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Ramis talks Ghostbusters 3

HaroldRamis.jpgHarold Ramis has been caught talking about Ghostbusters 3 again, and this time it looks like he has an answer for the stubborn Bill Murray who continues to refuse to be involved.

Over at Hollywood.com through IGN, comes the startling news that they might be considering Ben Stiller for the movie, and could that mean a Murray replacement?

...reveals Ghostbusters star Dan Aykroyd has written a new script, called Ghostbusters in Hell, and Ramis is keen to get the project started. He tells InFocus magazine he wants Stiller to join Aykroyd and Rick Moranis in the sequel...

...what works so well about the first two (films) is the mundane-ness of it all. So my notion was that hell exists in the same place as our consensus reality, but it's like a film shutter--it's the darkness between the 24 frames.

"So we create a device to do it, and it's in a warehouse in Brooklyn. When we step out of the chamber, it looks just like New York, but it's hell--everything's grid locked; no cars are moving and all the drivers are swearing at each other in different foreign languages. No two people speak the same language. It's all the worst things about modern urban life, just magnified."

Sounds an interesting concept, and I can almost see it in my head right now, but Stiller as a Murray replacement? He just looks daft and delivers flat lines. It has to be Murray. Why he doesn't realise that his current work is pretty lifeless itself and a huge majority of his fans want him in this sequel I don't know. Come on Murray!



Ghostbusters 3??? oh yeah. the ghostbusters movies are as scary as i can watch :) yes, its true i am a chicken sh.. when it comes to movies.

Ben stiller in ben stiller roles is fine. ben stiller doing bill murrays role? no chance, and lets remember how good bill is at fun movies. loving his dry wit.

This is just wrong without Bill Murray.

Ok, this is a very sensitive subject for me. Even when I was contributing to TMB I had posted a few times about the 3rd installment of Ghostbusters.

Dr. Peter Venkman was all I wanted to be when I grew up, but instead I see that I have grown into a Dr. Franciene Raymond Stance type of personality -see I'm a huge GB dork-. Any way I'm getting off of the subject. The point I'm working on here is that these 2 ground breaking films where only so successful because of the chemistry the crew had. Nothing against Stiller, but I think he is to young to be mixed into the team - unless Ray and Egon stay in the firehouse using the gadgets and compiling analysis, and a new crew of 3 to 4 GB are hired to handle field work.

This way you could have a really cool training montoge, new character development, and no Dr. Venkman or Winston.

Well that's all I have on this. And if you are questioning my "ground breaking" comment - Ghostbusters was a first of it's kind, a Sci-Fi comedy and in turn became a cult fav.


I used to have a HUGE crush on Egon Spengler. *winks*

Me too! *winks back*

But seriously, I can't state clearly enough how badly I wanna see another GB. I would so be like a 10 year old kid in my seat singing at the top of my lungs "Who you gonna call?......."

But I don't yet know that I want it so bad that I'd be willing to let them entirely re-cast. What's up with Murray? Is this below him all of a sudden since he's gone all art-house? Or does he only take projects which carry an interesting enough social message? **COUGH!**GARFIELD 2**COUGH!**

I mean come on! Whatever happened to just giving the people what they want and creating something that's sure to be magic even if it's just reminding us of how much fun we had when we watched the first one's. I'd kill to see what these characters are doing now, and plus I bet they'd love to put New York back in their film. It'd be a nice thing to see.

Man I hope this happens.

Rynndar? You had a crush on Spengler? ;-) Dont we have good taste?

Nah, just wanted to be him.
Had the jumpsuit and backpack and all the toys n' stuff as a boy.

The geek detector just overloaded!

God I hope my girlfriend isn't reading this.

that'll be your "ex-girlfriend" now i think?

ps any chance of getting a loan of your ghostbusters kit to scare some tourists on a edinburgh dungeon tour?

Oh my freakin' god!
How cool would that be?!
Just flash 'em your "badge" and say...
"It's okay folks! I'm a Ghostbuster!"

Man that would be hilarious!
They could only keep you in custody for like 24 hours tops!

LOL @ Pablo & Rynndar

That's it, enough of this nostalgia, I am getting the Ghostbusters DVD this weekend! I watched it last year with my ex-roommate and we couldnt stop roaring hysterically!

