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Mission: Impossible III UK pre-show trailers

MiIII.jpgI was more than a little surprised to find that there was no Superman Returns trailer showing before Mission: Impossible III this morning, instead what we saw were:

X-Men: The Last Stand
A new and improved trailer with lots of additional footage showing you just about every character you could think you'd want to see. Some lovely footage of Angel flying, Wolverine pleading with Jean Grey, ominous warnings from Xavier, Beast talking to camera and looking superb, and a huge march of mutants led by Magneto. This looks unbelievably stunning. However, as a part of the franchise I really do feel this film is too soon, it's a huge ending and wrap up of a story that was just in its infancy. We hadn't seen half of these characters grow and develop, we've just been introduced to some of the leads and indeed we have yet to be introduced to many of them. What happened to the four or five films worth of material before all this?

Seen this already, but it does look good fun, and surprisingly well shot. The cast list is huge.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
This looks like a contender to be the best entertainment film of the year. There are some amazing effects on show in the trailer with the Kraken, Jones' men and the amazing sets it looks like an action packed adventure romp of epic proportion. Oh, and Depp just manages to blow you away with a couple of lines. This is a must see.

Over the Hedge
Actually it looks fun and full of laughs, although the animation itself looks dated. It did a nice job of playing up to M:I:III and delivered some good giggles. Not for me, but I'll be made to go so still expect a review.

So. I can hear you asking. What was Mission Impossible III like?...Well just go read the review.



Superman Returns trailer must just be in america

I didnt even see those in my cinema, they showed trailers for The Omen and Poseidon. CRUMBS.


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