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Monica Bellucci to play Ghandi

MonicaBellucci.jpgMonica Bellucci is set to play Sonia Ghandi in an English speaking film by Jagmohan Mundhra simply called Sonia.

According to ApunKaChoice.Com says the film will be based on Rasheed Kidwai's book Sonia – A Biography and...

...will trace the life of the Congress leader from a small Italian town to India after her marriage, from her distancing herself from politics to her emerging as the leader of the party that presently runs the world’s largest democracy, India.

Apparently Mundhra has been chasing Bellucci for some time (who hasn't) for this role, and it wasn't until they met at Cannes did he persuade her to star. The reason Mundhra has been so keen for Bellucci is her striking similar looks to Ghandi herself. I would have thought that acting talent also would pop in there too. If this is true it's going to be one huge role for Bellucci.



heres a big chance for ms bellucci to mix her gorgeous looks with her acting talents.

Personally I wouldn't say Bellucci looks a lot like Sonia Ghandi, but I can see a slight similarity. I wish Monica well with this role, she's absolutely beautiful and fingers crossed she can nail the part. If not she can nail me instead, I don't mind! ;o)


That may be one of the more spectacularly misleading post headlines I've ever read. Until I read the post, I thought she was going to be following in the footsteps of Ben Kingsley...

More fool you James! Come now, a cross gender Ghandi movie?

Seriously though Ghandi is the family name, no misleading there.


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