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Steve McQueen Memorabilia for sale

SteveMcQueen.jpgBonhams & Butterfields in LA is hosting an auction of Steve McQueen memorabilia supplied by his widow Barbara McQueen Brunsvold, and there's a whole raft of items on sale, particularly motoring related items.

The sale, set to take place Saturday November 11th at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, will feature Steve McQueen's personal collection including motorcycles, and motorcycle clothing - including his Belstaff jacket and padded motorcycle sweatshirts.

The auction will also feature tinplate toys from the movie The Hunter together with guns, saddles, and other movie props from Tom Horn.

In addition...the sale will feature a vast array of motoring memorabilia including enamel advertising signs, petrol pumps, and sale brochures - many for Indian Motorcycles - a marque that Steve adored so passionately.

Steve's truck - bearing the license plate number MCQ3188, a reference to the time he spent at the Junior Boys Republic Reform School in Chino as a teenager - will be offered, as will a pair of his Persol foldaway sunglasses - made famous by Steve in the movie The Thomas Crown Affair and in countless images in the many books about 'The King of Cool'.

It sounds a stunning opportunity, if you have money that is, but rest assured that this is not all about making money, 50% of the profits will be heading to the Make a Wish foundation which McQueen supported.

The story comes through Inside Bike News and you can see the full story over at Bonhams & Butterfields site.



50% of the profits *from the calalog sales* will go to the 'Make a Wish' foundation, not 50% from the auction.

Oops. Thanks for that Michael, my apologies for the mistake.


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