Rynndar, I know what you mean, I think I will also date a Spengler type. So gotta agree with your gf's taste there. ;-)

I'd like so much watch Ghostbusters 3. I love that movie and I hope that it happen sooner.
I'm from Brazil, and here we don't have a lot details about the movie as in USA. I love Harold Ramis and all that he does. In my opinion, they should produce the movie without Bill Murray who is the most annoing "ghostbuster". I think is not necessary anybody to replace him, but just a good story to make the funs happy!

Yes to GB III, NO to PLOT

Having been a Ghostbusters fan since childhood, they better make a GB 3, and it has to be good, so don't even think about giving it some crackpot title like "Ghostbusters in Hell." It needs to be something like "Ghostbusters III: Manhattan Slime" or "Ghostbusters III: Superstition" or "Ghostbusters III: Back in Action."

Forget the whole idea about "hell" and grab an idea that's actually interesting, like a real live Wild West ghost town or the ghosts of a NY Yankees baseball team from the past (hint, hint). And there better be a lot of slime.

If you have Ben Stiller as a Ghostbuster, you better also have Napoleon Dynamite (Jon Heder) and Will Smith. And make it kid-appropriate without all the adult inuendos and stuff. There, that's my input.

Your idea's are erm, interesting but I must say that if I had to choose between;

-"Ghostbusters III: Manhattan Slime"
-"Ghostbusters III: Superstition"
-"Ghostbusters III: Back in Action."
- Ghostbustesr III: Wild West
- Ghostbusters III: Field Of Nightmares (See what I did there?!)
- Or Ghostbusters In Hell.

....It'd be the latter.

Baseball and cowboys might make a nice episode of a weekly cartoon but certainly not a movie.

And the day I see John Heder in A GB movie is the day I tear my own left arm off and beat myself to death with it while whistling the theme from Great Escape.

Now that would make a good movie...


Now if only I could get the funding!

Harold Ramis is right! GB3 will be back in 2008 and Ben Stiller will replace Bill Murray! It will be Harold,Dan,Ernie and new GB Ben! In 2008 GB3 will be here and I'll be first in line to see it! Check out the GB3 posters on the GB Net because GB3 is all set for 2008 and I'm talking cool GB3 posters!

I think Bill Murray could be replaced by James Belushi. He look like Bill so much, but a little beach more handsome. LOL!!!!

Just a correction: "a little bit" LOL!!! LOL!!!

it will be excellent for ghostbusters 3 movie to be made and the titled would have being this one i have came up with ghostbusters 3- gozers revenge where gozer gets braught back from the dead by
3 teenage boys chant the wrong spell and reviving gozer in the process and my ideal candidate to play gozer would have being kiera knightl
ey or angelina jolie will be
ace as gozer and for dana either mariska hargitay from svu or amanda donohoe
and my familys kris marshal to play walter peck jr the son of william athertons character and the ghostbusters get accidently
transported to leeds united kingdom and run into me to join them and they found out that i am gozers son going after vigo to be played by sean bean


frankie smales

(frankie smales movie and tv review uk)

GB 3?? awsome, lookin forward to seein how it turns out, tho Ben Stiller (love ya man but umm?) ile be amazed if he can pull off Murray's part we'll see. Will Ernie Hudson be returning to play Winston Zedmore?


Enjoyed: Stripes, Ghostbusters, caddyshack etc..but "Ghostbusters" reminded me of myself at the Castle in real life situation where I ran a Haunted House in the early seventies and instead of an ambulance we used a flower car 1958 caddy with all the stainless steel that would blind you in daylight with a fiberglass coffin on the back with "Castle of the Dead" written on the back. Castle builder's grandfather was an adjutant to Napoleon? ..and I can truthfully say: place was haunted.

Interesting read on the comments here. I think mixing 2 Franchises (Like Alien & Predator did), if done correctly, would be pretty amazing. Back to the Future meets Ghostbusters ...

That we have the scope of Future as described apocalyptic & such like .. & to fix it we can go to the Wild West ... there's always a way :D

One year ago, I got a contact with Ernie Hudson (you can take his email in his site) and he told me that he haven't listened anything about a 3rd movie yet. On last week, I saw some news in the internet, where the Ghostbusters' car - Ecto 1- is being sold at auction. So, I think that all the news about the movie, are fake. What a pitty!!!!

Milena it's definitely not a fake, there's a move to push the film forward now and that's been happening quite recently. I reckon Ernie will know about it now and perhaps he'll be approached soon - Murray is the first to win over.

Wow, yesterday I saw on tv that the Ghostbusters 3 is beeing prepared to the next year. It's hight time!


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