gun and threats were made to throw a grenade through the front window. The screenplay for the movie The Best Time Of Our Lives is written by Knightley's Mum, Sharman Macdonald, a fine Scottish lass.

The Daily Mail newspaper carries the story:

The Oscar-nominated actress has insisted that space be cleared in her hectic schedule so she can star in a movie based on a screenplay written by her mother, award-winning playwright Sharman Macdonald...

...The picture is based on a terrifying incident in 1945 involving Dylan Thomas, his wife Caitlin and another couple - Vera Phillips, a friend of the poet's from his Swansea school days, and her husband William Killick.

After a clash at a pub in New Quay, Killick - using a machine gun - fired at the Thomas home and threatened to hurl a grenade through a window.

The screenplay covers the events leading up to the incident. It certainly sounds an interesting and quite unusual tale, real life does make for the most unusual stories they say. It'll be somewhat of a departure from the more Hollywood roles that we've seen her in of late, and it marks a run of smaller more character related films that she seems to be working on at the moment. This certainly seems like a good career move both publicly and development wise, especially after the Hollywood exposure of Pirates, Jacket, Prejudice and Domino.



As I used to live in Wales, I have heard about Dylan Thomas, have also been to see his boat house in Laugharne and have read a few of his poetry.

Without meaning to go off topic, since were talking about poets, any news on "Burns", that should star Scotland's very own Gerard Butler?

Aha, I might be able to give you a little inside info here. There's no sign of it in the near future, you just have to look at what is on Butler's IMDB profile to see.

He's just finished a film with Pierce Brosnan and there's no word on what's next for him, but no word of Burns at all.

Thanks Rich! I guess it also has something to do with having somebody to finance it. I mean he has done 2 films in 2005 which we also havent seen yet!

I wonder who will play Dylan Thomas? Welsh actors anybody? Christian Bale or maybe Ioan Gruffudd?

keira knightly is truely aweful. She has adopted the posh spice open mouth pose, needs to eat a few burgers or something before she gets blown away in the wind and requires acting lessons.

that aside, and me being clearly jealous of her success this film would have material for a interesting storyline and then some.

Cant wait As A Big Dylan Thomas Fan And A New Quay Boy Born and Bred And Its Been Filmed Here Its Going to Be exciteing


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