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McKellen in Magneto?

IanMcKellen.jpgA hugely unofficial source has stated that Ian McKellen is most definitely in the Magneto prequel, and that this comes from a chat the source had with the visual effects supervisor on X-Men: The Last Stand (review).

Frankly the "scoop" from SuperHero Hype doesn't really seem that much of a scoop if you think about it. Forget the fact that he's listed on the film under IMDB, the very fact that the film is about Magneto becoming...well...Magneto, suggests that at some point we'll see the completed work. We may find that he has a final few scenes in the movie, or maybe he's in it more. However I don't think it's that big a surprise.

Also the scooper says that Silver Surfer is in Fantastic Four 2...ah, that would be the story broken a few days ago.

Still, good news that he will appear. The real question is how much are we going to see of the current Magneto and does he have a place in the prequel?



My girlfriend pointed out to me that Ian McKellen was listed on the Magneto project on IMDb but I was rather sketchy about whether it is true. Still am to be frank, although I do concur that he will be in it at SOME stage. I was toying with the idea (in my head anyway) about maybe having McKellen "narrating" the story?! Although I doubt it could work in a comic book adaptation.

The big problem is getting someone who looks very much like McKellen portray him as a young Magneto as, thanks to X-Men : The Last Stand, we know what he looks like 20 years younger!

Perhpas they could make him look even younger with more makeup and more CG, and have Sir Ian play Magneto/Erik Magnus Lehnsherr throughout the entire picture?

Spidey, I am sure they will find an actor somewhere who will be a deadringer for McKellen, acting wise maybe not as fab as him. And the narrating bit is actually a good idea.

What they can do is show a younger Erik just having recognised his mutant abilities and then show the present day Magneto like a going back in time thing, ohhhhh that should work quite well!


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