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Oldboy remake stalled?

Oldbot_Poster.jpgIn a recent interview Justin Lin has talked about the US remake of the amazing Asian movie Oldboy, and he revealed that pretty much the project is on hold. He hasn't really said why, but I'd guess issues around the plot were right up there!

From Now Playing magazine through Kung Fu Cult Cinema come the resigned words:

"There’s been lots of speculation out there, a lot of people trashing me" and "The terms would have to be right, and that’s an ongoing assessment. You don’t want to make a Xerox copy because the original is so brilliant. One day hopefully someone will cross that bridge, but right now nothing’s happening with it. If anything, it’s actually safely tucked away."

I have to say, and this is no trashing of Lin here, but there's just no way I can see this story moving to the US without a major plot rewrite and a drop of some of the most contentious issues in it. It just won't happen, surely. Oldboy is superb and there's no remaking it, if you want to do something then base a story upon it, otherwise they should release the original uncut and be done.



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