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Kung Fu movie in development

DavidCarradine.jpgThe TV series which starred David Carradine as a Shaolin Monk travelling the Wild West, Kung Fu, is now headed for the big screen.

According to Coming Soon:

Warner Bros.-based Legendary Pictures is bringing Kung Fu to the big screen after acquiring film rights to the 1970s TV series from series creator Ed Spielman. Variety says Legendary has optioned a screenplay from Spielman and Howard Friedlander, also a writer on the original series. The film is expected to explore the events on which the TV show was based and the origins of the main characters.

I remember the show and loved it, it's a common plot device that's around in so many other programmes, just substite the setting, time, and the main characters occupation and you have so many other stories - Knight Rider, Equaliser, etc.

Still this story, like the Equaliser, had something a little special and a little extra to it, and it wasn't just Carradine. The way the stories were told and the unflinching belief and strength of the main character. I think this could make a really good film, especially with the original writers involved.



For once we have a TV series that actually could (if done right) be turned into a worthwhile movie.

Why do I say that, when I normally denounce all these brainless TV to Movie conversions?

The basic story of Kung Fu has a kind of timelessness to it. Despite being made at the height of the Kung Fu/Bruce Lee phase, as it was set in the old west it was not really a 70's show that now only works as a period piece or a show where the original cast are (with no disrespect to Carradine) irreplacable.

For one thing I know my dad will be very happy to hear this!


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