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Rise being reshot

JamesDArcy.jpgThere are two stories today of reshoots on filmed movies, this one is for the film Rise starring Lucy Liu, Michael Chiklis and James D'Arcy who happens to be the one talking about the reshoots and is the connection between both stories.

From Sci Fi Wire comes the comments from D'Arcy about the reshoot. He turned up to a premiere of An American Haunting with fake blood on his arms:

"It's fake blood," he said with a smile. "You'll have to forgive me. I was up until 8 this morning. It's a vampire film set in L.A."..."We shot a lot of material," he said. "It could all change."

Doesn't really mean much, since the film isn't totally complete it could mean that the test screenings proved the film wasn't commercially accessible and they've gone for the reshoots...oh wait, that's horrible. Still, it could turn out best for us, the audience. He goes onto sell the movie well:

"It deals with vampires, but no one has big teeth. There's a bit of blood, obviously. It's a smart film. It's very film noir. It's a film that would not be out of place if it had been released in the '70s."

D'Arcy said the film does have erotic moments and added that he has a "threesome soaked in blood."

Well both quotes have me interested in the film...actually I was interested before, but now...oooh!



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